The War Memorial, Victoria Road.

The war memorial. As seen in July 2011.

The war memorial in Victoria Road was built on the site of Darlaston House, the home of the Mills family.

When the foundations were dug for the war memorial, the ground gave way to reveal part of the cellars of Darlaston House. The workmen found a number of bottles of wine, much of which was drunk there and then, although some bottles of parsnip wine did find their way to The Green Dragon in Church Street, were they went on sale.

The model for the soldier on the memorial was Fred Pullar, an employee of Darlaston Urban District Council. In 1923 he modelled in full army uniform for the statue at Wolverhampton College of Art. The plaques for the First world War list deaths until 1927, shortly before the completion of the memorial.

The memorial is a Grade II listed building, listed on the 31st of July, 1986. It is built of marble with a bronze statue of a soldier carrying a rifle on top. It is of square plan, with a base of two steps and clasping buttresses at each corner.

Four plaques (one on each side) record the names of those killed in the First World War, and a second plaque added to the base, carries the names of those killed in the Second World War.

The statue of Fred Pullar on top of the memorial.

A close-up view of Fred Pullar.
Carter, William   Howdle, James
Duffield, John H.   Richards, S.
Holder, John J.    
Bird, Enoch   Harper, Joseph
Blincoe, Edward   Hartshorne, Albert
Bouncer, Joseph   Haywood, W.
Carter, Thomas S.   Hitchman, Joseph W. E.
Cheetham, Walter E.   Hooper, Stanley
Clarke, Alfred   Howells, Harry
Constable, William   Joynson, Leonard C. B.
Conway, Peter   Knight, David
Cooper, A.   Lee, Thomas
Cooper, John T.   Marshall, Harry
Cotterell, Joseph   Newell, William
Day, James   Palmer, Joseph
Edwards, Edward   Parker, Herbert
Firman, Rupert   Parton, John
Ford, Benjamin   Peake, David
Franklin, William   Peake, Maurice
Goodwin, George   Powell, J.
Green, John   Raybould, J.
Handley, Joseph   Rice, Benjamin W.
Handley, William   Rotherham, Wm.T.
1915 continued        
Rudd, V. R.   Smith, James   Winfield, William
Rudkin, James   Standford, Harry A   Yardley, Eric
Sheppard, Benjamin J.   Stokes, William    
Simkin, George   Walker, Matthew S.    
Aston, W. E. C.   Gilder, Walter
Bailey, Edward   Green, George H.
Bateman, William   Green, Joseph
Bates, Thomas   Green, Thomas
Belcher, Arch. C.   Griffiths, John T.
Bird,Alfred   Hague, Vincent
Bird, Enoch   Harper, Isaiah
Blundell, William E.   Hawkins, George
Bradshaw, Michael   Holder, William A.
Brown, Thomas   Holland, William
Butler, George H.   Horton, Bert
Careless, Isaac   Humphreys, Alf. E.
Carroll, William   Humphreys, Alf. J. O.
Cattell, Joseph   James, Louis
Cooksey, Harry   Johnson, James
Corbett, Joseph   Jones, Albert
Corfield, Charles   Jones, Arthur
Davies, Samuel   Jones, Samuel C.
Devey, James   King, William H.
Eaton, Harrington L.   Kingston, Reginald
Ebery, Wilfred   Kingston, Roland
Farnell, Arthur C.   Lappage, Frederick
Fellows, Harold J.   Lowe, Benjamin
Fieldhouse, Elijah   Martin, William
Foster, Alfred   McQuire, William
1916 continued        
Middleton, John T.   Pooler, Harold   Treadwell, Alfred
Millward, George   Price, James Paul   Vale, John Edward
Myatt, Benjamin J.   Price, John   Wall, Arthur
Myatt, George H.   Price, John   Whitehouse, J. H.
Nicholas, Benjamin   Pymm, F. L.   Wilkes, John
Nicholls, Frederick   Reece, William   Worrall, James
Onions, George   Remmington, R.   Yates, Horace R.
Orton, William H.   Richardson, Thomas    
Owen, William E.   Robinson, George    
Partridge, Frank   Rose, James    
Perry, Thomas   Sirdefield, Robert    
Perkins, James   Shinton, Frederick    
Pincher, William   Smith, J. W.    
Aldritt, William   Groves, Samuel
Allsopp, Harry   Hammonds, William
Bayley, Joseph F.   Hammonds, Cyril B.
Beddall, Arthur E.   Handley, James
Benton, James   Harper, John H.
Billingham, Foley   Hartshorne, Thomas
Burns, Enoch   Haynes, Edwin
Camp, John H.   Hingley, J. W.
Causer, Harry   Holder, James
Challoner, Sydney   Horton, Thomas
Clarke, William   Hutchinson, Reuben
Colcombs, Sidney C.   Kendrick, W.
Cotterill, Arthur   Lloyd, William
Dangerfield, A.G.   Mansey, Thomas
Dawes, Charles R.   Matkin, John
Dean, Ernest   McNulty, W.H.
Dean, Joe   Moseley, Samuel
Dodd, Sydney V.   Newton, William
Dudley, Sydney J.   Owen, William T.
Dutton, John W.   Payne, Zachariah
Fellows, John H.   Peake, John
Garratt, Edward   Powell, Frank Wm.     
Green, George T.   Richardson, Fred
Green, Samuel   Robinson, Albert
Griffiths, Ernest D.   Rollinson, Enoch T.
1917 continued        
Slater, Joseph   Wilkes, Clifford   Wright, James
Tyler, George   Wilton, Joseph   Yates, George
Webb, John Thomas   Witton, Benjamin    
Wilkes, Alfred J.   Woodhatch, S. J.    
Ash, Joseph   Haywood, George
Atkins, Charles   Heaven, Ernest
Baggott, S.   Holmes, William
Ball, John Samuel   Horton, Alan M.
Barber, Francis L.   Jones, Stephen
Bellingham, Richard   Kibble, Edward
Boffey, James   Labon, John
Broughton, Simeon   Lloyd, John W.
Cant, Sydney   Lucas, Joseph
Carter, John   Marston, James
Chamber, Edwin   Maybury, Thomas
Chambers, Horace   McNulty, Andrew
Clarke, John T.   Parker, William E.
Conway, Alfred   Payne, Ernest
Cooper, Job   Perry, Leonard
Cotgrave, Robert   Phillips, Sydney
Cottrell, Levi   Pincher, Joseph
Cross, John   Price, Andrew
Dudley, Alfred   Purcell, John
Edwards, Edwin J. T.   Rickhuss, Joseph
Essex, Frank   Robinson, William
Essex, Thomas   Rowley, Wilfred
Fisher, Joseph   Rudge, Anthony
Gittings, Arthur   Shaw, Richard
Hammonds, Albert   Shayler, Sidney R.
1918 continued        
Taylor, Frederick J.   Walters, Abendigo   Wilkes, Arthur
Tranter, Thomas W.   Wiley, William J.    
Robinson, George   Smith, Alfred   Thould, Louis
Fowell, George   Owen, Charles G. A.   Shakespeare, Joseph
Harris, Benjamin        
Anslow, Samuel   Whitehall, Richard    
Watson, Sidney        
Jones, Richard   Mobbs, E.    
Foster, Arthur   Marney, John    
Page, George

Armed Forces
Ash, G.   Gough, J.   Owen, W.
Baggot, S.   Greenhouse, W.   Payne, J. G.
Bailey, L.   Griffiths, W.   Penrice, G.
Bawn, W. H.   Grove, W. A.   Perry, R. S.
Beard, B. C.   Guest, P.   Phillips, H. J.
Belcher, T. E.   Hammonds, W. T.   Phillips, J.
Boliver, G. W.   Harris, B.   Pullar, H. V.
Bray, J.   Harris, Bert   Pullar, G. O.
Brookes, A.   Harris, R.   Purnell, G. T.
Brookes   Handley, A.   Ray, L. J.
Burkett, D. T.   Harley, J.   Roberts, J.
Butler, A.   Hawkins, D.   Rose, J. E.
Butler, K.   Herbert, A.   Rose, Marie
Carter, A.   Holder, J. T.   Self, F.
Carter, J. T.   Horton, J.   Smith, J.
Cartwright, W.   Ingles, J. N.   Spellman, F. B.
Clay, J. E.   Ince, E. N.   Stone, G.
Collins, J.   Jeffs, J. M.   Steadman, N.
Croton, R.   James, R. V.   Steemson, L.
Crowther, J.   Jarratt, H. L.   Sullivan, T.
Crowther, J. T.   Kenderdine, T.   Taylor, H. R.
Dudgeon, E.   Lee, S.   Tolley, J. T.
Durnall, G. T.   Leech, E. J.   Tomlinson, E.
Downes, G. W.   Lees, Mary   Walters, J. E.
Druery, V.   Lynch, J. T.   Wilkes, F. C.
Evans, A. E.   Malborn, H.   Wilkinson, S.
Evans, E. E.   Meanley, R.   Williams, H. A.
Fellows, V.   Millard, W. J.   Withers, P.
Foster, J.   Micklewright, J. W.   Worrollo, J.
Franklin, S. C.   Mountford, E. N.   Young, W. M.
Giles, A.   Muckle, H. H.    
Cross, Ethel   Mumford, H.J.   Prestidge, Elsie M.
Mills, Ellen   Perrins, F.   Prestidge, M.T.
Mitchell, Annie   Perrins, H.   Woodward, J.
Mumford, Emily   Perrins, R.   Woodward, Mary
The plaque on the right-hand gate pier that commemorates the restoration of the war memorial in 2004. The project was funded by English Heritage, the European Regional Development Fund, and Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council.
Part of the Remembrance Day ceremony held at the war memorial on Thursday the 11th of November, 2010.
Another view of the Remembrance Day ceremony on Thursday the 11th of November, 2010.

Some of those present at the Remembrance Day ceremony in November, 2010.

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