The New Courier Cycle Company of Alexandra Street, Wolverhampton, produced large numbers of bicycles and tricycles in the 1890s. In 1899 the company produced a powered tricycle with two front wheels, and a single rear wheel. There were two versions of the machine, a motor carrier tricycle, and the Olympia-type passenger machine, which had a seat between the two front wheels. There was a 2hp. De Dion engine mounted within the duplex frame, just in front of the rear wheel.

New Courier exhibited the two models on the company's stand at the 1899 National Cycle Show at Crystal Palace. They were well received, especially for the quality of the finish, and the low centre of gravity. The frames were finished in pale blue, and lined in white. The upholstery was dark blue.

It seems likely that very few were made, possibly only the models displayed at the show.

In 1922 a few machines carrying the 'New Courier' name were produced by Frank Parkyn at the Olympic Cycle and Motorcycle Company Limited in Granville Street, Wolverhampton. Although sales were initially good, production came to an end in 1923, due to the depression.

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