This book is intended to be a brief history of the Chubb lock and safe business which celebrated its centenary on February the 3rd, 1918. The authors do not attempt to give in full technical detail an account of the industry with which the business has been concerned: such matters have been dealt with in various prior publications by many writers.

But the constant struggle of 100 years between Chubb and the burglar, and the numerous attempts to provide means for preserving property from fire, have brought to light many incidents which are worth recording. The fight which has been thus waged is akin to that which has gone on for two generations between armoured warships and great guns: and it is to the credit of the industry with which the authors' life work has been connected that it can justly claim to have succeeded in preventing crime and preserving from destruction, property of considerable value.

The locks, safes and other security work manufactured by the House of Chubb have, during the past century, become famous throughout the world, and age has not diminished, but rather increased the favour in which the name is held as a guarantee of good work.

By untiring energy, constant adaptation to new methods and ideas, and the cultivation of good relations between all workers in the firm, it is hoped future years will show even better progress than the past century of work.

May 1919.

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