It's summer again and the season of local vehicle rallies. The largest of them all with 116 entries took place at the Black Country Living Museum on Sunday 31st July and was well attended. As ever the Black Country Vehicle Rally featured many of the locally made vehicles including Sunbeams, Clynos, Stars, Turners, Guys and a Frisky Sport. There were motorcycles galore with models from A.J.S., Clyno, Sunbeam, DKR, DMW and a few Meadows engined cars.

As ever the weather was kind and a warm and a friendly atmosphere prevailed. Many of the regulars attended including Roy Surman, Christopher Habgood, Brian Rollings, Bill Barton, Ray Jones, Eric Loffman and Arthur Stubbs.

Eric Payne and his 1899 Star-Benz.

One of the most spectacular entries was Eric Payne's Star Benz car from 1899, the oldest vehicle there. 

It is believed to be one of the first six Star cars made and has a varnished wood body made by Strouds of Niphon Works, Wolverhampton. 

In 1902 a Mr. Wyatt took three days to drive this car from Wolverhampton to Whitchurch.

A slightly younger but equally impressive sight was Dennis Wedgewood's Turner-Miesse steam car from 1903 or 1904. The paraffin-powered car has a 10h.p. engine with 3 cylinders and a flash boiler.

The rally was well organised by a committee including Ray Jones, Trevor Davies, Brian Rollings, Derek Beddows and Brian Wooton. Unfortunately one of the regulars, David Evans was unable to attend due to illness.

Dennis Wedgewood's Turner-Miesse steam car.

Star, Clyno and Sunbeam cars.

The vehicles were admired by the many visitors and several cavalcades gave the proud owners a chance to show their vehicles in action.

Several members of the Stevens (A.J.S.) family attended and everyone enjoyed an excellent day.

This year’s rally will take place on Sunday 30th July, 2006. It will include a trophy as a tribute to the late Jim Boulton. It will be presented to the best vehicle in each class.

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