Bayliss, Jones & Bayliss

Electrical Transmission Line Equipment & Telegraph and Telephone Ironwork


Galvanised Double Vertical 'J' Cupholder.


Galvanised Terminal Spindle.

Galvanised Double 'J' Spindle.


Galvanised Steel Spindles with Curved Nuts and Washers.


Galvanised Swan Neck Insulator Pins.


Galvanised Steel Pole Top Pins.


Stay Rod with Hexagon Ratchet Nut.


Special Tubular Stay Rod.


Stay Swivel.


Galvanised Steel Stay Swivel.


Steel Hook and Eye Rods.

Telegraph and Telephone Pole Fittings.

Galvanised Steel Pole Spur.


Galvanised Steel Arcing Horn.


Galvanised Cross Arm Straps.

Galvanised Steel Cross Arms.

Galvanised Pole Top Bracket.


Galvanised Pole Roofs.


Galvanised Forged Insulator Pin.


W.I. Earth Road and M.S. Catch Guard.


Steel Insulator Pins for overhead power lines.

Diagonal Bracing for 'H' type poles.

Telegraph and Telephone Line Fittings.

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