The Chassis Construction Company of Wolverhampton began to produce Laurence-Jackson cars in 1919. They were powered by an 8 or 10hp. 'V' twin, water-cooled J.A.P. engine with a chain drive, and initially priced at £200, but soon increased to £295. Only a few cars were built and production ceased after about a year. The world-wide distributor was Car Concessionnaires Limited, 72 Regent Street, London, and the London office was at 58 New Compton Street.

The Lawrence Jackson 8-10h.p. car, produced in 1920.

It was built at Frost Steelworks in Ettingshall.

Photo courtesy of the late Jim Boulton.

A plan of the chassis, from the sales literature.

Courtesy of the late Jim Boulton.

 The car had an M-L magneto, type 'K.V.', an AMAC single lever carburettor, a variable friction gear transmission, and a Coventry duplex chain driving the rear axle. It also had a 4 speed + reverse gearbox, disc type wheels, which allowed the tyres to be quickly removed, and a coach-built body with a toolbox at the rear.

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