The woods

The Earl of Dudley, who owned the woods used to sell some of the trees. Every so often, around spring time somebody used to come and buy the oak and beech trees in the woods. When the trees had been cut down we used to take the bags and barrels up to the woods and collect the wood chippings that were left behind. I don’t know if aunt paid for them of if he paid her to take them away. We had some smashing fires out of it. They only used to take the trunk away for furniture making. They left all of the branches and we had the lot. Night after night after school I would have to cut the branches up. My cousin used to fetch the heavy ones, taking two horses down. He had a big barn and he used to do a lot of sawing up in there. He had a lad to help him on a Saturday. He had a long saw with a handle on each end and the very thick pieces of wood were sawn up with one person on each side.

The woodland covered the hills in the background.

One day my aunt heard that the Earl of Dudley was going to sell the woods on the other side of the brook. She wrote to him and asked if he would come and see her about it, she didn’t want it built on. He came and she brought it off him. There were some beautiful trees in that wood, it was lovely. People from the town used to come in the summer and bring their picnics.
Lord Ednam was a mean old so and so, he’s dead now I think. Once my aunt ordered him off our land and out of our paddock. He was with the Prince of Wales. They were very pally. His wife lady Ednam was a lovely woman.

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