The Star,
Starling, Stuart and Briton


This list of existing vehicles known to the Register is a web version of the official list, not the official list itself. The photos (supplied by David Evans, Peter Lisle, the Webmaster and others) have been added by the Webmaster.

The information listed has been collected from a variety of sources and is given in good faith.  Neither the Secretary and Registrar, nor the Register, nor this web site, accept any responsibility for errors.  The dating of vehicles may be  subject to alteration as additional information becomes available.  The use of this list for the purpose of soliciting monies from owners or for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden.

Sadly, the Secretary and Registrar of the Register, David Evans, passed away in June 2013. Although he is no longer with us, the register remains as a tribute to his dedication to The Star Engineering Company and its products.

Luckily, Christopher Habgood, a long-time Star enthusiast and owner of a lovely 1914 Star Tourer, has agreed to take over the register, so it will continue to be a useful source of information for Star owners and enthusiasts.


The web pages are presented sequentially. Vehicles are listed in date order, earliest first. The listing is arranged in sections. 

Star cars

Page Number

Years covered
1.   1899 to 1904
2.   1904 to 1908
3.   1906 to 1909
4.   1908 to 1910
5.   1910
6.   1911 to 1913
7.   1911 to 1913
8.   1913 to 1922
9.   1923 to 1924
10.   1924 t o1925
11.   1925 to 1926
12.   1926 to 1927
13.   1926 to 1928
14.   1928 to 1929
15.   1929 to 1930
16.   1930 to 1932
17.   1931 to 1936

Star Commercial Vehicles

18.   1910-1931

Briton Cars

19.   1909 to 1914

Stuart and Starling Cars

20.   1906 to 1908

Aeroplane Engine, Motorcycles, Cycles

21.   1906 to 1910

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