A Gazetteer of Lock and Key Makers

Jim Evans

this gazetteer is copyright Jim Evans, 2002


Founded by Peter Cartwright and Frank Constable (both former employees of Erebus Ltd.) in July 1971, in a garage in Frank Constable's garden in St Anne’s Road.  They made hand made rim, mortice and gate locks, and also specialised in repairing old locks.  Their original equipment consisted of a single phase Black and Decker drill, their first order for 200 upright brass mortice locks were all hand filed and from the proceeds of this order they purchased a linishing machine.

After 18 months they moved into Rotunda Works in Wood Street, which they purchased from James Banks, whose business was incorporated into Quality Lock, although they never made any of James Banks (q.v.) range of locks.  In c1989 they moved premises again, this time moving into the works formerly used by Thomas Worrall (q.v.) in Doctors Piece, although their entrance is in Leve Lane.  Frank Constable retired in December 1990, leaving Peter Cartwright to continue to run the company employing 4 lockmakers.

They purchased from Erebus the manufacturing rights to the old James Gibbons range of locks and keys and they also produce locks to pattern, brass ships locks, galley locks and furniture, galvanised gate locks, fire escape locks, cell locks and hospital locks.

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