General Metal and Holloware

Edward Bullivant & Co

Blakenhall Works

Here is what the "Illustrated Towns of England Business Review: Wolverhampton" had to say about this firm in 1897:

"The manufacture of tin, enamel and Japan ware constitutes a staple branch of industry in Wolverhampton, and a firm occupying a high position in this line is that of Messrs. Edmund Bullivant and Co., proprietors of the Blakenhall Works. This noted concern was founded in 1864, and has had a remarkably prosperous career, due alike to the uniform excellence of the work turned out and the enterprising spirit of the proprietor.

The premises utilised cover a large area of ground, possess an excellent two-storied frontage and extend in two-storied wings a considerable distance to the rear. 

Messrs. Bullivant have the best machinery plant in operation, and employing a large number of hands are admirably placed to execute all classes of work promptly and in the best manner. Their productions include every description of travelling trunks, cash and deed boxes, bowls, buckets, oval and round frying pans (tinned and galvanised), steel basins, tea kettles, scoops, baths, coal vases, fire screens, trays, waiters, etc., etc. All their productions in stamped hollow-ware, tinned, japanned and enamel goods are specially noted for durable wear and best finish, and maintain a standard reputation for these qualities in both home and foreign markets."

The japanning works in Upper Villiers Street were acquired by the Villiers Engineering Company in 1898. Bullivant's house, coach shed, and garden, next door to the works were purchased by John Marston Limited in 1901. The coach house became Sunbeam's first car factory.

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