Sankey, Talbot

John Sankey

This machine is in Glynn Stockdale's collection at the First Penny Farthing Museum, rear of 92 King Street, Knutsford, by whose courtesy this photo appears here.

The machine was built about 1879, has a 52" wheel and weighs 45 lbs.  It sports ivory handle grips.  

Nothing else known about this maker at present.


From an 1897 trade directory:
W. A Gorton, Manufacturer of the "Talbot" Cycles, Fern Road and Herrick Street.
An instance of rapid, substantial, and well-deserved prosperity in the cycle trade is furnished in the career of the business of Mr. W. A. Gorton, maker of the well-known "Talbot" Cycles. This gentleman commenced in Lord Street some years ago, but the premises becoming too small for his expansive trade, he has found it necessary to remove to more commodious ones in Fern Road and Herrick Street. These are two distinct addresses. In Herrick Street, the premises comprise machine shops for turning and for mechanical work, plating and enamelling departments, etc., whilst at Fern Road are situated the erecting and finishing shops, warehouse, and office. A considerable number of hands are employed at each place, and the best facilities exist for turning out uniform high-class work at most moderate prices. Mr. Gorton hopes to combine his business under one address very shortly. He enjoys the highest reputation for his productions in ladies' and gentlemen's safeties, roadsters, racers, etc., juvenile machines, tandems, and tricycles, the "Talbot" machines being appreciated in the fullest degree as being sound and reliable, speedy, elegant in design, and exhibiting superior workmanship. An illustrated catalogue is issued each season, and exceptional advantages are offered to the trade. The commercial connection extends to all parts, is well organised, and the manner in which the concern is being conducted from every standpoint, makes it sure to predict for it continued prosperity.

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