In 2002, what would have been unimaginable in 1978, happened again. Much of Darlaston town centre was demolished, the new High Street disappeared, all in readiness for the building of the new ASDA store. In the late 1990s ASDA decided to close the original store, which lay empty for a few years, greatly affecting trade in Darlaston.

On 14th June, 2001 ASDA submitted plans to Walsall Council for the building of a larger supermarket in Darlaston town centre. The plans were approved and work soon got underway. The old supermarket and many of the shops on the western side of King Street were demolished in 2002 to make way for the new development. The original ASDA store, and the demolished shops were only twenty four years old. The new store opened on Monday 18th November, 2002 and has been a great success. Unfortunately many of the other shops have closed. King Street is now a relatively quiet place, when compared with the hustle and bustle of previous years.

March 2002

King Street changes yet again as the relatively new shops are demolished.

A closer view of the demolition work.

A last view of High Street as the buildings rapidly disappear.

Demolition at the top of King Street.

More shops awaiting demolition.

Demolition work begins on the original ASDA store.

The twenty four years old building rapidly disappears.

Yet again Darlaston town centre is turned into a building site.

The demolition progresses rapidly.

The ASDA store soon disappears.

The old bus stops at the end of their life.

June 2002

King Street soon becomes a quieter place.

The late 1970s shops are now gone, as King Street awaits its new look.

During the redevelopment the market still survived, but with fewer stalls.

The market brought some life into King Street.

A last look at the market, which survived until 2010.

Yet again a massive building site.

Looking across to Great Croft House and the Owen Memorial Gardens.

New Street and the northern edge of the building site.

The site is cleared and flattened for the new store and car park.

Work begins on the new car park.

Preparation work for the new car park is well underway.

August 2002

The now familiar ASDA store begins to take shape.

The structural steelwork is soon in place.

A quiet Saturday afternoon in King Street.

September 2002

The new store rapidly nears completion.

Putting the finishing touches to the building.

Another quiet Saturday afternoon.

One of the few older shops to survive the transition was Kingston's butchers which closed a few years ago.

The redevelopment nears completion.

March 2003

The new ASDA store in all its glory.

King Street in its final form.

A typical shopping day in the the 'new' King Street.

One of the last council-run markets held in King Street, at the end of November, 2010.

After an absence of over four years, the market returned in September, 2015. It is now run by a private company. This photo was taken in February, 2016.

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