General Metal and Holloware

T. Johnson & Co

Princess Street Works

G. T. Lawley, in his History of Bilston, writes:

A firm well-known in the trade for the manufacture of tin-plate goods, but especially of steel trunks, is that of Messrs. T. Johnson & Co., of the Princess Street Works. The business has been carried on here for more than half a century, originally by Mr. Anthony Hyde, subsequently by Mr. E. H. Busby, a nephew of the above, who brought out several new patents, and materially enlarged the business. 

The cash box branch developed so much that new premises had to be erected. In recent years the demand for cash boxes has materially slackened through the growth of the "safe" trade, and its more modern substitute "check tills," now so generally used by tradesmen. The travelling trunk trade, however, took the place of the cash boxes as an article of manufacture, and now, the existing firm carry on an extensive business in this class of goods. 

Mrs. Busby after her husband's death married Mr. T. Johnson, who took over the business. In 1878 Mr. G. H. Shackleton the present principal became manager, and since then the business has grown so much that the firm has recently taken to the works formerly carried on by Messrs. T. Jones & Son, in Cambridge Street. It will thus be seen that the Japan trade and its congeners play a very important part in the industrial resources of the township.

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