Personalities  at Wolverhampton

The December 1952 edition of Midcount Mail.
By the mid 1960s the number of staff had grown considerably and included 1,000 roundsmen serving 300,000 homes.

The company's newsletter called the Midcount Mail contained many details about staff including articles featuring long serving members, promotions and retirements. The following details and photographs are from the newsletter.

On the left is George Hodgson and on the right George Cartwright. They were the two foreman in charge of the garage at Lea Road and universally known as "the two Georges". As can be seen from the broad smiles on their faces they were good friends and between them had over 40 years service at the dairy. The garage maintained all of company's vehicles in the Wolverhampton area and also found employment for another George. The Garage Chargehand was George Faulkner.

The Two Georges.

Barbara Mills.

Barbara Mills, a long service corps member joined the dairy when she left school and stayed there for 43 years until her retirement on 3rd October, 1976. She worked in the office for many years and became secretary to Mr. Arthur White. In 1970 Barbara was promoted to Senior Management Assistant.

After retirement she returned for a while as secretary to Mr. B.T.D.M. Laidlow, Milk Division Project Director.

A 40th Anniversary. Miss G. Gibbs began working for the company on 13th December, 1926 and stayed there for many years. On 13th December, 1966 Mr. Arthur White presented her with a bouquet of pink roses, a spray of orchids and champagne to celebrate her 40 years with the company.
Mrs. G. Gibbs (holding the bouquet of flowers) and the office staff.

Mr. Jim White.

Mr. Jim White retired as Chairman of Midland Counties Dairy in April 1967 and was succeeded by Mr. Arthur White.

Jim was particularly interested in the sales side of the business and did much to improve the sales of ice cream. He kept a close eye on the quality of the company's products and customer service and always looked for improvements where possible. He was a great advocate of electrically powered vehicles and actively encouraged their use.

Jim was Chairman and later President of the Society of Dairy Technology and greatly enjoyed a game of golf.

Mr. J. Greig joined the company in 1931 as Cashier when the new dairy opened at Wolverhampton. In 1940 he was promoted to Personnel Manager.

Mr. Greig was a keen Wolves fan, an enthusiastic gardener and fond of the theatre.

Mr. J. Greig.

Mrs. Preston.

Mrs. Preston started in the dairy in 1936 and operated one of the bottle filling machines in the sterilised milk section. She married in 1939 and left the company for several years until her return after the war when she worked part time.
Mr. R. Roberts, known as "Bob" was a familiar figure during his milk round in Blakenhall, Wolverhampton. He started selling milk in 1920 and possibly sold more milk door-to-door than any other employee.

Mr. R. Roberts.

Mr. W. Simms.

Mr. W. Simms, known as "Bill" worked in the maintenance department for many years and was responsible for the servicing of vehicle batteries. He took great pride in his work.
Mr. L. Fellows began working in the dairy and later was in charge of mechanical and electrical maintenance and inspection. His responsibilities included maintaining the high mechanical standards that were carried out throughout the dairy.

Mr. L. Fellows.

Joe and Wilf Potts.

Joe and Wilf Potts had over 40 years service between them. Joe worked in the Body Shop and Wilf worked on the vehicles.
Mr. Fred Collins was Transport Manager and joined the company shortly after the outbreak of war. In 1964 he was made General Manager of Operations at Wolverhampton. In 1946 he became an Associate Member of the Institute of the Motor Industry and became a full Member several years later.

Fred was a member of the Staffordshire Water Polo Team and became President of the Staffordshire Amateur Swimming Association and Vice-President of the Midland District Amateur Swimming Association. He was also involved in the dairy's Social Club and was Secretary and later Chairman.

Mr. Fred Collins.

"The Boss".

Mr. Edwin White, Managing Director was known as "The Boss". The portrait opposite was painted in 1959 when he was sat as his office desk. He was aged 85 at the time.

This must have been the company's most expensive ice cream.

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