Successful industrialist, racing car builder, and motor racing enthusiast, Cyril Kieft, who founded Kieft Cars Limited, at Reliance Works, Derry Street, Wolverhampton, sold Kieft motor scooters and mopeds from 1955 until 1957.

The scooters and mopeds, unlike the other vehicles in this museum, where not made locally, they were imported from Germany. They were designed and produced by the German Hercules company.

An advert from November 1955.

The Kieft 200R scooter was a Hercules 200 with a
200 c.c. Fichtel & Sachs engine, an electric starter, swinging arm front and rear suspension, and a 2-tone colour scheme.

The cheaper K50 moped had a 49 c.c. Fitchel & Sachs engine, a 2-speed gearbox, and a kick-starter.

In 1957 Kieft added two more scooters to the product range, powered by a 147 c.c. or a 197 c.c. Villiers engine, and also a Hercules 200 c.c. motorcycle, with a 3-speed gearbox. It is thought that only a few of the later models were produced.

In September 1957, BP Scooters of Wolverhampton took over the distribution and sales of the products, which were then sold under the 'Prior' name.

After this venture, Cyril Kieft hadn’t quite finished with motor scooters. Early in 1957 he had joined forces with Barry Day, Managing director of Willenhall Motor Radiator, and Noah Robinson, a director of Willenhall Motor Radiator, to form D.K.R. scooters at premises on Pendeford Airport. But that’s another story.

The Kieft 200R scooter.

The Kieft K50 Moped.

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