Broad Street Basin part 1
The area between Wednesfield Road and Lock Street at the turn of the 20th century.

To the right of the canal is the Hay Basin which had been filled-in by the early 1970s.

The whole area has changed beyond recognition, only two of the original buildings still survive; the cottages by top lock, and Broad Street Warehouse.

In the mid 1970s when Ring Road St Patricks was built, the section of the canal beneath Wednesfield Road was diverted, and a new, wider bridge constructed to replace the older iron bridge.

The area around Broad Street Basin in about 1900, as viewed from the top of the bridge over the entrance to Hay Wharf.
The building in the background between Junction Iron Works and the cottages is one of the signal boxes on the railway embankment.
The old Broad Street canal bridge in the early 1970s. There was a steep drop on the far side where the road descended to go under Wednesfield Road railway bridge. In order to ease the gradient the canal was diverted away from the buildings, and a new and wider canal bridge built to accommodate the modern road junction. Photo courtesy of David Clare.

The Union Inn in 1973.

The Union Inn was well kept by the Bloor family and must have changed very little both internally and externally during its long life.

Mr Bloor also ran a small business from the pub, repairing juke boxes.

In the early years, some of the licensees were as follows:

1818 – J. Grove, also a steel toy and spectacle maker.

1833 to 1875 – John Bowater, also a hay and corn dealer.

1881 to 1884 – Charles Marlow.

The inn was said the be well frequented by boatmen.


Another view of the Union Inn and the old canal bridge.

The Union Inn and Broad Street Warehouse.

A view of the old bridge from the canal.
Another view showing the back on the Union Inn on the left.



The Union Inn in April 1974 just before demolition.



Courtesy of David Clare.



The scene after the demolition of the Union Inn, as work begins on the canal diversion.


Courtesy of David Clare.


Another view, from almost the same location showing the diverted canal and the new bridge.



Courtesy of David Clare.

The view from the new bridge in the mid 1970s as the landscaping work gets underway.

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