Cycle Manufacturers
in Wolverhampton

During its heyday Wolverhampton was the third largest bicycle manufacturing centre in the country. Large numbers of manufacturers were located here, from bigger companies such as Viking, Wearwell, Star and Sunbeam to very small one or two man concerns that assembled machines from locally made parts.

The following list of 192 manufacturers was originally compiled by Jim Boulton from various trade directories, and has been added to since. Only a few years are covered and many of the manufacturers would not have advertised in such periodicals. The dates given are the dates of the directories used or adverts for products. It will be noticed that there were far fewer manufacturers in later years as the industry declined.

Make Address Date

Acme Cycles, St. James' Street and Walsall Street.


Francis Agnew, Townwell Fold.


E. Albino, Canal Street.

Alexandra Cycles

R.W. Ulett & Son, 41 Bell Street.

J. Allen Townwell Fold. 1884
Allen & Summerfield Green Lane
Snow Hill.
T. Ambler Mander Street. 1894
Archos Cycles Archos Cycle Co. Ltd., Walsall Street. 1896
Bamboo Cycle Co. Petit Street.
Thomas Street.
Barnes Barnes & Co. 1892
Barrett John Barrett, George Street.
John Barrett, Green Lane.
John Barrett, Melbourne Street.
Bates Joseph Bates,  Temple Street.
Joseph Bates,  Scarbro' Works, Temple Street.
1894, 1896
1889, 1909
Beaumont Cycles

Beaumont Cycle Co., Vane Street.

Beard W. Beard & Son, Heath Town. 1897
Beau Ideal Cycles Richards & Co., Frederick Street, Heath Town.
Beau Ideal Cycles, Frederick Street, Wolverhampton.
Richards' Beau Ideal Cycle Co. Ltd., Lichfield Street
Beech James Beech, Gladstone Works. 1892
Beeston Beeston's Globe Cycle Co., Green Lane. 1896
Bell Bell Cycle Co., Stafford Street. 1897
Bicycle Tricycle Bicycle & Tricycle Supply Co., 21 Princess Alley. 1892
Billing & Hartnell Billing & Hartnell, Grosvenor Street. 1892
Bird & Hobart & Co. Victoria Cycle Works, Dudley Road.
Bird Hobart & Co, Sedgley Street.
Bowen W. Bowen, 55a Merridale Street.    -
Bowers Cook Bowers & Cook, 25 Bilston Street. 1892
Bowes William Bowes, 18 Bilston Road. 1879
Branston Branston & Co., Derry Street. 1896
Brazier Donald Brazier, 22 Temple Street.
Donald Brazier & Co., Raglan Street.
Brereton Henry Veal Brereton, High Street, Bilston.
Henry Veal Brereton, Cambridge Street, Bilston.
Brewster W. Brewster, St. Marks Street. 1894
Bristol Cycles B.F. Williams, Stafford Street.    -
Bullock John Muir Bullock &Co., Franchise Street.    -
Burkitt R.L. Burkitt. 1892
Butler G. Butler, 66 Sidney Street. 1896
Button A. Button & Co., 24 St James Street. 1892
Campbell D. Campbell, Jenner Street. 1884
Carey J. Carey, St George's Parade. 1884
Challenge Cycles Messrs. J. & A. Robinson, Waterloo Road. 1877
Champion Thomas Lane & Son, Hampton Works, Great Hampton Street    -
Chilton Chilton Bros, Alexandra Street. 1896
Clarence Cycles Clarence Cycle Co., Gt. Brickkiln Street. 1896
Clark T & C Clark, Horseley Fields. 1897
Clarke Henry Clarke, Temple Street Wheel Works.
Henry Clarke, 42 Darlington Street.
Henry Clarke's Exors, Darlington Street.

1892, 1896
Cogent cycles Henry Clarke, Cogent Cycles, Darlington Street. 1868
Collins Wat Collins, 144 Horseley Fields. 1927
Comrade Comrade Cycles, Alma Works, Alma Street, Darlaston. 1950s-1987
Commercial A. Robinson & Co., Albert Place, Hospital Street. 1885
Compeer Cycles Bell Street. 1896
Connaught Cycles Edwin John Sharratt, Pountney Street.    -
Cooper S. Cooper, Upper Villiers Street. 1884
Cotterill S. Cotterill, Church Lane. 1884
Coventry Lion Coventry Lion Co. 1892
Criterion George Dugmore, Bilston Street. 1904-1919
Crown Cycles Crown Cycle Co., Chapel Ash. 1909
Crump G. Crump, 125 Horseley Fields. 1896
Cunard Cycles Frank Gibbons, St. John's Works. 1886
Curret Wolverhampton Manufacturing Co., Oxley Street 1885
Cyverite J. E. Wheway, 43 Victor Street, Walsall. 1889
Dart Cycles W. B. Mansell, 24 Bilston Street. 1896, 1909
Davies F. Davies, Mander Street. 1896
Desideratum Bicycle Co. Hinde, Harrington & Co., Stewart Street.
Hinde, Harrington & Co., Dudley Street
Devey J. Devey, Pipers Row.
J. Devey, The Ashes.
J. Devey, Dudley Road.
J. Devey, 47 Melbourne Street.
1879, 1896
Diamond Cycles D.H. & F. Diamond Cycle Co., Sedgley Street. 1890, 1909
Dicks J. Dicks, 36 Dudley Road. 1958
Don Cycles Donald Brazier, Temple Street. 1877
Dorsett S. Dorsett, Sedgley Street. 1894
Easthope Lim Easthope, 24 St John's Street. 1892
Elliot Cycles I. Elliot, 51 Victoria Street.    -
Empire Perry Richards & Co., Temple Street. 1889
Express Cycles Joseph Devey, Express Bicycle Works. 1884
Fearncombe Fearncomb & Co., Snow Hill. 1897
Fidler Fidler Bros, 34 Riches Street. 1894, 1896
Florentine Cycles Thomas Hough, Florence Works, Mander Street.    -
Ford W. Ford, Dudley Road. 1884
Forder Frederick Forder, Cycle Maker, Cleveland Road. 1860
Freelance Cycles Free Lance Cycle Co., St. James Square. 1896
Gibbons Francis Gibbons, Cunard Cycle Co., St. John's Works. 1884
Globe Cycles Messrs Jackson & Beeston, Green Lane.    -
Goodby Peerless Cycles, S. Goodby & Son, Merridale Street.
S. Goodby & Son, Reliance Cycle Works, Petit Street.
1889, 1896
Gorton Cycles Cornelius Gorton, Stewart Street.
Gorton Cycles, Fern Road.
Gorton Cycles, Herrick Street.
W. A. Gorton, Ablow Street.
Gough Brothers Joseph & Thomas Gough, Wolverhampton Street, Bilston. 1892
Green J. Green, 8 Bilston Street. 1927
Griffiths Griffiths Bros, Wolverhampton Road, Heath Town.
S. Griffiths & Sons, Clyde Works, James St., Heath Town.
Grosvenor Grosvenor Cycle Co., Wednesfield Road.
Grosvenor Cycle Co., Grosvenor Street.
1894, 1896
Gwinnett W. Gwinnett & Co., Melbourne Street. 1885
Harris G. Harris, Drayton Street. 1884
Harrison D. Harrison, Dudley Road. 1884
Harrison S. Harrison, Ablow Street. 1897
Hart Cycles The Hart Cycle Company, Darlington Street.
W. Hart, Great Brickiln Street.
The Hart Cycle Company, 38 Darlington Street.
1894, 1896
Hateley J. Hateley, Stafford Road.    -
Herbert J.H. Herbert, Darlington Street. 1897
Hicks T.J. Hicks, Bradmore. 1884
Highmore Cycles Highmore Cycle Co., Worcester Street. 1896
Hinde, Harrington Hinde, Harrington & Co., Stewart Street. 1879
Horseley Cycle Co.    Horseley Fields 1889
Hough Thomas Hough, Florence Works, Mander Street.    -
Howard Fred C. Poyner, 539 and 540 Dudley Road. 1905
Hughes George Hughes & Sons, Cycle Maker, Temple Works, Temple Street. 1889, 1909
Humber Cycles Humber & Co., Great Brickkiln Street.
Humber & Co., Humber Road.
Humber & Co Ltd, Late Joseph Devey & Co., The Ashes.
Huxley S. Huxley & Co., Ettingshall. 1892
Illidge Illidge & Son, Gt. Brickiln Street. 1896
Inflexible The Inflexible Works Co. 1892
Jackson Beeston Jackson & Beeson, Green Lane. 1897
Jason Cycles Jason Cycle Co., 39a Lower Stafford Street. 1896, 1909
Jerome Cycles Jerome Cycle Co., Stafford Street. 1896
Johnson T. Johnson, Cycle Maker. 1858
Jones P.H. Jones & Co., Lichfield Street. 1909
Jones Bros Jones Bros & Co., Ablow Street. 1897
Jumbo Cycles Thomas Hough, The Jumbo Bicycle, Florence Works, Mander Street.    -
Lane T. Lane & Son, 75 Temple Street. 1892
Law Thomas Law, 39 Dudley Road. 1892
Lewis William S. Lewis, Tempest Street. 1884
Lewis Farley Lewis & Farley, Brunswick Street. 1894
Littlewood Littlewood & Co., Finchfield. 1892
Lisle Thomas Lisle, Cycle Maker, Villiers Street, Moorfields. 1868
Lloyd F. Lloyd, Walsall Street. 1884
Lloyd S. Lloyd, Church Lane. 1884
London Cycles George Price, Cleveland Street. 1877
Lord H.M. Lord, 49 Worcester Street. 1892
Maconachie J. & K. Maconachie & Son, St. James Square.    -
Martinengo Camillo Martinengo, Cycle Manufacturer, Albany Road. 1896
Melbourne Cycles Messrs Allen & Somerfield, Melbourne Street. 1890
Mercury Muir & Co., Frederick Works, Frederick St., Heath Town.    -
Midland Cycle Co. Bell Street.
Don Brazier & Co., Raglan Street.
Moseley Cycles R. Foster & Company, Moseley Street, Birmingham. 1896
Mount Cycles Mount Cycle Co., Cleveland Street. 1927
Muir Stephen Muir, Frederick Street Wks, Frederick Street, Heath Town. 1879
Nerve Nerve & Son, 10 Queen Street. 1892
New Courier Cycles Alexandra Street. 1900
New Tower Cycles W.M. Hayward, Tower Cycle Works, Tower Street.    -
New Hudson Cycles New Hudson Cycle Company, Sheepcote Street, Birmingham. 1890
Nimbus S. Illidge & Son, Great Brickkiln Street. 1896
Noakes A.F. Noakes, Bilston. 1892
Olympic Cycles Frank H. Parkyn, Olympic Cycle Works, Green Lane.
Frank H. Parkyn, Granville Street.
1896, 1909
Onward Cycles Samuel Cotterill, Onward Bicycle, Tricycle & Tool Works, Church Lane.    -
Original Universal Tomes & T. Beard, Heath Street Works, Heath Street. late 1880s
and 1892
Palmer H. Palmer, Green Lane. 1884
Palmer Samuel Palmer, Townwell Fold. 1892
Parkdale Cycles Parkdale Cycle Co., St. John's Square. 1896
Pearl Cycles Pearl Cycle Co., 19 Broad Street. 1909
Perry Richard Perry Son & Co., Temple Street. 1896
Perry Richards Perry Richards, & Co., St. Mark's Road. 1896, 1897
Peter Pan Peter Pan Toy Co., Stewart Street.    -
Price George Price, Cleveland Street. 1879
Radio Cycles Radio Motors & Cycles Ltd., 17 Victoria Street. 1927
Raven Cycles Raven Cycle Co., Raven Works, Pool Street.
Raven Cycle Co., 23 Cleveland Street.
Redman W. Redman & Co., Summer Row. 1896
Regal W. Shepherd, Sedgley Street. 1890
Regent Cycles Regent Cycle Co., Cleveland Street. 1909
Richards Perry Richards & Co., Temple Street. 1896
Richardson William Richardson, Union Street.    -
Rigby Thomas Rigby Bradmore. 1879
Robin Cycles Messrs. J. & A. Robinson, Waterloo Road. 1877
Robinson A. Robinson, Hospital Street. 1884
Rudge Cycles Daniel Rudge, Bishop Street.
Rudge Cycles, Temple Street Works, Temple Street.
Rudge Wedge Rudge Wedge & Co., Pelham Street. 1896
Sankey J. Sankey & Co., Blakenhall.    -
Sellman Hill Sellman & Hill, Stewart Street. 1897
Shacklock C.R. Shacklock, Manby Street. 1909
Sharratt Parker Sharratt & Parker, Pountney Street. 1892
Shaw J. Shaw & Sons, Church Lane. 1897
Simkin S. Simkin & Co., 47 Ablow Street. 1892
Simmons W. Simmons, Ablow Street. 1896
Simpkin S. Simpkin & Co., 47 Ablow Street. 1892
Smith D. Smith & Co., Raglan Street. 1897
Stallard P.T. Stallard, 30 Broad Street. 1958
Star Cycles Sharratt & Lisle, Pountney Street.
Sharratt & Lisle, Pountney Street and Stewart Street.
Edward Lisle, Star Cycle Co., Pountney St. & Stewart St.
Stella Stella Cycle Co., 13 St. James Square. 1892
Sunbeam J. Marston Ltd., Paul Street. 1887
Swan Cycles John Muir Bullock & Co., Franchise Street.    -
Swinnett W. Swinnett & Co. 1892
Switzer Caledonia Cycles, H. Switzer & Co., Church Lane. 1892
Talbot Cycles Talbot Cycle Co., Fern Road.
Talbot Cycle Works, Pelham Street.
Taylor J.H. Taylor, Dudley Street. 1897
Temple Cycles Temple Cycle Co., Temple Street. 1927
Tolman William Tolman, Bell Street. 1869
Tomes Tomes & Co., Heath Town. 1897
Tower Cycles Tower Cycle Co., Pipers Row. 1894
Travers W. Travers & Co., St. James Square. 1896
Trusselle E. Trusselle, Byne Road. 1896, 1909
Turner Turner & Co., Worcester Street.
T. Turner & Co., Victoria Street.
Turner & Co., Lever Street.
Ulett R.W. Ulett & Son, 41 Bell Street. Works in Townwell Fold.    -
Universal Universal Cycle Co., Lichfield Street. 1909
Vandyke Cycles Vandyke Cycle Co., Bilston Road. 1896
Vanguard Vanguard Cycle Company, Bradford Street, Walsall. 1889
Viking Cycles Viking Cycle Co., Heath Town.
Viking Cycle Co., 34 Princess Street.
Viking Cycle Co., Russell Street.
Wearwell Cycles Jack, Henry, George, & William Clarke, Darlington Street.
Wearwell Cycle Co., Pountney Street.
Wearwell Cycle Co., Great Brickkiln Street.
Wearwell Cycle Co., New Griffin Works, Colliery Road.
1896, 1909
Weaver R. Weaver, Oxley Street. 1884
Wednesfield Cycles Wednesfield Cycle Co., Heath Town. 1927
Whilde Cycles Joseph Whilde, The Oak Tree Cycle Works, 42 Alma St. 1891
Whitmore Archer Whitmore & Archer, Dixon Street.    -
Whitmore Cycles Leek, Fletcher & Co., Great Hampton Street, Whitmore Reans. 1878
Williams B.F. Williams, Stafford Street. 1896, 1909
Williams B. Williams, Bell Street. 1894
Winona M. Bagnall, Cable Street. 1897
Wolverhampton Cycles Wolverhampton Cycling Co., North Street. 1894
Wolverhampton Machinists Wolverhampton Machinists Co. 1892
Wood W.H. Wood, Pearson Street. 1892
Wulfruna Wulfruna Engineering Co. Ltd., Great Brickkiln Street. 1927
Wulfruna Cycles John D. Barratt, Wulfruna Cycle Works, St. John's Square.
Wulfruna Cycle Works, Green Lane.
York Cycles B.F. Williams, Stafford Street.    -

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