Harry Rudge was the eldest son of Daniel Rudge, who founded Rudge cycles. After working for Humber in Wolverhampton, he joined Mr. C. Wedge to form Rudge Wedge & Company in 1891.

They set up a cycle works at Pelham Street, Wolverhampton and in 1902 moved to new factory in Mander Street where they built a few motorcycles.

The machines were powered by a 1¾ or a 2½ hp. engine, and sold for £40 and £42 respectively. They were available with a spray, or surface carburettor.

H. G. Rudge.

C. E. Wedge.

Production ended because they decided to concentrate solely on bicycles.

The 1902 Rudge Wedge. Courtesy of the late Jim Boulton.

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