The 2007 Turner Sports Car Rally was held at Bantock Park on 19th August, 2007 on one of the wettest days of the month. Even though it rained heavily for most of the day, the event went ahead and a number of owners came along with their vehicles. A good range of Turner sports cars were present and a few brave souls battled the inclement weather to come and view the cars.

The rally was organised by Brian Shaw and the Turner Registrar, Russell Filby. During the afternoon Russell treated everyone present to a showing of several films featuring Turner sports cars at race meetings. The cars present were as follows:

Owner Car type Registration No.
Roy Beasley Mk1 BMC JJF662N
Derek Bentley MKI BMC 2 RTD
Russell Filby MKII BMC BTU 737B
Pip Greasley Alexander MKII 838 BWB
Ray Jones MKII BMC PBF 570
Ken Robbins 950S 9 NPC
Brian Shaw MKIII Ford, 1500c.c. GOK 444D
Ron Taylor MKII Ford 220 WMA
Owners and visitors brave the rain to inspect the Turner line-up. On the right is the Turner Registrar, Russell Filby.
Russell Filby's immaculate Turner MKII with a BMC engine, from 1962.
Ken Robbins arrives with his 950S.
Another view of the owners and visitors.
View some photographs
taken at the rally

This is the third time that the event has been held at Bantock Park. Visitors could enjoy the excellent food on offer in the café and take a look inside the house, as well as admiring the excellent sports cars that were produced locally by Jack Turner in the 1950s and 1960s.

The 2008 Turner Rally will be held at Bantock House on Sunday 17th August.

I would like to thank Brian Shaw for his help in producing this report.

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