Midland Counties Dairy


The Midland Counties Dairy on the Penn Road is well remembered.  There is an extensive history of the company on this web site.  One of the ways in which the company tried to promote sales was by giving out recipes.

This little single-fold leaflet (it is only 3 1/2 by 6 inches) was probably given out by the milkman when he delivered the milk to your door.  It has no date on it but looks as if it might be 1950s or 60s.  The drawing at the top of this page comes from an inside page of the leaflet. 

As its obvious purpose was to sell more milk, it is not surprising that all the recipes require milk, usually a pint of it but sometimes a quart.  There is usually a similar amount of water to go with it, so the amount of soup each recipe produced would have been quite large.  But only in the case of Cream of Cauliflower Soup do they mention that "this is sufficient for approximately eight persons".

Other soups given are onion, celery, potato, haricot, tomato and vegetable marrow.  But the most alarming recipe is given below.


Marmite Soup

1 pint of milk 1/2 oz of margarine or dripping
l dessertspoonful of flour salt and pepper
1 teaspoonful of Marmite  

Method:  melt the fat.  Add flour and cook together for a few minutes.  Add milk, bring to the boil.  Add Marmite, cook slowly for 5 minutes, season and serve.


If any readers of this website make and consume this soup, would they please let us know about their experience as soon as they have recovered.

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