The 1948 Catalogue

The Products - Part 2

The GKN 'D' range of high tensile precision bolts and set screws:

High tensile hexagonal head bolts.


High tensile hexagonal head set screws.

The GKN range of bright bolts, set screws, and nuts:

Bright hexagonal head round bolts.

Bright hexagonal head set screws.

Bright slit countersunk head machine screws.

  Bright slit round head machine screws.
  Bright steel, or brass studs.
  Bright square ended studding sticks.
  Bright hexagonal slotted nuts.
  Bright hexagonal round top castle nuts.
Some of the company's products made in brass.

Specialised products for many industries.

  Indented foundation bolts, forged from a solid bar. Provide a permanent anchorage to roads, floors, or walls.

Suitable for all kinds of machines and fixtures.

  Indented foundation bolts were manufactured from mild steel, special steels, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals.
  'Vibro' lock nut which cannot shake loose under vibration. Made from the best spring steel.
  Dynamo eye bolts.
  Slit head shallow cup head bolts.
  Plain head shallow cup head bolts.
  Tee head bolts with hexagonal or square nuts.
  Tee head bolts with hexagonal or square nuts.
  Standard siden square head bolts with hexagonal or square nuts.
  Standard siden square head bolts with hexagonal or square nuts.
  Black cup nibbed bolts.
  Black countersunk nibbed bolts.

Stainless steel bolts, set screws, studs, and nuts.


Close limit special upset forgings.


Finished and semi-finished components, electrically upset from bright drawn bar.


Plain work forged on precision presses.


Specially made bolts.

Railway Fastenings

Dog spikes, clips, and keys.


Fang bolts and screw spikes.


Fish bolts and nuts.
Bright bar and special machined products

A few of the many products, machined from bar or forgings.

Machined nuts and bolts.

GKN labels

Black bolts and nuts.


High tensile set screws.

Bright bolts.


Brass nuts.

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