Overhead Cam Engines

The Amazon

The Amazon was basically half a Cossack. It was a straight 6 cylinder engine, with the cylinders in two groups of three. The engine had a 100mm bore and 160mm stroke giving a capacity of 9.2 litres. There were 4 poppet valves per cylinder, 2 Claudel-Hobson carburettors, and the running weight was 747lbs. The engine delivered 160h.p. at 2,000r.p.m.

The first six engines were delivered in July 1917, but production continued slowly as the engine was given a low priority. 100 were ordered by the Ministry of Munitions and 77 were delivered, the others were cancelled. An unknown number were also delivered to the Russian Air Service.

The Viking

This was the third engine in the Cossack family. It was a completely new design with 18 cylinders and consisted of three Cossack blocks in a 'W' layout. It was the first engine of its kind. The engine had a 100mm bore and 160mm stroke, giving a capacity of 33.6 litres. It had six magnetos and an air and hand starter, and weighed 1,430lbs. The Viking delivered 450h.p. at 1,800r.p.m. and was the most powerful engine at the time. The first engine was delivered in February 1917 and was part of an order for 50. Only 9 were delivered and the others were cancelled. Five Vikings also went to France. The engine was also used in the J.I. Thorneycroft coastal motor boats.

Aircraft Fitted with the Viking

Aircraft Make and Type Number of Engines Ordered
Admiralty AD.1000 seaplane 1

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