The 1901 Trusselle 'Quad Sociable'. It had a 2.75hp. de Dion engine and covered 1,000 miles in its first year. Courtesy of the late Jim Boulton.
The Trusselle family emigrated from France in the late 18th century and started a business in Wolverhampton making horse carriages.

In the late 1890s William Harri Trusselle, known as Harri, decided to use his coachbuilding skills to build a car. His first car was built in 1898 in a garage in Byrne Road.

The Trusselle Voiturette was a simple 2-seater, powered by a 2.75hp. de Dion engine. Only a small number were built, but the company also did a lot of conversion work on other cars, and was an agent for Clement Talbot, de Dion, Napier, and Star.

His son Wilfred became chief tester for the Briton Motor Company, and later ran a garage in Newhampton Road, until the 1950's, selling cars and petrol, and repairing vehicles.

He also specialised in the repair of motorcycles.

Wilfred Trusselle in a 1922 11.9hp. four-cylinder, standard 2-seater Briton car. Courtesy of Charles Weight.

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