Post Office:

Horsley Heath, Miss Martha Partridge, postmistress.
Letters from London, arrive at 5 am. and 10 minutes past 1 pm.; dispatched at 15 minutes past 11 am. and 8.30 pm. Box closes at 15 past 8 pm. Letters from Dudley, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, etc. arrive at 20 minutes past 10 am. and 2.10 pm.
Money Orders are granted and paid at this office from 9 am. to 6 pm.
Receiving houses - Mr. Alexander Constable's, Princes end. The Owen Street box is closed at 7 pm.; and the Princes End box at 35 min. past 6 pm.

Public Establishments:

Police Station - Bloomfield, James Adams, Inspector.
Railway Stations - Owen Street, Tipton; Dudley Port, and Great Bridge.
Stamp Office - Owen Street
Birmingham Canal Company's Offices - Dudley Canal Junction, William and Thomas Cockin, collectors; Tipton locks, William Brookes and Daniel Smith, - collectors; Tipton Green locks, Edward Brayne, collector; Toll End locks, John' Frost, collector; Wednesbury Oak locks, Thomas Westwood, collector.
Birmingham Canal Company's Pumping Establishment - Ocker Hill, Charles Tomkins, manager.

Public Officers:

Collector of Assessed Taxes - Jevon Parkes.
Registrar of Births and Deaths for Tipton District - George M. Waring, Park Lane.
Collector of Poor's Rates - Z. Griffith, Park Lane.
Relieving Officer - Thomas Hartland, Workhouse, Church Lane.
Carriers by Canal and Railway - Pickford and Company Crowley and Company. Shipton and Company, and the Grand Junction Canal Company, forwarding goods to all parts daily.

Gentry, etc.

Herbert, Rev. William, incumbent of St. John's, Horseley Heath
Osbourne, Rev., curate of St. John's, Tipton
Ker, Rev. William, M.A., Horsley Heath
Moore, Henry, Horsley Heath
Slarrey, Rev., incumbent of St. Mark's, Ocker Hill
Sweetapple, Rev. Thomas, curate of St. Martin's, Tipton

Traders, etc.

Adams, Henry, carpenter, Canal Street
Albert, Richard, Railway Tavern, Great Bridge
Alcock, George, draper, Owen Street
Archer, William, beer retailer, Horsley Heath
Aston, John, Swan Inn, Eagle Lane
Aston, William, butcher, Owen Street
Badger, and Company, Dudley port iron, and patent crown nail works
Bagnall and Son, Dudley Port Colliery
Bailey, Samuel, confectioner, Owen Street
Baker, Phillip P., chemist, Owen Street
Ball, William, grocer, Dudley Port
Bamford, Joseph, butcher, Great Bridge
Bannister, T. and H., boot and shoe manufacturers, curriors, etc., Owen Street
Bames, William, solicitor, Burnt Tree
Barrows and Hall, ironmasters, Bloomfield, Tipton, Green and factory ironworks
Bate, Abraham, licensed victualler, Watery Lane
Bayley, John, licensed victualler, Lower Green
Bayley, James, brick yard, Dudley Port
Beach, Joseph, Tipton Flour Mill, High Street
Beard, Ambrose, beer retailer, Princes End
Beardsmore, John, shoe maker, Great Bridge
Beasley, Henry, Griffin Inn, Great Bridge
Beddow, Henry, Golden Ball, Horsley Heath
Beddows, John, Britannia Inn, Church Lane
Bedworth, William, grocer, Dudley Port
Bennett and Williams, Moat Forge Iron Works
Bennett, Thomas, licensed victualler, Owen Street
Bickley, M. and J., drapers, Dudley Port
Bilston, mill flour warehouse, Mr. Hall, agent
Bradley, Frederick, surgeon, Bridge Street
Brain, Edward, builder, etc., Princes End
Briggs, James, chemist, Owen Street
Briggs, rope and canvas manufacturer, Great Bridge
Britten, Charles and William, printers and stationers, Princes End
Brown, William, broker, etc., Bloomfield
Brownhill, John, boot maker, Owen Street
Budge and Company, Tividale tin plate works, near Dudley Port
Bunch, Joseph, grocer, Princes End
Bunn, James, beer retailer, Dudley Port
Burford, John, Samson and Lion, Gospel Oak
Burges, John, Anchor Inn, Dudley Port
Burton, George, tobacconist, Owen Street
Butcher, James, beer retailer, Great Bridge
Butler, Henry, Royal Hotel, Princes End
Butler, Henry, cabinet maker, Toll End
Butler, Joseph, beer retailer, Dudley Port
Caddick, Joseph, maltster, Toll End
Caddick, Thomas, solicitor, Princes End
Cain, wheelwright, Dudley Port
Canwell, James, furniture broker, Horsley Heath
Case, William, beer retailer, Lower Green
Challinger, Simeon, beer retailer, Horsley Heath
Chillington Company, Chillington Iron Works, Leabrook
Churchill and Company, coal merchants, Great Bridge
Churchill, Thomas, plumber, etc., Princes End
Clare, Thomas, coal dealer, Great Bridge
Clark, William, Royal Oak, Horsley Heath
Clifton, John, beer retailer, Dudley Port
Cobbourn, John and Sons, Horsley furnaces, Tipton, iron and coal masters
Coley, John, ironmonger, Owen Street
Colley, Thomas, beer retailer, Great Bridge
Collins, Charles, plumber, Bush Inn, Great Bridge
Coneygree, furnaces and foundry, Right Hon. Earl of Dudley, iron and coal master, Dudley Port, and Dudley Road, Tipton
Coole, William, grocer, Great Bridge
Cooper, Joseph, baker, Owen Street
Cotton, George, beer retailer, Park Lane
Cox, Henry, grocer, Owen Street
Cox, Joseph, chain manufacturer, Castle Street
Cox, Misses H. and D., toy and fancy dealers, Owen Street
Cox, Thomas and Son, builders and dealers in timber, slates, etc., Great Bridge Saw Mills, Tipton Cox, Thomas, beer retailer, Church Lane
Cresswell, Edward, and Sons, Tipton Iron Works, near Dudley
Crowther, John, printer and stationer Great Bridge
Crowther, Richard, furniture dealer, Great Bridge
Cullwick, William, saddler and harness maker, Owen Street
Dain, John, grocer, Leabrook
Dangerfield, William, shoe maker, Toll End
Davis, Benjamin, grocer, Horsley Heath
Davis, Charles, grocer, Horsley Heath
Davis, David, draper, Horsley Heath
Davies, James, grocer, Park Lane
Davis, Jonah and George, Albion Foundry, Toll End
Davis, Lewis, saddler and leather, seller Princes End
Devis, William, plumber, Great Bridge
Dixon and Company, limestone colliery, Dudley Port
Dixon, Amphlett and Bedford, Horsley collieries, William Breston, manager
Dixon and Burne, Dudley Port colliery and limestone works, William Briston jun., colliery manager
Doughty, William, wrought iron hinge maker, shopkeeper, etc., Horsley Heath
Downes, John, licensed victualler, Park Lane
Downes, Thomas, tailor, Owen Street
Edwards, John, grocer, Great Bridge
Edwards, Richard, plumber, Castle Street
Edwards, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, Owen Street
Ellis, Henry, baker, Princes End
Ellis, James, provision dealer, Park Lane
Ellis, William, grocer, Princes End
Field, John, Toll End, colliery
Fields, Samuel, tailor, Great Bridge
Finch, John, shoe maker, Great Bridge
Fleet, John, beer retailer, Dudley Port
Fleming, Thomas, china and earthenware dealer, Bloomfield
Fletcher, Samuel, grocer, Gospel Oak
Forman, James, grocer, Toll End
Fullwood, Sarah, confectioner, Great Bridge
Garness, Ruth, grocer, Providence Street
George, James, beer retailer, Horsley Heath
George, Joseph, licensed victualler, Workhouse Lane
George, Thomas, tailor, Owen Street
George, William, brewer, Prince Regent Brewery, Horsley Heath
Gettins, George, stone mason, Princes End
Glover, Joseph, beer retailer, Horsley Heath
Goodman, grocer, Princes End
Goodrick, Horatio, chemist, Princes End
Grazebrooks and Aston, Gospel Oak Colliery, Tipton
Gregory, Adam, beer retailer, Gospel Oak
Griffiths, Zachariah, provision dealer, and collector of poor rates, Park Lane
Groves, Mrs., day school, Lower Green
Guest, John, beer retailer, Lower Green
Haddock, Henry, plumber and glazier, Horsley Heath
Haden, Daniel, Violin Inn, Princes End
Haines, Richard, Howely Tavern, Horsley Heath
Hamar, George, draper, Princes End
Hancox and Clark, maltsters, Dudley Port
Hancox, Catherine, Tipton Tavern, Great Bridge
Hardy, George, grocer, Great Bridge
Harris, James, boot and shoe maker, Princes End
Hartland, Thomas, relieving officer, Church Lane
Hartshorn, Job, general dealer, Princes End
Hessey, William, shoe maker, Owen Street
Haskew and Company, grocers and provision dealers, Horsley Heath
Haskew, Ann, hosier, Horsley Heath
Hawkes, Thomas, beer retailer, Dudley Port
Hawkins, C., horser and painter, Owen Street
Hatton, Samuel, beer retailer, Castle Street
Hicken, Henry, baker, Great Bridge
Hickman, G. H., and A., Grove Land Iron Works, near Dudley Port
Hide, Cornelius, grocer, etc., Dudley Port
Hill, John, beer retailer, Princes End
Hipkins, Edward, butcher, Owen Street, and Princes End
Hipkins, Henry, grocer, Princes End
Hipkins, J. and J., cheese factors, Princes End
Hipkins, Stephen, shoe maker, Princes End
Hipkins, William, wine and spirit merchant, Owen Street
Hodgetts, Stephen, grocer, and beer retailer, Princes End
Holingsworth, Charles, pork butcher, Great Bridge
Holland, Henry, Seven Stars Inn, Princes End
Holland, William, butcher, Horsley Heath
Hollier, William, plumber, etc., Great Bridge.
Hollis and Riches, clothiers, etc., Owen Street
Hood, William, beer retailer, and brass founder, Dudley Road
Hope, Thomas and John, grocers, Owen Street
Hopkins, John and Son, Dudley Port Furnaces, ironfounders, brick makers and coal masters
Hopkins, Matthew, iron dealer, Horsley Heath
Horton, Charles, Miner's Arms, Dudley Port
Horton, William, boiler works, Princes End
Howell, Daniel, beer retailer, Great Bridge
Howells, John, corn and flour dealer, Owen Street
Howells, William, oil and grease manufacturer, Water Lane
Howes, William, hairdresser, Great Bridge
Hughes, John, Queen's Arms, Bloomfield
Hughes, William, tailor, Owen Street
Hyde, Charles, corn dealer, Toll End
Hyde, John, draper, Princes End
Icke, Roger, leather cutter, Horsley Heath
Jackson, William, chemist, etc., Great Bridge
James, John, provision dealer, Princes End
Jones, Henry, boot maker, Owen Street
Jones, John, King's Arms, Toll End
Jones, Joseph, tobacconist, Toll End
Jones, Mrs. Job, hosier, Great Bridge
Jones, Richard, confectioner, Owen Street
Kendrick, Thomas, carpenter, Princes End
Kirkham, -, shoe maker, Horsley Heath
Law, Charles, currier, etc., Owen Street
Law, Samuel, ironmongers, Princes End
Leath, John, baker, Owen Street
Lees, Charles, ironmonger, etc., New Road, Great Bridge
Lees, Edward, draper, Great Bridge
Leffler and Company, watch manufacturer, Owen Street
Lessen Brothers, boot and shoe manufacturers, Owen Street
Lesser, Davis, boot and shoe maker, Owen Street
Lewis, Abraham, White Swan, Dudley Port
Lewis, Hugh, pawnbroker, Canal Street
Lewis, William, shoe factor, Great Bridge
London, Henry, hosier, Great Bridge
Long, John, beer retailer, Burnt Tree
Male, John, engineer, etc., Dudley Road
Mallin, Isaac, grocer, Horsley Heath
Mallin, Samuel, grocer, and ironmonger, Great Bridge
Marsh, J. W., printer and stationer, Owen Street
Marsh, Samuel, butcher, Owen Street
Martin, Henry, beer retailer, Great Bridge
Meller, Benjamin, saddler, Dudley Road
Meller, George, ironmonger, Dudley Road
Meller, Rupert, Waggon and Horses, Dudley Road
Millard, John, patent fire brick works
Miller, James, hatter, Owen Street
Millington, Charles, Bull's Head, Princes End
Millington, William, and Company, iron masters, Summerhill Works
Mills, David, beer retailer, Canal Side
Mills, James, beer retailer, Dudley Road
Mills, Joseph, Eagle steam engine works, Great Bridge
Mills, Thomas, surgeon, Princes End
Mills, William, grocer, etc., Princes End
Millward, John, beer retailer, Horsley Heath
Morris, John, currier and shoe maker, Great Bridge
Morris, Pierce, chemist, Dudley Port
Morse, Thomas, Waggon and Horses, Dudley Port
Mullett, Solomon, blacksmith, Toll End
Newman, Thomas, corn factor, Great Bridge
Nicklin, Samuel, chemist, Owen Street
Nicholas, James, tobacconist, Great Bridge
Nock, Elizabeth, Crown and Cushion, Ocker Hill
Nock, William, Cottage Spring Inn, Ocker Hill
Oldacre, Samuel, grocer, Horsley Heath
Oldacre, William, pawnbroker, Horsley Heath
Palmer, William, pawnbroker, Princes End
Parkes, Elizabeth, shoeing smith, Great Bridge
Parkes, Daniel, hosier, Princes End
Parkes, Henry, manufacturer of crane chains, cables, anchors, etc., Dudley
Parkes, Jeavon, assessed tax collector, Church Lane
Partridge, Martha, postmistress, Horsley Heath
Paskin, Joseph, beer retailer, Dudley Port
Patten, Alfred, saddler and harness maker, Dudley Road
Patterson, George, Limerick Inn, Great Bridge
Peacock, David, mine agent, etc., Church Lane
Pessoll, John, Hop and Barley Corn Inn, Dudley Port
Pettey, Joshua, grocer, Great Bridge
Phipps, John, butcher, Great Bridge
Plant and Fisher, Dudley Port Ironworks, Tipton
Pool, Frederick, plumber, Great Bridge
Powell, Solomon, land and building surveyor, auctioneer, etc., High Street
Pratt, Edward, saddler, Dudley Port
Price, Thomas, mine and land surveyor, Dudley Road
Price, Thomas, Bird in Hand, Dudley Road
Pritchard, William, tailor, Owen Street
Purser, Charles, printer and auctioneer, Great Bridge
Rabone, Thomas, beer retailer, Great Bridge
Rees, James, saddler, Horsley Heath
Rippingham, Christopher, grocer, Owen Street
Robbin, U. F., milliner and haberdasher, Owen Street
Roberts, Arthur, Rising Sun, Princes End
Roberts, Robert, draper, Great Bridge
Robinson, Walter and Company, iron masters, Gospel Oak Works
Robson, Collin, Old Crown, Toll End
Rogers, Joseph, beer retailer, Dudley Road
Round, Charles, auctioneer, etc., Owen Street
Round, Daniel, pawnbroker and grocer, Dudley Road
Round, Henry, Bloomfield Inn, Princes End
Round, James, solicitor, High Street
Round, Samuel, builder, Dudley Road
Round, Simeon, pawnbroker, Owen Street
Round, Thomas, licensed victualler, Owen Street
Round, Thomas, brewer and maltster, Lion brewery
Round, Thomas, Lion, Park Lane
Round, William, timber and slate merchant, Castle Street
Savage, John, Bush Inn, Leabrook Road
Scott, John, beer retailer, Water Lane
Sharp, William, Plough Inn, Dudley Port
Shaw, Joseph, beer retailer, Leabrook
Sheldon, Joseph, beer retailer, Princes End
Shelton, James, beer retailer, and bricklayer, Toll End
Shelton, Luke, beer retailer, Toll End
Shepherd, Thomas, baker, Owen Street
Sheward, James, boot and shoe manufacturer, Princes End
Sheward, Samuel, butcher, Dudley Port
Sheward, Theophilus, butcher, Horsley Heath
Shorthouse, John, Railway Station Inn, Eagle Lane
Shorthouse, Joseph, beer retailer, Horsley Heath
Siddens, Joseph, hatter, etc., Owen Street
Silvester, C. and M., grocers, etc., Princes End
Skidmore, Frederick, tailor, etc., Red Lion Inn, Princes End
Slater, George, ironfounder, Victoria Foundry
Smith, Benjamin, butcher and farmer, Ocker Hill
Smith, Benjamin, grocer, Owen Street
Smith, Charles, butcher, Owen Street
Smith, Daniel, Black Cock Inn, Owen Street
Smith, John, auger maker, Park Lane, Tipton
Smith, Robert, hairdresser, Owen Street
Smith, William, butcher, High Street
Smith, William, butcher, Great Bridge
Smith, William, carpenter, Lower Green
Southall, Enoch, baker, Great Bridge
Southall, George, schoolmaster, and stationer, Horsley Heath
Southall, Joseph, George and Dragon, Princes End
Swindley, S. and Company, curriers and leather sellers, Owen Street
Swinnerton, William, chemist, Princes End
Stamp Office, Owen Street, John Hope
Stamford, Joseph, iron washer manufacturer, Princes End
Stanton, Richard, earthenware dealer, Horsley Heath
Stevenson, Joseph, tailor, etc., Great Bridge
Stonehewer, Thomas, carpenter, etc., Horsley Heath
Stringer, Samuel, general shopkeeper, Owen Street
Sturgess, Samuel, leather cutter, Horsley Heath
Tapley, James, grocer, Owen Street
Tate, James, grocer, Bloomfield
Taylor, Richard, beer retailer, Workhouse Lane
The Horsley Company, ironfounders, smiths, etc. j office, King William Street, City
The Trustees of the late James Fellows, carriers by canal or railway
Thomas, M. T., corn factor, Owen Street
Tipton Moat Colliery Company, Limited, John Hand, secretary
Tranter, Benjamin, beer retailer, Owen Street
Tranter, Edwin, beer retailer and cooper, Great Bridge
Tuckley, Emma, provision dealer, Great Bridge
Underhill, Thomas, surgeon, Toll End
Underhill, W. L., and Y., surgeons, Horsley Heath
Underhill, William, surgeon, Owen Street, District surgeon, Dudley Union
Wade, William, grocer, High Street
Walters, William, Old Golden Cup, Toll End
Walton, Thomas, coalmaster, Horsley Heath
Ward, Thomas E., draper, Owen Street
Warder, Edward, draper, Princes End
Warr, John, heel retailer, Owen Street
Warring, G. M., law stationer, etc., Church Street: clerk to the Board of Health
Webb and Company, grocers, Princes End
Welch and Barrows, High Tree, Leasows and Toll End Collieries, Dudley Road
Welch, John, beer retailer, Toll End
Wheale, John, shoe warehouse, Horsley Heath
Wheeler, Enoch, beer retailer, High Street
Whick, Edwin, plumber, Bloomfield
Whick, Henry, haberdasher, etc., Princes End
White, John, beer retailer, Owen Street
Whitehead, George, agent to the Society for the Protection of Trade, House agent, South Staffordshire Water Works, and clerk of St. Paul's, Castle Street
Whitehouse and Company, brewers, Princes End Brewery
Whitehouse, Ann, grocer, Park Lane
Whitehouse, Benjamin, Navigation Inn, Park Lane
Whitehouse, Daniel, furniture dealer, Owen Street
Whitehouse, Jabez and John, Phoenix Foundry, Upper Green
Whitehouse, Isaac, Factory, Fire Brick and Clay works, Tipton
Whitehouse, John, solicitor, Owen Street
Whitehouse, Joseph, Castle Inn, Castle Street
Whitehouse, Stephen, Factory Inn, Dudley Road
Whitehouse, William, Star Hotel, Bloomfield
Whitehouse, -, furniture dealer, Princes End
Wilkinson, Phoebe, beer retailer, Lower Green
Willday, Isaiah, ironfounder, High Green, and Coal Wharf, High Street
William, Edward and Company, coal and iron masters, Ash Leasow's Colliery, and Moore Colliery
Williams, Frederick and Son, coal and iron masters, Wodenbury Oak Iron Works
Williams, John, chemist, etc., Horsley Heath
Williams, Joseph, beer retailer, Horsley Heath
Willis and Son, butchers, Great Bridge
Wood and Son, grocers, Owen Street
Woodhall, Joseph, The Barrell, Dudley Port
Worley, Henry, provision dealer, Owen Street
Yardley, Job, tobacconist, Toll End

From an old postcard.

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