A.J.S. machines for the T.T.

An article from 'The Motor Cycle', 24th May, 1923:

A.J.S. machines for the T.T.
Slight modifications to a famous make

Few departures from standard practice will be made by A. J. Stevens and Company Limited, in the machines with which they hope to capture the junior and senior trophies in the forthcoming T.T. races.

Even externally one or two changes are apparent on the T.T. A.J.S.

This year the makers are again pinning their faith to the overhead valve engine which did so well in the 1922 race, and which subsequently, in a modified form, has performed well in the hands of the public.

Having a bore of 74mm and a stroke of 81mm (348c.c.), the engine is equipped with plain bearings throughout with the exception of the big end, which has a double row roller bearing.

A light full-skirted aluminium piston is fitted, having four narrow rings.

Lubrication is carried out from a tank secured to the saddle tube; attached to this tank is a plunger pump, which is operated through a Bowden cable by a lever on the handle-bar.

A close ratio three-speed gearbox is fitted, the ratios being 4.8 to 1, 5.9 to 1, and 9 to 1.

  Wider than usual, the tank of the T.T. A.J.S. has a tool box
  on top.
On top of the petrol tank a leather bag is mounted, the lid of which is padded so that the driver may lie forward as flat as possible without experiencing undue discomfort.






T.T. A.J.S. oil tank and pump, the protruding filler of which makes for greater ease in replenishing.

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