Sharratt Motorcycles

John Sharratt was a cycle manufacturer, based at Carters Green, West Bromwich. In 1911 he built a one-off motorcycle, with a 4½hp. engine, and a 3-speed hub gear. In 1920 his company, J. Sharratt & Sons began to produce motorcycles made from readily available parts. They were built by his sons Gilbert and Gordon, after Gilbert returned from the armed forces in 1919.

A 1925 Model 'H' with a 150c.c. AZA engine, and 2-speed gearbox. It sold for £30. Courtesy of the late Jim Boulton.

Gilbert and Gordon Sharratt on a Sharratt combination. Courtesy of the late Jim Boulton.
By 1923 a comprehensive range of machines was available, mainly powered by J.A.P. engines, including the new J.A.P. 147c.c. AZA two-stroke. The machines included lightweights, combinations, and sporting models, with engines ranging from a 293c.c. single to a 996c.c. V-twin.

The lightweight machine had an Albion gearbox, Brampton forks, and a belt drive. It sold for £31.10s.0d.

By 1924 the range became more limited, concentrating on high quality, four-stroke machines, some powered by Villiers or MAG engines.

In 1926 they produced an 8hp. V-twin machine, a 350c.c. side-valve machine, and a 350c.c. o.h.v. machine.

In 1930 the range was reduced to just three models, all powered by 346c.c. J.A.P. engines. One was a side-valve machine, the other two were overhead valve machines. The side-valve machine was discontinued in 1931.

Production ended in 1931, by which time over 100 machines had been built. When motorcycle production ended, Sharratts became a well-known car dealer.

Two Sharratt competition riders at the Carters Green site in the mid 1920s.

Courtesy of the late Jim Boulton.

The motorcycles were used in many sporting events including dirt track racing, and the once popular motorcycle football, ridden by members of the West Bromwich Motor Cycle Football Team.

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