The annual Turner Sports Car Rally was held at Bantock Park, Wolverhampton on Sunday 18th August, 2013; a lovely summer's day. For the ninth year in succession a fine line-up of Turner sports cars appeared in front of the house. The cars were the last in the line of production cars made in the City.

In the 20th century vast numbers of cars were produced in Wolverhampton, in an industry employing thousands of people. The once-familiar manufacturers included A.J.S., Clyno, Star, and Sunbeam, and a host of component suppliers. The Turner sports cars were manufactured at Pendeford by Turner Sports Cars (Wolverhampton) Limited, named after the founder of the company, the late Jack Turner.

This year's rally was a great success. Throughout the day a steady stream of visitors admired the cars and learned about Jack Turner's company, and many racing competition successes, thanks to Brian Shaw's excellent indoor display and film show.

A good selection of the sports cars could be seen, ranging from Ken Robbins' earlier 950S from 1959 to Brian Shaw's later Mark III from 1966. Owners came from as far afield as Burgess Hill, and Milton Keynes. Sadly Russell Filby, the Turner Registrar, had to abandon his journey to the event because of a leaking hose.

One of the highlights was John Cullis's recently restored Turner MKII from 1962, at one of its first rallies.

The cars and their owners are as follows:

Owner Car type Year Registration No.
Roy Beasley MKI BMC 1960 922 XUL
John Cullis MKIII 1964 BAX 500B
John Cullis MKII BMC 1962 6415 YG
Derek Bentley MKI BMC 1960 2 RTD
Ken Robbins 950S BMC 1959 9 NPC
Brian Shaw MKIII Ford, 1500c.c. 1966 GOK 444D
Nigel Taylor MKI BMC 1960 700 AOV
Ron Taylor MKII Ford   220 WMA

The Cars:

Brian Shaw's Turner MKIII from 1966.

John Cullis's Turner MKII from 1962.

Ken Robbins' Turner 950S from 1955.

John Cullis's Turner MKIII from 1964.

Roy Beasley's Turner MKI from 1960.

Nigel Taylor's Turner MKI from 1960.

Ron Taylor's Turner MKII.

Derek Bentley's Turner MKI from 1960.

The line-up of cars in front of the house.

Some of the visitors inspect the cars.

A dynasty of Turner sports cars.

Another view of the cars outside Bantock House.

Some of the many visitors enjoying Brian Shaw's indoor display.

Another view of the display.

Interested visitors admiring the cars.

Ken Robbins was on hand to answer visitor's questions.

Visitors admire Ken Robbins award-winning car.

Bantock café had a busy day.

Another view of visitors enjoying their lunch.

Visitors to the event included Malcolm Hill whose family ran Hills Fibreglass Developments at Wednesfield. Amongst other things, the company produced many fibreglass car bodies. The visitors also enjoyed the excellent café, and the attractions in the house.

As usual thanks must go to Brian Shaw who organised a most enjoyable event.

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