F. H. Lloyd & Company Limited

Mr. Charles Nelson, the Chief Engineer.

In 1958 a number of improvements were made to the James Bridge site, including the building of an extension to the machine shop, a  new pattern storage building, the installation of a high frequency furnace, and a new road and entrance from Park Lane.
The site of the new machine shop extension, as work begins.
The first sections of structural steelwork are erected.
The completion of the structural steelwork and the fitting of the outer cladding. 
The completed machine shop extension.
The erection of the new pattern storage building.
The completed pattern store.
The installation of a high frequency furnace at James Bridge works.
Another view of the installation.
An aerial view of the installation.
Part of the furnace and the control panel.
In 1958 a new road was built from Park Lane to a new works entrance.

This photograph shows the beginning of the work which involved the removal of the bowling greens and tennis courts.

Preparation for the new road.
Laying the new road.

The completed road.

The new pattern-
making shop during construction.
An exterior view of the new pattern-making shop.
The completed pattern-making shop in full production.
The foundations for the new twenty two feet Froriep vertical borer in the machine shop extension.
The completed Froriep vertical borer which had a maximum table loading of forty eight tons.
As in 1933, the breaking area where scrap steel and steel castings could be broken up was moved to a less restricted area. The derrick on the left, known as the "skull breaker" is being dismantled before being rebuilt at the new location on the right.

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