William White of Broom Bank, Sheffield produced his first “History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Staffordshire” in 1834 and updated it in 1851. The book includes a comprehensive history and trade directory for all of the towns and villages in Staffordshire, including Darlaston. The Darlaston parish directory includes the names of prominent residents and businesses in the town, and provides us with an insight into life at the time.

White only lists the main Darlaston streets, and often includes businesses that were actually in side streets. A good example is the Bush Inn that is listed as being in The Green instead of Bush Street. There is no mention of the Grand Junction Railway or James Bridge station which opened in 1837. By 1850 local industries were expanding thanks to the railway, and people were beginning to travel via the nearby station. Similarly no mention is made of the canal, other than that the town is situated nearby.

The Owen Memorial Garden. From the 1946 Darlaston Official Handbook.
The principal landowners are listed as: Thomas Blakemore, Lord Gower, David Jones, Samuel Mills, and Samuel Smith.

The directory was produced after the hey-day of gun lock making and so only includes 13 gun lock makers, similarly nail making was in decline and so only 9 manufacturers are listed, 4 of which were possibly from the same family, the Giles’s in Walsall Street and Cramp Hill.

37 shopkeepers are listed, as are 17 butchers, 6 grocers, 4 bakers, 19 boot and shoe makers, and 10 tailors. Their location gives an idea of the main shopping areas at the time, which included Catherine’s Cross, Pinfold Street, King Street, and Church Street.

Although 20 public houses are listed, many people purchased beer from beer houses, often located in the front room of a house. There are 73 such sellers listed, the number of which would eventually fall as the number and popularity of public houses increased. There were also 6 maltsters who would have made and sold beer and ale.

In 1851 large numbers of people were employed in the iron and steel factories. Darlaston Iron and Steel works had 1,000 employees, and George Addenbrooke’s Rough Hay Furnace & Foundry employed around 500. Many people would also have worked in the iron and steel factories at Moxley, and Wednesbury. The directory includes several family names which would later become well known as manufacturers in the iron and steel industries, including Garrington, Rubery, Longmore, and Golcher. Nuts, bolts and screws were also becoming an important industry. At the time there were 41 manufacturers.

St. Lawrence's Church. From the 1946 Darlaston Official Handbook.
Horse-drawn omnibuses ran from the Waggon and Horses in King Street to Birmingham on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and to Wolverhampton on Wednesdays. The post office was run by George Banks in Church Street at his watchmaker’s shop. Letters were despatched via Wednesbury at 7 o’clock in the evening.

Bilston Street

Beer houses John Duffield, Edward Harston, Job Haynes, Thomas Humpage, Thomas Newell, William Webb
Bolt, latch, and bed screw makers Samuel Firm, Thomas Humpage
Boot and shoe maker William Millington
Bricklayer and plasterer Thomas Huskisson
Buckle maker Thomas Small
Butcher Job Haynes
Milliner Sarah Horton
Plumber, painter, glazier

Thomas Hughes

Quarry owner Richard Hickman
Resident Mrs. Bridgewater
Shopkeepers Laura Bennett, John Marsh, Edward J. Proffitt
Stamper John Duffield
Tailor William Duffield

Bell Street

Beer house Thomas Wiley
Bolt, latch, and bed screw makers Asa Butler, Isaac Newton, Simeon Partridge, Job Wilkes
Boot and shoe maker William Smith
Bricklayer and plasterer John Bayley
Gunlock makers William Belcher, James Wilkes
Hinge maker Asher Butler
Shopkeeper Job Stanaway
Teacher James Belcher
Wood screw maker Charles Walton

Blakemore Lane

Beer houses Enoch Dangerfield, John Stokes
Bolt, latch, and bed screw maker John and Edward Wilkes


Beer houses Jabez Howl, Thomas Jackson, George Pedley
Bolt, latch, and bed screw makers Japhet Howl, Jacob Howl
Bullet-mould maker John Perry
Butchers Thomas Jackson, Thomas Jones
Earthenware dealer Joseph Wilkes
File makers William Reynolds, James Small
Gunlock makers William Corbett, Joseph Yates
Iron dealers John Basnett, Samuel Rubery
Joiner and builder Job Wilkes
Lock makers Joseph Bishop, Samuel Rubery
Public house The Scott’s Arms, landlord Joseph Yates
Saddler Richard Harper
Shopkeepers William Corbett, Samuel Turner, George Wilkes, Joseph Yates
Tailor William Steward


Beer houses Thomas Bird, Simeon Butler, William Partridge
Gunlock maker William Partridge
Joiner and builder Thomas Adams
Maltster Joseph Spittle
Public house The Horse and Jockey, landlord Thomas Corns

Catherine’s Cross

Bailiff James Cope
Baker Thomas Hallam
Beer houses Benjamin Baker, Samuel Butler, George Horton, George Humpage, John James, William Lowe, John Styler, John Teece, William Teece, Abraham Wood
Blacksmiths William Bayliss, James Bevan, Edward Carter
Bolt, latch, and bed screw makers Charles Butler, Samuel and John Butler, Dale Partridge & Son, Thomas E. Partridge, John Wilkes
Boot, shoe heel and tip maker Sampson and May Bayley
Boot and shoe maker Benjamin Lowe
Brick and tile maker John Wood
Butchers William Buttress, Thomas Teece
Cooper John Jones
Farmer George Wilkes
Hairdresser J. Baugh
Iron dealer William Longmore
Maltster George Jones
Milliner Mrs. Woodward
Public houses The Duke of York, landlord Zachariah Simpkin;
The Nelson, landlord John Silvester
Resident John Wilkes
Shopkeepers Thomas Bird, Thomas Lawton, William Maddock, Thomas Robinson, John Silvester, Phoebe Taylor, William Wood, William Woodward
Tailor William Hemming
Teacher Michael Goodall

Church Street

Beer houses

Samuel Bayley, Joseph Griffiths, Edward Roberts

Bit maker David Bowen
Blacksmith John Dudgeson
Bolt, latch, and bed screw makers Joseph Howl, George Shore, Joseph Small
Boot and shoe makers Samuel Bayley, Joseph Jones, Benjamin Sirdefield
Bricklayer and plasterer John Wilkes
Bullet-mould maker Joseph Small
Butchers Archibald Brevitt, Nemh. Harper, George Wilkes
Cooper Thomas Wiley
Draper John Critchley
Furniture dealer William Booth

Thomas Jones, Alphonso Smith

Maltsters Archibald Brevitt, Charles and George Green
Nail maker Obadiah Shore
Patten ring maker Jabez Longmore
Pipe maker

Thomas Fitzgerald

Plumber, painter, glazier George Brevitt
Public houses The Bell, landlord James Pritchard; The Dragon, landlord
George Wilkes; The George, landlord Sarah Wood; The King’s Arms, landlord Ralph Evans; The Red Lion, landlord James Jones
Rector Rev. George William White, St. Lawrence’s Church
Residents Mrs. Bills, Charles Green
Shopkeepers John Cotterill, John Wilkes

Jabez Longmore

Surgeon Thomas Ransom
Tailors William Christie, Joseph Wood
Teachers Sansom and Griffiths, ladies building
Watchmaker George Banks

Cramp Hill

Beer houses John Batch, Daniel Partridge
Bolt, latch, and bed screw maker John and Jabez Howl
Boot and shoe maker John Devey
Grocer William Wilkes
Gunlock maker Thomas Butler
Iron dealer Moses Yates
Nail makers Benjamin Giles, John Giles, Samuel Giles
Public house The Old Crown, landlord Job Foster
Wheelwright William Macquead

Cock Street

Beer houses Enoch Bruerton, John Butler, John Dangerfield, William Firm,
John Nicholls, James Penrice, Nancy Ray, Thomas Robinson,
Thomas Simkin
Bolt, latch, and bed screw makers John Howl, Thomas Robinson, Joseph Robinson, William Wood
Butcher Robert Poyner
Ironmaster Samuel Smith
Joiner and builder Edwin Bruerton
Milliner Miss Dangerfield
Nail maker Benjamin Foster
Pawnbroker Amelia Bruerton
Plumber, painter, glazier John Pritchard
Stirrup maker David Bowen

Croft Street

Beer houses George Penrice, George Radnall, George Rubery
Bolt, latch, and bed screw maker Jabez Hemingsley
Joiner and builder Alfred Taylor
Lock maker Jabez Rubery

Dale End

Beer house John Wilkes
Bolt, latch, and bed screw maker William Butterworth

Eldon Street

Beer houses John Cotterill, Thomas Tysall
Bolt, latch, and bed screw makers John Butler, Thomas Tysall
Buckle maker John Dumbleton
Gunlock maker Daniel Howl
Shopkeeper Samuel Wiles
Tailor John Bates

Foster Street

Bolt, latch, and bed screw makers William Carter, Daniel Robinson
Boot, shoe heel and tip makers William Carter, William Fletcher
Boot and shoe maker John Genders
Buckle maker John Proffitt
Gunlock maker George Golcher
Iron dealer James Wilkes
Nail maker Thomas Cresswell
Public house The Vine, landlord James Wilkes
Resident John Stokes
Saddle spring bar maker Thomas Griffiths

The Green

Beer houses John Bayley, Mrs. Davis, William Grove, William Horton,
William Johnson, Francis Jones, William Shingleton, John Taylor, George Wall, William Winsper
Blacksmith John Lawrence
Bolt, latch, and bed screw makers Thomas Bourne, Thomas Wilkes
Bolt, latch, bed screw maker, and stamper John Garrington
Boot, shoe heel and tip maker William Adams
Bricklayers and plasterers Thomas Bayley, William Shingleton
British wine dealer William Bonnor
Buckle maker Edward Perkins
Butcher Mary Haynes
Coal masters The British Company, Samuel Mills
Darlaston Iron & Steel Works Samuel Mills
Farmer Charles Bayley
File makers Thomas Marson, John Orton
Gunlock maker Margaret Riddin
Ironmaster David Rose
Lock maker William Turner
Nail maker Joseph Knowles
Patent cut nail makers James and Henry Dawes
Patten ring maker Thomas Howl
Public houses The Boat, landlord William Whitehouse; The Bush, landlord
D. Aldridge; The Nag’s Head, landlord Joseph Cockram
Rector Rev. Hathaway, St. George’s Church
Resident Mrs. Dorsett
Shopkeepers John Benner, Thomas Cresswell, William Mole, Aquilla Wilkes, William Winsper
Tailors Aquilla Wilkes, John Williams
Teachers William Butler and John Hall, National Schools
Wheelwright Thomas wall
Wood screw makers John Baggott, Thomas Bourne, Benjamin Foster, Thomas Wilkes

Herbert’s Park

Clerk William Sedgley
Iron and coal master David Jones

King Street

Beer houses Thomas Bayley, Rebecca Dangerfield, Isaiah Gough, Obadiah Howl
Boot and shoe makers Abraham Jones, John Moore, Samuel Sirdefield, Frederick Warrender
Boot and shoe maker, and house agent Thomas Partridge
Butchers Thomas Bayley, Joseph Butler, David Hemmingsley, Samuel Wilkes
Chemist and hop merchant Morris & Jenkins
Chemist and seedsman William Parker
Drapers Edward Cocks, Timothy Thompson
Earthenware dealer

Elizabeth Griffiths

Grocers William Maddock, William Matthews, Morris and Jenkins, John Ryley
Gunlock maker Joseph Golcher
Maltsters Mary Bayley, William Marshall
Printer and bookseller James Slater
Public houses The Dog & Partridge, landlords Horton and Corbett;
The Waggon and Horses, landlord Mary Bayley;
The White Lion, landlord Paul Jones

Thomas Brown

Shopkeeper Grafton Partridge
Surgeons Samuel Partridge, Abel Rooker
Tailor Thomas Dunson

Rebecca Dangerfield

King’s Hill

Beer house Thomas Bourne


Beer house James Simkin
Brick and tile makers, and sand merchants Hodgins and Bromley
Grocer William Beaumont
Public houses The Britannia, landlord James Broad;
The Swan, landlord Thomas Wells
Rope and twine makers J. and J. Oliver
Shopkeeper Thomas Cotterill
Timber merchants William Page & Son

New Row

Cooper Robert Benton
Wire gauge makers John Partridge & Son

New Street

Beer houses William Booth, William Corbett, Richard Cotterill, Thomas Grove, George Oates, William Taylor
Bolt, latch, and bed screw maker William Partridge
Gunlock makers Joseph Harper, James Taylor
Hairdresser F. Ray
Milliner Phoebe Booth
Pawnbroker Joseph Harper
Resident Samuel Meeson
Shopkeepers Benjamin Riley, William Taylor
Surgeon John H. Thornhill
Tailor Thomas Harper
Wood screw maker Thomas Foster & Son

Pinfold Street

Bakers John Foster, Thomas Howe, Obadiah Yates
Beer houses Thomas Butler, William Corbett, John Foster, Thomas Jenkins
Beer house keeper, and carpet and bag maker James Hancock
Blacksmith Thomas Lawrence
Boot, shoe heel and tip maker Thomas Cresswell
Boot and shoe makers William Fullwood, Joseph Lowe, John Sansom, Samuel Statham, Joseph Wigger
British metal spoon manufacturers William and George Thorold
Butchers William Cockram, James Underwood, Israel Yardley
Currier and leather cutter

William Morris

File makers Mrs. Hughes, Josiah Wilkes
Gunlock maker William Corbett
Public house The Old Castle Hotel, landlord James Slater
Rector Rev. Benjamin Slack, Wesleyan Chapel
Resident Mrs. Wilkes
Shopkeepers Edward Betley, John Butler, Elias Garratt, William Hitch, Christopher Kendrick, Thomas Millington, Charles Moore, Simeon Partridge, Zebn. Partridge

Charles Adams and Son

Spur maker Edward Lancaster
Teacher John Binner, Wesleyan School

Rough Hay

Iron and coal masters Addenbrooke, Smith, and Pidcock

Victoria Road

Iron & steel manufacturer Samuel Mills, Darlaston House

Walsall Street

Nail maker Mark Giles

Willenhall Street

Bolt, latch, and bed screw makers James Carter, James Gough
Boot, shoe heel and tip maker Archibald Carter
Ironfounder Joseph Hayton
Teacher Christian Banks

Woods Bank

Resident Joseph Lowe

   The entrance to George Rose Park. From the 1946 Darlaston
   Official Handbook.

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