Town Hall, Victoria Road.

The Town Hall was constructed in 1887 in Queen Anne style. The building is built of brick with sparse stone dressings, leaded mullion and transom windows, and has end pavilions with gables. It was locally listed in 1985.

In July 1881 the Local Board borrowed £500 from the government to purchase the land on which to build a Town Hall. A piece of land was duly purchased in Pardoes Lane where one of the town's two workhouses, now derelict, had been built. The foundation stone was laid on Tuesday 21st of June, 1887 by James Slater of Bescot Hall, Chairman of the Local Board.

The Town Hall opened on Wednesday 31st October, 1888 but even then had not been completed as all of the available money had run out. Apart from the original £500 loan, £3,500 was borrowed from the Prudential Insurance Company, and a further £2,000 raised by public subscription. Before building work had finished another £560 was borrowed, and £440 raised from indoor markets held in the Town Hall itself. The last part to be completed was the public library, which opened on the 14th September 1891.

In November 1903 the Town Hall was presented with an organ by Mrs. Slater, the widow of James Slater, an ex-chairman of the Local Board. On the 1st of January, 1895 Darlaston became an Urban District, and the Local Board became Darlaston Urban District Council. Their meetings were held at the Town Hall for the next 70 years, until Darlaston became part of Walsall in 1965. The Town Hall now houses the Social Services department. The main hall is still used for concerts, plays, pantomimes, and jumble sales.

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