Thursday 23rd December, 2004 was a sad day for Wolverhampton when production ended at the Crown Nail Company in Commercial Road. They were one of the last cut nail and tack manufacturers in Europe and had been in business since about 1850. The company outlived most of its competitors thanks to forward thinking and technical innovation. Most of the machinery was designed and built in-house because readily available machines could not meet their exacting requirements. The company was the acknowledged leader and principal U.K. manufacturer of "blued" cut tacks, and had been so for over 50 years.
This building housed the company office, reception and packing department. It dates from around 1850 and is one of the few industrial buildings from that era that have survived in Wolverhampton.
An aerial view of the company's buildings with Commercial Road at the bottom.

The building in the bottom left-hand corner is a shop that was originally part of a row of terraced houses. It was demolished in the 1990s.

Photo courtesy of Dennis Somerville.


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The Packing Department and Office seen from Commercial Road.

I would like to thank the following people for their help in producing this company history:

First and foremost for his help, enthusiasm and guided tour, Ken Farrington, Works Manager. Secondly Alastair and Dennis Somerville, the owners, for their help and for allowing me to have almost unlimited access to the works. Peter Eggleston of I.A. Recordings, Telford, for sending me copies of their interviews with the staff, Mary and Ken Ashleigh and last but not least Garry Kruczek, Deputy Works Manager, for all of his help and kindness.

If you have worked for the company in the past, or have any memories of the company, please
send me an email. I would love to hear from you and add your memories to this article.

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