A Gazetteer of Lock and Key Makers

Jim Evans

this gazetteer is copyright Jim Evans, 2002

James Gibbons Ltd. architectural fittings 1952

The catalogue, issued in 1952, shows the wide range of products produced by the company, including locks, door and window fittings.

It also contains images of some of the prestigious schemes in which the company had been involved.

The extracts below give some idea of the vast range of products that were produced.

It seems reasonable to start where the catalogue starts with photo of the mace brackets which hold up the mace under the Speaker's Table in the House of Commons. They were made by Gibbons to the design of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and A. Gilbert Scott. The House of Commons suffered bomb damage in the Second World War and was rebuilt immediately afterwards.

Gibbons also provided the bronze door furniture used throughout and also, of course, designed by the architects. This must have been the most prestigious contract available at the time and for a long time.
Locks and Keys
Domestic Mortise Locks
Patent 'Mastership' two keyhole lock
Upright mortise locks
Improved mortise night latches
Rim night latches etc.
Locks for mental hospitals
Prison cell and pass locks
Ornamental rim locks
Rim Locks
Rim and mortise locks and latches
Brass cabinet locks
Thumb latches and latch locks
Thumb latches and latch locks
Automatic locks and indicating bolts
Ornamental rim locks

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