The largest ironworks in the Pleck area was Edward Russell's Cyclops Ironworks in Pleck Road, which had opened by 1873. On the site were 22 puddling furnaces and 3 rolling-mills.

Edward ran John Russell & Company, an old Wednesbury firm that was established in 1811.

The firm still used the Old Patent Tube Works in Wednesbury, and had three other factories at Pleck; the Cyclops Tube Works, Alma Tube Works, and Newside Iron Works, lying side by side between Pleck Road and the canal.

The company became a Limited company in 1876, and in 1896 Newside Iron Works merged with the adjacent Cormorant Ironworks.

In 1892 John Russell & Company Limited produced around half the posts to carry the overhead wire for the electrification of the South Staffordshire Tramways which connected Darlaston, Wednesbury, West Bromwich, Handsworth, Great Bridge, Dudley Port, Dudley, Walsall, and Bloxwich. The other posts were made by James Russell & Sons.

An advert from 1916.

John Russell & Company Limited's Walsall factories.

An advert from 1909.

Factories and sites in 1916.


An advert from 1918.

Some products from the 1916 catalogue

Standard gas fittings.

Screwed inserted casing tubes with a 5 inch to 12 inch bore.

A loop type expansion bend with a 7 inch bore suitable for 180 psi steam pressure.
12 inch horseshoe type expansion beds for 165 psi steam pressure.
Seamless superheaters with special welded ends for locomotives and boilers.
Locomotive superheater elements.
Locomotive superheater model.
Schmidt type locomotive superheaters and draught retarders.
Boiler flue and stay tubes, lapweld quality. Made from iron, steel, or charcoal iron as requested.
Coils were available in round, square, or rectangular tube, galvanised or black. They were suitable for condensing, heating or cooling, in high or low pressure heating plants.

Seamless superheater coils.

Joints for steel steam mains.

Expansion pipes for gas, water, or steam.


Standard sockets, screwed to order.

Steam drum for superheated steam at 300 psi.

12 inch steam pipe with 8 inch outlet, and the companion 8 inch bend.

12 inch steam main, 160 psi.

Steel tubes with welded outlets and welded-on steel flanges.

Flanged tubes with outlets welded-on.
Special solid forged sweep tees.
Flanged fittings for 180 psi steam pressure.

Driving heads and shoes for socketed well casing tubes.

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