Brickkiln Street

Brickkiln Street

In the distance is Josiah Parkes lock works. On the right is the Red Lion public house that was run by Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wall and later by Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Alexander.

At number 12 was Powis's sweet shop.

The back of number 13 Brickkiln Street.

Some of the inhabitants. Date unknown.

Left to right:
Drusilla Davies, Kitty Gogerty, Tom Tomlinson (child), Mrs. Lucy Tomlinson, Lucy Tomlinson (child), ?, Sarah Gogerty, ? (child), Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, ? (child), Mrs. Everitt, Trudy Davis, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Nellie Rogers, ? (child).
Left to right:
Mrs. Lister, Mrs. Pitt, ? (child), Mrs. Parker, ?, Jack Cotterill, 
Mrs. Kitty Gogerty, ? (child), 
Mrs. Charlotte Cotterill, ? (child), Mrs. Powis.

In front of number 13 Brickkiln Street.

The Cotterill family in 1923.

The family is standing in the back yard behind number 13 Brickkiln Street.

Left to right:
Horace, Charles, Dad, Mother, Harry (child), Liza, Ciss, Doris (child), George, Jack.

The pub was on the corner of Brickkiln Street and North Street.

Left to right:
?, Joe Peplow, Les Leyland, Joe ?, Ben Everitt, Cyril Collet, Billy Gibbons, Jobbie Knowles, Ted Southall, Dennis Kyte.

Outside the Seven Stars public house.

New Street

New Street in 1965.

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