July is here again, and as usual the annual Sunbeam rally was held on the first Sunday of the month. The event took place at the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford on one of the hottest days of the year.

43 Sunbeam vehicles were present, including 33 motorcycles, 9 bicycles and a Sunbeam Dawn car. A succession of visitors admired the Sunbeam products, met old friends and generally added to the warm friendly atmosphere. As usual the event was ably organised by the Marston Heritage Trust and Trevor Davies and Derek Beddows were on hand to see that everything ran smoothly.

Part of the impressive line-up of machines.

Many of the "regulars" came along with their superbly restored mounts, including Archie Beggs and his Sunbeam model 9, Peter Aleksondrowicz and his Sunbeam model 9, Liz Butler and her Ladies Royal Sunbeam, Bill Barton and his Sunbeam General Service, Bob Terry with his Sunbeam model 6, and Sue Dorling and her Ladies Royal Sunbeam.


As usual the motorcycles went on a local run as did some of the cyclists. Visitors could also explore the aircraft museum and partake of refreshments in the nearby cafe.

Prizes were handed out in the form of inscribed silver plates and a pewter tankard by Pat Westwood, Sheila Hampson and Beryl Jones

Trevor Davies, Sheila Hampson, Pat Westwood and Beryl Jones prepare to award the prizes.
The prizes were as follows:

Presented by Pat Westwood:

The Ken Green award went to Peter Ashen for his 8h.p. 'V' twin from 1916.
The Glynne Morris award went to Liz Butler for her Ladies Royal from 1924.
The Walter Iliffe award went to Arthur Dunn for his Sunbeam model 3 from 1924.

Presented by Sheila Hampson:

The George Peck award went to Alan Spindler for his model 9 from 1931.
The Cyril Wakeman award went to Andy Ashen for his model 7 from 1925.

Presented by Beryl Jones:

The George Dance award went to Archie Beggs for his model 9 from 1928.
The Jeff Brasendale award for the machine ridden furthest to the event went to Nick Shelley.
The most desirable motorcycle award went to Ron Cooke for his model 8 from 1935.

After a show of hands it was decided that the event would continue at Cosford for at least the next year. It was a most enjoyable day, and I'm sure that everyone who came along will thoroughly agree.

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