Louis Connolly Limited

Louis Connolly Ltd was a wine and spirit merchant, whose offices and principal shop were at Chapel Ash; and they had branches at Cheapside and 42 Worcester Street, as well as at Bilston, Willenhall and Stafford.

The catalogue shown here was issued in 1939 and covered wines, spirits, liqueurs, beers, cigars and cigarettes.  It also covered cider and that section has the interesting advice that "Taken in the morning, cider acts as an excellent medicine".  It then provides a prescription:  "Squeeze the juice of a whole grapefruit into one bottle of cider (medium sweet).  Then add a few pieces of pineapple and shake well".  Apparently this was a drink, not an explosive device.

Louis Connolly was clearly determined that the good people of Wolverhampton should be made aware of some of the finer points of good living and the price list starts with several pages of advice about wine such as how to store it, how to serve it, what glasses to use, what wines to serve with what food, and so on - in fact the sort of thing your butler would have known about if, by 1939, you had still had a butler.  The role of the naked lady in the logo is unclear.  Presumably it adds a rakish air to the whole thing whilst still being Art and in no way objectionable. 

The catalogue contains a page of recipes, divided into "cocktails" and "cups".  Apparently a "cup" is anything based on soda water and would therefore be a longer drink - and less alcoholic - than a cocktail.  The Curator appends here two of the recipes for cocktails, choosing ones he has never heard of (a criterion which made selection easy).

Depth Charge:   Two dashes of Absinthe, half a wine glass of Kina Lillet, half a wine glass London Dry Gin, squeeze orange peel on top.  [What you do then is not stated.  Most of the other recipes tell you to shake it (in the case of the Martini) or stir it.  In view of the ingredients perhaps one just threw it away].

Maiden's Prayer:  One-third wine glass Kina Lillet, one-third wine glass London Dry Gin, one-third wine glass Calvados, one-third wine glass Apricot Brandy.  [Again, what you then do with it is not stated.  Nor do they say what the maiden is praying for - though one might guess what the man who gave it her might have been seeking].

For some odd reason the names of the cups seem more familiar.  Here is one example.

Horse's Neck:  Place the peel of half a lemon in a tumbler, add a cocktail glass of London Gin and a dash of Angostura Bitters.  Fill up with iced Ginger Ale.

Here's looking at you, Baby!

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