Long Service from a Municipal Vehicle

The article is from The Commercial Motor, August 12th, 1930

For a vehicle to have given continual and satisfactory service from June, 1924, until quite recently, although engaged in the arduous duty of refuse collection for a local authority, and in that long period never to have been taken off the road except for repainting, is certainly a matter for congratulation to the manufacturer and to those using the vehicle.

The vehicle to which we refer is a Guy 25 cwt. lorry which has been in the service of Yeadon Urban District Council throughout the past six years, during which time only minor replacements of springs, etc., have been necessary.

In parting with the old vehicle, Mr. G. E. Taylor, C.R.S.I., who is the sanitary inspector for this municipality, paid a tribute to the service which it had rendered, saying that at no time had he cause to worry about the lorry standing up to its strenuous work. He expressed the opinion that had the chassis been equipped with pneumatic; tyres it would have served for a still longer period.

The new Guy 30 cwt. vehicle which Yeadon Urban District Council has purchased to replace a six year old machine of the same make.
Messrs. Wheatley and Whiteley, of Leeds, authorized Guy agents, have now supplied in place of the old machine, a new Guy 30 cwt. vehicle equipped with 30 in. by 5 in. tyres, twin tyres being fitted to the rear wheels.

As the new machine is intended for the collection of refuse from dry ashpits, ashbins, etc., the low loading height is a good feature.

The body is 10 ft. long and 6 ft. wide, and has fixed side boards 11 ins. high upon which are mounted 9 in. hinged risers in two portions.

Rot-proof canvas covers in four sections have been chosen in preference to wood covers, because of their lightness. Milshaw telescopic tipping gear is used.

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