Joseph and Thomas Gough traded as Gough Brothers, from a factory that was located at the junction of Wolverhampton Street and Wellington Road, Bilston. They started trading in 1892 and produced a range of bicycles including the 'Midland Mail'.

They also built a number of powered machines including the 'Minerva Motor', a motorcycle with a top speed of 30m.p.h. In 1901 it sold for £38.7s.6d. Other models included the 'Components' motor tricycle which had a 2¼hp. engine, and sold for £75. A motorised quadricycle version was also produced, which sold for £105. The machines were very expensive and not many were produced.

The business closed in 1903. Joseph Gough, who was born in 1868, died in 1941. He was a prominent member of the Bilston Bicycle Cub.

The 'Components' Motor Quadricycle.

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