Items from the 1910 catalogue

Domestic items:

Left to right:
a galvanised 'Waterloo' coal scoop, a galvanised 'Durham' coal scoop, a galvanised half round coal scoop, and a coal box.
The catalogue included 12 different types of bucket, all of which were available in various sizes.
  Left to right: a colliery bucket, a fire bucket and a straight side bucket - suitable for dairy or stable use.
More domestic items.
Left to right: a galvanised chamber pail, a galvanised child's bath, in sizes from 39 to 60 inches, and a galvanised washing tub.  
Galvanised earth closet pans.
Left to right: a normal galvanised earth closet pan, an extra strong galvanised earth closet pan, and an extra strong galvanised earth closet pan with wheels, and a handle.  
          Watering cans.
  Left to right: a galvanised watering can, a galvanised toilet can, and a galvanised milk can, Irish pattern.
 Iron wheelbarrows.

Left to right: a child's barrow, a boy's barrow, and the larger garden barrow.

Commercial Items:
An extra strong galvanised steel contractors' pump, and
an improved swing water barrow.
Galvanised chimney cowls.

Left to right: the H cowl, the bonnet top, the lobster top, the nonsuch and the vertical top.

Specialised wheelbarrows.

Left - the tubular iron wheel barrow.

Right - the extra strong tar barrow, complete with fire grate and melting pot.

Agricultural Items:
Corn bins, mangers, and

Left to right: a circular cattle crib, a corn bin, and a steel manager.

Barrows and troughs.
Left - a galvanised steel fodder barrow, top right - a Norfolk pattern trough with a with high back, bottom right - a sheep trough with wheels.  
One of the company's farm buildings, a hay shed.

Estimates and designs could be had on application.

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