David Clare's Images of Wolverhampton
                                                   By Bev Parker

The early 1970's was a time of great change in, and around the town centre. Many familiar landmarks disappeared as work on the ring-road slowly progressed. The Wholesale Market was demolished to make way for the Civic Centre, and Queen Square was re-developed into its modern form. In the suburbs new housing replaced much of the older run-down terraces and important buildings such as St Andrew's church saw their last days. Luckily for us Wolverhampton photographer David Clare was on hand to thoroughly record the changing scene. The excellent photographs which follow were taken with his Praktica camera. They bring back old memories and ensure that the 1970's Wolverhampton scene is still available for younger generations.

This view of the Civic Centre Building Site was taken in the mid 1970s, shortly after the demolition of the Wholesale Market.

Please note: David Clare holds the copyright for the images on the following pages. Unauthorised copying, sale or publication of the images is expressly forbidden without prior consent.
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