General Metal and Holloware

Cannon Holloware Co. Ltd.

Deepfields, Ettingshall, etc.

In his History of Bilston, published in 1893, G. T. Lawley wrote:

"One of the important Trades of the neighbourhood is that of the manufacture of Cast Iron Hollow-wares or Culinary utensils. The leading firm in this business is the Cannon Hollow-ware Co., Ltd., of the Cannon Iron Foundry, at Deepfields. These works were established in the year 1826, by the late Edward Sheldon. They are conveniently situated with every advantage of Railway and Canal accommodation, etc., and now cover several acres of ground, giving employment to about five hundred hands. In Cooking and Kitchen utensils which are supplied either Tinned or Enamelled as necessity or taste require, their Patterns comprise a most varied and complete collection of goods suitable for home and foreign requirements, which are produced with all the latest improvements including several of their own patented Inventions. The art of Porcelain Enamelling on Cast Iron has been brought to perfection by this firm, as is evidenced by their Sanitary department, which turns out great quantities of Baths, Lavatories, Wash Bowls, Closet Hoppers, Kitchen Sinks, etc., which formerly were almost entirely produced in Pottery Ware.

The advantages of Cast Iron Enamelled goods as compared with Earthenware is obvious, as great strength and durability is obtained. Of 3-legged or Kaffir Pots and similar Castings this firm has in its career produced many millions of articles, being the largest makers in England of this class of goods. In their household and Builders' Ironmongery departments they produce Cast Butt Hinges, Patent Sash Pulleys, Sink Traps, Sad Irons, Weights, Patent Charcoal Box Irons, and Coffee Mills, and a variety of other goods too numerous to mention. The Company's manufactures enjoy a high reputation and are well-known throughout the markets of the world, and they have been awarded Gold and other Medals at International Exhibitions for the general excellence of their productions."

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