The 'Wolf' 2 to 3 tonner

     From a Guy Motors 1938 to 1939 catalogue.
     Courtesy of Brian Shaw.
The 'Wolf' chassis, launched in 1933, became an extremely successful, long-lived design, appearing in many different forms thanks to the large variety of bodies that were fitted.

The chassis continued in production until the late 1950s.apart from a break during the war years. Over the years many improvements were made as technology changed. Later models included a version powered by a Perkins diesel engine.

The Guy 'Wolf' would have been a familiar sight in many countries thanks to the company's excellent reputation abroad, and the successful export department.

The 'Wolf' 2 to 3 ton chassis. Courtesy of Brian Shaw.

2 to 3 ton 'Wolf' Specification:

Guy Motors 4-cylinder o.h.v. developing 50 b.h.p., torque 140 lbs. ft. at 1,400 r.p.m., cubic capacity 3.308 c.c. Detachable cylinder head.

Single dry plate. totally enclosed and requiring no lubrication.

4-speed sliding gear type; exceptionally short and rigid shafts on ball and roller bearings. Gear ratios: top 1 to 1,
3rd 1.7 to 1, 2nd 3.15 to 1, 1st 6.5 to 1, reverse 9.2 to 1. On Forward Control chassis a remote control change speed lever was fitted.

On short Wheelbase model by single open type shaft; long wheelbase model had twin shafts with central self-aligning bearing.

Large capacity cast aluminium radiator with detachable top and bottom tanks, and mounted on rubber bushes.

Front axle "I" section steel forging, oval at the ends to take the braking torque. The hubs were mounted on taper roller bearings.

Rear axle
Heavy duty, fully floating type with spiral bevel drive. Rear hubs mounted on taper roller bearings, axle ratio 5.7 to 1.

Cam and roller type providing exceptionally light and steady steering. 18" diameter wheel.

Semi-elliptic front and rear. The front springs were anchored at the rear and shackled at the front. Rear springs were underslung.

Hydraulic 4-wheel brakes with independent adjustment for each wheel. 14" diameter rear, 14" diameter front.

Wheels and Tyres
32 x 6 truck high pressure single fronts and twin rears. Interchangeable steel disc wheels, spare wheel supplied. 8-stud wheels.

12 volt electric starter, 12 volt 5 lamp lighting set, 12 volt 63 ampere hour battery.

Fuel tank
16 gallon tank fitted behind the running board.

Courtesy of Brian Shaw.

A 'Wolf' lorry. Courtesy of Brian Shaw.

A 'Wolf' coal delivery lorry. Courtesy of Brian Shaw.

A 'Wolf' solid fuel delivery lorry. Courtesy of Brian Shaw.

A 'Wolf' corn, poultry, and animal food delivery lorry. Courtesy of Brian Shaw.

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