Baelz Equipment Limited manufactured a wide range of handling equipment for oil and petroleum products including the following:
oil storage units, dispensing and industrial lubricating products, vending machines, storage tanks, garage forecourt display and storage cabinets, bulk storage tanks for above or below ground .

The company also undertook ferrous and non-ferrous fabrications.

In 1938 the company had premises in Moorfield Works, Upper Villiers Street; the old Sunbeam car factory. They eventually moved to the Chubb Building in Railway Street, where they stayed for many years. The company's directors were:

W. A. Allan, E. Baelz, J. Glasgow,
J. Nickholds, W. N. Allan, and A. M. Allan.

Baelz became part of the Turner Manufacturing Company in 1966 as part of the Hydraulics and Pneumatics division.

A letterhead from 1980. Courtesy of the late Jim Boulton.

The company remained in the Chubb Building until December 1978 when a move was made to a new factory at the Courtlands in Racecourse Road, Wolverhampton.

The Chubb Building.

The Kilwinning Works.

Baelz also had another factory in Scotland. The Kilwinning Works were built in a development area and undertook much of the company's fabrication work.
The Products:
On the left is a Model 1B barrel pump and on the right is a Model 4U pump.
On the left is a Model 5B transfer pump and on the right is a Model 10T one gallon pump which delivered 1 gallon per stroke of the piston.
On the left is a Model 6G gear oil bucket and on the right is a Model W7G gear oil outfit.
Dispensing cabinets:

On the left is a Model 50GD, 50 gallon cabinet and on the right is a Model 325D, a triple 25 gallon cabinet.

Two views of the Model 302 oil column. which had a capacity of 20 gallons.

The front view is on the left, and the rear view on the right shows the cupboard and measure.

Indoor storage tanks.

On the left is a Model 350T with three 50 gallon tanks, and on the right is a Model 50R with a single 50 gallon tank.

A high pressure battery, consisting of a Model 101 high pressure oil unit, a Model 102 high pressure grease unit, and a Model 103 'Drainol' outfit .
A portable 50 gallon dispensing tank.
A battery of storage tanks fitted with a barrel track, a cradle, and a splash guard.
A car washer, which was available with a single gun, or two separate guns.
On the left is a high pressure oil unit and on the right is a gear oil flusher.

A 150 p.s.i.
air operated oil pump.

An oil basket designed to take six 1 quart oil cartons. It could also be supplied with a two-tier stand for double the capacity.

A display stand designed for carrying 1 quart tins on three separate shelves. Ideal for use in a garage.
A Model T truck for carrying 40 or 50 gallon steel drums in a vertical position.
A mobile fuel retriever in operation. It offered a safe way to transfer fuel to and from a vehicle's tank.
An example of a Baelz fabrication in mild steel sheet. It is a combined switchgear control box and tool cabinet.
An example of a fabrication in steel tube, with a welded construction throughout.

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