John Duffield of Darlaston 1773-1819 was hanged at Stafford after being convicted of coining.

This story examines the background of John Duffield, his trial, his execution and the fates of those convicted with him.

It is based on a rather longer booklet of the same title published in 2010, and deposited in a number of record offices and family history society libraries.

John Duffield left a large family, whose lives are also described. The description ends with the story of Silas Duffield of Darlaston (1846-1903), who became a prosperous manufacturer.

I. M. and M. K. Baker

    List of Figures
Figure 1.   St. Lawrence Church, Darlaston.
Figure 2.   Marriage of John Duffield and Maria Nicholls 1797.
Figure 3.   Screw Press and dies used to manufacture coins.
Figure 4.   Courtroom at the Shire Hall, Stafford. Now a museum.
Figure 5.   Stafford Gaol Gatehouse picture c.1870.
Figure 6.   Portable Gallows at Stafford Jail.
Figure 7.   The Hulks in Portsmouth Harbour.
Figure 8.   Signature page from the Josiah Wilkes Petition of 1822.
Figure 9.   Gravestone of Josiah and Sarah Wilkes.
Figure 10.   Walsall Union Workhouse, Pleck Road.
Figure 11.   Moxley Church.
Figure 12.   Advertisement of 1873 for Silas Duffield & Co.
Figure 13.   Patent of April 1887 to James and Duffield.
Figure14.   Silas Duffield wedding 1898.
Figure15.   Former Little London Baptist Church.
Figure16   Silas Duffield.
Figure17.   Obituary of Silas Duffield.


The Authors wish to thank the staff of all the Libraries, Museums and Archives listed under Sources for their courteous assistance, and Fay Duffield for information on the Australian branch of the family.

Permission to reproduce material in the following figures is gratefully acknowledged:

Figure 3.   Bev Parker
Figure 4.   The Staffordshire Arts and Museum Service
Figure 5.   The Staffordshire Arts and Museum Service
Figure 6.   Bev Parker

The story, as told here, ends with Silas Duffield and his family. The complete story, which includes a description of the lives of Silas Duffield's children has been published in a limited edition by I. M. and M. K. Baker. Copies of the book have been deposited with the following institutions: the William Salt Library, The Society of Genealogists, the Surrey History Centre, and the Walsall Local History Centre. Copies have also been deposited in Australia at the N.S.W. State Archives, the State Library of Queensland, and the Queensland State Archives.

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