by Hugh Meynell

Meynell’s were founded in 1798 and have been in existence ever since.  Their principal business was brass founding and they always specialized in what would now be called fluid control.  They produced a very wide range of goods, from taps to chandeliers, but now are famous for controls for showers.  They were a family firm: between 1798 and 1988 six generations of Meynells were with the firm. The company came into the hands of Kohler Mira who, in June 2005, announced that they were transferring production to Germany, China and Cheltenham and that the works would close by April 2006. 

The first part of this history was written by Frank Sharman from material supplied by Hugh Meynell and from other sources.  All the later parts were written by Hugh Meynell, the last family member to run the firm. 

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