A directory of some of the shops and businesses in Walsall in 1914

This directory is based on 'The Walsall and District Illustrated Business Review' which was researched in 1914 and published in 1915.

Aerated Water Manufacturer

Mr. S. H. Quincey. Aerated water manufacturer, Eastbourne Street.

Since this concern came into the possession of Mr. Quincey, sixteen years ago, it has progressed at a rapid and substantial pace, and is now one of the best known, and best organised in the whole of South Staffordshire. Mr. Quincey comes from a Leicester family who have been for at least half a century prominently identified with the mineral water trade in that town. His early experience of the trade was gained in his father's business.

The premises in Eastbourne Street are spacious and of substantial construction, a large yard giving ample facilities for every purpose. The factory is equipped with the best improved machinery plant it is possible to procure, no expense having been spared in adopting new and improved methods to conduct all operations on the most advanced hygienic principles. The noted Birmingham analysts, Messrs. Bostock Hill & Rigby, in a certificate of purity of recent date, say: "You have complied with all the regulations of the Council in respect to the sanitary conditions in which your mineral waters are produced, and after careful examination, the products have passed the necessary chemical and bacterial tests, and can be regarded as thoroughly wholesome and satisfactory."

Mr. Quincey has lately been to a very considerable outlay in securing new machinery for bottling purposes, one machine of the five installed being capable of an output of 140 dozen per hour. A specially noteworthy feature of the operations is that all waters pass through pure block tin, which entirely obviates the risk of contamination of lead or other impurities. Products include lemonade, stone beer, high class soda, potash, and lithia waters, in the latest silver-lined and porcelain-lined siphons etc. while specialities are made of prize medal ginger ale and orange quinine tonic.

Auctioneers, Valuers, and House Agents

Fred. H. Burton. Auctioneer, Valuer, House Agent, The Auction Mart, Adams Row and a branch office at Princess Chambers, Princes Square, Wolverhampton.

The firm has the largest, and the only weekly sale room in Walsall and the surrounding district. It was established in 1905 for weekly auctions on Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings of all kinds of household furniture.

Fox & Harrison. Auctioneers and Valuers, 51 Lower Hall Lane.

An old established concern, run by Mr. Matt. F. Harrison, F.A.I., and his son Mr. Frank F. Harrison, F.A.I., P.A.S.I., Fellows of the Auctioneers and Estate Agents Institute of the United Kingdom. They conduct sales of every description of property, including furniture, general household effects, machinery, stocks-in-trade, etc. They also manage estates, collect rents, and undertake the letting of property of all kinds, provide valuations for ingoing and outgoing tenants of licensed houses, carry out sales by auction and private treaty of licensed property, and also act as general valuers for transfer, sale, mortgage, or probate.

  Mr. M. F. Harrison.   Mr. Frank. F. Harrison.  

Mr. M. F. Harrison has held an auctioneer's and valuer's license since 8th July, 1887, and for over a quarter of a century has been Secretary of the Walsall and District Licensed Victuallers' and Beer Retailers' Friendly and Protection Society.

Mr. Frank F. Harrison, is a professional Associate of the Surveyors' Institution, and holds numerous public appointments. He is the Correspondent of the Walsall Blue Coat Schools, Parish Clerk to the Walsall Parish Church, Secretary of the Walsall Winter Convalescent Fund, and Hon. Secretary to Walsall Brotherhood Social Club, Ltd.

Councillor A. J. Llewellen.

Mr. Arthur J. Llewellen. Auctioneer, valuer, estate agent, public accountant, auditor, insurance broker, and general business agent, Estate Offices, 45 Bridge Street.

Mr. Llewellen undertakes the management of estates and properties, collects rents, and makes valuations for probate, mortgage and business transfer. He conducts sales by auction of properties, household furniture, farming stocks and other effects; and is a Bailiff under the Law of Distress Amendment Act of 1881. He is also a Public Accountant and Auditor, a member of the Walsall Borough Council, and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries.

Mr. Llewellen has issued a copyright book entitled "Llewellen's Rent Book for Landlords and Tenants" which has an extensive circulation throughout England. He is also a Fellow of the Corporation of Accountants, Secretary of The Walsall Mutual Benefit Building Society, and Chairman of Directors of the Walsall and District Property and Investment Company Ltd.

Mr. A. C. Fraser Wood. Auctioneer and valuer, 28 Bridge Street.

The business is an amalgamation of the firms of Watkins, Powell & Wood, and Walter Hughes. The former was originated in the year 1845, by Mr. John Fraser Watkins, a brother of the present proprietor's grandfather.

Mr. Fraser Wood has been in business in Walsall for the last thirty five years, and has therefore full experience of local conditions. He is a Fellow of the Auctioneers' Institute of the United Kingdom, and valuer by appointment to the County Borough of Walsall. Mr. Wood undertakes business of any kind in connection with his calling, sales of properties by auction or private treaty, auction sales of household effects, machinery, stocks in trade etc., valuations for probate, mortgage, transfer, insurance, hotel and licensed houses, or any other purpose.

An important branch of his business is the letting of houses, business premises, etc.

The extent of his connections in this direction enable him to readily meet the requirements of any applicant.

He gives sound advice as to investments, and invites enquiries in any department of the business. It may be of interest to add that Mr. Fraser Wood has long taken keen interest in most of the charitable organisations of Walsall, including the Blind Institution, (of which he is treasurer), the N.S.P C.C., (being local secretary), and the Walsall S.P.C.A.

He is also well known as a successful dramatist, having had plays produced by such renowned artists as Mr. and Mrs. Kendall and Mr. W. S. Penley.

Mr. A. C. Fraser Wood.

Bakers and Confectioners

F. W. Clews. Baker and Confectioner, 8 and 9 Caldmore Road, and 45 and 46 Spout Lane.

Mr. Clews founded his business forty years ago in Spout Lane. He has a shop at both premises with a bakery and flour stores in Spout Lane, and produces all kinds of plain white, brown, and fancy bread, cakes, pies, scones, buns and numerous table delicacies, all produced to the highest standards. His bread is delivered daily to customers in Walsall and the surrounding area.

Mr. J. R. Ditchfield. Baker and Corn Factor, 71 Ablewell Street.

Mr. Ditchfield’s business has been established over half a century. He has a large shop with two show windows, a large bakery, and corn and flour stores. He produces high quality bread and pork pies, and delivers bread to all parts of the district. Mr. Ditchfield was awarded a gold medal and diploma in 1913 in an open competition for bread, beating over 3,000 competitors.

Mr. F. W. Culpin. 120 Stafford Street, and branches at 202 Stafford Street and 17 Wolverhampton Road.

Mr Culpin’s business was founded in 1895 at 120 Stafford Street. A second branch opened in Wolverhampton Road in May, 1914, followed by a third branch in Stafford Street which opened in November, 1914.

Six years ago a fine modern bakery was erected at the rear of the shop in which every operation is performed on modern hygienic principles, and under the personal supervision of the proprietor. The walls are in glazed tile work, and Cox's Heat-Trap ovens have been installed, each measuring nine feet deep by five feet wide, and fitted with the usual thermal indicators, etc. The bakery buildings have recently been extended.

Mr. Culpin's establishment is called The Electric Machine Bakery. Deliveries are effected by a large and smartly appointed motor van, which can be seen daily busily employed supplying the needs of the public of the district with the utmost promptitude. Flour is selected from the best millers and all the ingredients used for bread and confectionery are pure and wholesome. Bread is not an occasional food, it is an everyday necessity.

Mr. J. W. Nocks. Baker, confectioner, caterer, and bride cake manufacturer, 74 Stafford Street. On the corner of Shortacre Street.

Mr. Nocks has been awarded about fourteen gold and silver medals and a score or more diplomas.

He won the only Hovis bread clock for the Midland counties, and has been a prize winner at Aylesbury, 1910, Bristol, 1912, and 1913.

He also gained the high award of a Certificate of Honour in the annual National Competition for the Challenge Silver Shield, held in connection with "The British Baker".

The premises occupies a good site, with modern hygienic bakeries at the rear, where competent staff under Mr. Nocks' supervision produce everything from the simple nutritious loaf to that marvel of culinary and architectural skill, the bride's cake.

The product range includes bread, confectionery, cakes, and pork pies.

There is also an up-to-date catering department.

Councillor Charles Wadsworth.

Mr. Charles Wadsworth. Wadsworth & Son, Bescot Bakery, Darlaston Road, Pleck.

The business was founded over a quarter of a century ago by Mr. Wadsworths’ father. Mr. Charles Wadsworth has been running the business for the last twelve years. He occupies a seat for Pleck Ward on Walsall Town Council, and does excellent and highly appreciated work on the following committees: Free Library Committee, Art Gallery Committee, General Purposes Committee, Streets Committee, Cattle Diseases Committee, and Gas Committee.

The firm delivers bread by well appointed vans to all parts of the town and district, and is generally acknowledged as a supplier of plain white, brown, wholemeal, Hovis and Bermaline bread. The premises are large and commodious, and arranged on the best lines to secure easy and perfect working facilities. Patent ovens and labour saving machinery and appliances enable the firm to maintain uniform excellence in the quality and appearance of each loaf, which in these keenly competitive days is looked for and duly appreciated.

Brush Manufacturers

Joseph Adcock. Manufacturer of Brushes and Fancy Goods Dealer, 49 Bridge Street.

The business was established in Atherton Street in 1866, and produces every conceivable kind of brush for household, toilet, and other uses, and a large range of fancy goods including fancy and weekend baskets in great variety. A speciality is toilet brushes made in all kinds of fancy woods. The items are sold at home and abroad.


Stephen Haywood. Builder, Shop and Office Fitter, Vicarage Place.

The business, which was established many years ago, has a spacious yard with accommodation for the storage of timber and building materials, and well equipped workshops. Mr. Haywood employs a number of skilled hands, and personally supervises them to ensure a satisfactory and prompt execution of all commissions.

Letts & Airston. Builders, Contractors, Shop, Bar, and Office Fitters, Plumbers, Painters and Decorators. Lower Walhouse Street.

The firm has been established about ten years, and has carried out a number of important contracts including the erection of the new Walsall Corporation Tramway Offices. Only soundly experienced men are employed, and the best materials used. The whole of the work being carefully supervised.

Although Letts & Airston are building contractors, they also specialise in plumbing, painting and decoratoring, and have well equipped and experienced shop, bar and office fitters who have carried out some very attractive retail shop fitting contracts. The premises are well adapted for carrying on the various activities of the firm in an efficient and economical manner, and are equipped with up-to-date machinery.


Mr. John H. Evans. Butcher, 79, Ablewell Street.

Mr. Evans, who was formerly Secretary of the Butchers' Association of Walsall and District, undertakes his own slaughtering, and is experienced in the buying of cattle, sheep, and pigs. He has a branch shop in Thornhill Road, Streetly.

George Hall. Family Butcher, 7 Digbeth.

The business is now run by Mr. Hall’s son, Mr. E. W. Hall because George Hall is lately deceased. The firm supplies the finest quality meat from home-fed animals which are purchased direct from the chief Midland markets. The animals, including cattle, sheep, and pigs are slaughtered on the premises. All orders are promptly and punctually delivered to all parts of the town and district.

Mr. Harry Orton. High class butcher, 18 and 19 High Street.

Mr. Orton, who took the business over around six years ago, was previously with his father in Rushall Street. He is noted for the supply of the best English meat, whether it be beef, pork, mutton, or lamb. The premises are large and well-fitted, with two good show windows. Mr. Orton buys in the best English markets, and the slaughtering and dressing is carried out under the cleanest and most hygienic conditions. Orders are delivered throughout the town, and the utmost attention is paid to the requirements of all customers.

Mr. A. J. Thompson. Beef and pork butcher, 32 and 33 Caldmore Green.

Mr. Thompson has been established in the trade nearly twenty years, and has earned a reputation among all classes of the community for reliability, and exceptional experience in the trade. He maintains a high standard of quality in beef, mutton and pork. Sausages and pork pies are a speciality with him, and find much favour among the residents of the district, and even farther afield.


Mr. G. F. Cornhill, M.P.S. Pharmacist 85, Stafford Street.

An old established concern that has been controlled by the present proprietor for over 20 years. Mr. Cornhill is on the National Insurance Panel, and a fully qualified pharmaceutical chemist. He stocks high quality drugs and surgical appliances, toilet requisites, and fancy goods.

Mr. Henry Gregson. Dispensing Chemist, 28 High Street.

Mr. Gregson founded the business around 43 years ago. He stocks a wide range of medicines and chemists’ sundries at the lowest prices, including perfumes, soaps, tooth powders and brushes, toilet requisites, and children’s foods.

He makes up a range of medicines such as Gregson's Bronchial Mixture, (a noted Walsall remedy), Gregson's Phosphorus, (with quinine and iron pills), invaluable for the cure of neuritis, chronic neuralgia and all nerve disorders; and Gregson's Asthma Powder, which gives instant relief and ensures restful sleep.

Jessop's Drug Stores. Proprietor Mr. W. A. Bell, qualified chemist. 71 Park Street.

All of Mr. Bell’s medicines are compounded of the purest and best drugs. His general stock includes the leading patent medicines and proprietary articles, first aid, surgical and sickroom requisites, and a choice variety of toilet articles, perfumes, and soaps etc.

Also stocked are oils, colours, paints, varnishes, and brushes etc.

Mr. Henry Gregson.

Councillor E. Shelley.

Mr. E. Shelley. Shelley's Drug Stores Ltd. 36 Caldmore Road, and at Palfrey.

Mr. Shelley founded the business about twenty years ago. Within recent years a branch establishment has opened at Palfrey. The Caldmore Road premises are commodious and well suited to the business. The shop has a smart and modern appearance as regards fittings and appointments.

The stock is exceptionally large, varied, and carefully selected, including every description of pure and fresh drugs and chemicals, the best known and most reliable patent medicines and proprietary articles, and all the usual lines in sickroom and nursery requisites, perfumery, toilet soaps etc. The dispensing department is under fully qualified supervision and control, and patrons may rely upon having their prescriptions and recipes dispensed with the utmost skill and care. National Insurance dispensing is given every attention.

Among the specialities prepared on the premises and commanding a large sale are the following: Shelley's "Neuratika" or Nerve Tonic, which eases the pain and strengthens the nerves, Shelley's "Balsamic Chest Tonic" (for adults) cures coughs, colds and bronchitis, Shelley's "Influenza Cure," a positive cure for influenza and feverish colds, Shelley's "Aniseed Cough Mixture" for children, pleasant to take, Shelley's "Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil" (Bear Brand), and Shelley's Prepared Food, for infants and invalids.

Mr. Shelley occupies a seat on Walsall Town Council for Caldmore Ward, and serves with appreciated distinction on various committees, including the Health Committee, Watch Committee, General Purposes Committee, Finance Committee, and the Sewage Farm Committee, of which he is chairman.

Clothes Manufacturers, Tailors, and Outfitters

A. Burt and Sons, Ladies' and Gent's Tailor, 33 Caldmore Road. On the corner of Oxford Street.

The business was established about forty four years ago and has a well-appointed shop with workrooms at the rear. The firm specialises in ladies' costumes.

Sampson Allsop. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Tailor, Breeches Maker & Costumier, Optical and Photographic Dealer, 16 Stafford Street.

Mr. Allsop succeeded his father in the business which was established over half a century ago. He is a practical tailor with a life-time's experience, giving personal attention to every customer. He is also an optical and photograph dealer who gives the most interesting and popular lantern shows, and natural history lectures. He stocks a wide range of optical and photographic goods, and hires-out his high class projection apparatus to all kinds or organisations.

Frank Hubball. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Tailor, 59 Bradford Street.

All garments are made by skilled tailors under personal supervision.

Great attention is paid to individual requirements, and his charges are very reasonable.

Mr. G. E. Kibble. Ladies' and Children's Outfitter and Draper, 13 and 16 Walsall Arcade.

The high class draper, ladies' and children's outfitter, was founded some six or seven years ago.

Every description of high-class and fancy drapery, ladies' and children's underwear and general outfitting goods are stocked, along with a great variety of best class hosiery, exclusive designs in blouses, and a splendid selection of the most fashionable and choice materials for blouses.

Children's millinery and costumes are a particular speciality, as are corsets which are stocked in all varieties and sizes.

Mr. Frank Hubball.

Mr. Frank Nicholls. Gents' outfitter, 5 Walsall Arcade.

The well fitted and artistically dressed window is noticeable for a good display of the most fashionable and up-to-date patterns in neckwear, shirts, hosiery and underwear, and the latest styles in hats, and caps, and rainproof coats etc., by the leading makers.

Partoon & Co. Ladies' and gentlemen's tailors, Walsall Arcade.

The business was founded in 1890 and has grown into one of the foremost concerns of its kind in the Midlands. Partoon garments bring with them an "atmosphere" that adds something quite intangible, and an added something which makes all the difference to the wearer.

Partoon's showroom.

Partoons have no ground floor show windows. The passer-by can get no impression of the standing of the firm. There are splendid suites of showrooms on the first floor above the Bradford Street entrance to the Arcade, and fitting rooms and excellent work rooms. The choice of material offered is very comprehensive, the class of work put into all garments cannot be bettered, the supervision over all departments is a personal one, and the business organisation of the firm is modern and calculated to ensure the most admirable efficiency and expedition.

Mr. E. Piggins and Son. Tailors and costumiers, 67 Mount Street.

Piggins and Son make a speciality of breeches, and have won for themselves a prominent position in the town and district by reason of the excellence of style, fit and finish by which their tailoring is distinguished. Every garment is made under personal supervision, and only reliable materials are used.

Mr. S. Robinson. Gentlemen's tailor, 2 Tasker Street, Wednesbury Road.

The business has been established sixteen years, and the proprietor is a thoroughly practical tailor and cutter, and only employs highly skilled hands who work under his personal supervision. Every garment is cut, made and trimmed on the premises. Every roll of cloth stocked, and every sample of material submitted for selection is of good quality, and guaranteed thoroughly dependable.

All the latest seasonable materials can be seen in his showrooms. Mr. Robinson's charges are very moderate for such high class tailoring. He supplies his clients with durable, well fitting garments at fair charges, and deserves the excellent support the public has afforded him.

Mr. Frank Wheeler. Civil, military and ladies tailor, 107 Wednesbury Road.

Mr. Wheeler stocks a wide range of materials which cannot be surpassed anywhere in the district. He has been in the business for many years and specialises in officers' regulation field-service dress and complete equipment at very short notice.

Corn Merchants

Mr. J. E. Dolman. Corn and Seed Stores, Head Office, Stores, and Mills, Victoria Corn Mills, 81 Stafford Street. Also at King’s Court, Bridge Street, Caldmore Green, and at Springhead, Wednesbury.

The business was established around seventy years ago at Victoria Corn Mills behind number 81 Stafford Street where there are grinding, crushing and chaff cutting departments, hay, straw, and corn stores, and stabling. All kinds of pig, poultry, and dog foods are stocked along with vegetable and flower seeds.

Department Stores

Ennals & Co., Ltd. The Bridge.

The business was founded at number 9 The Bridge in 1870 under the name of Matthews & Bliss. A few years later the business expanded when number 10 next door was acquired. In 1877 the partnership was dissolved, and in 1881 Mr. Ennals joined Mr. Bliss, one of the founders. In 1883 the firm extended the premises, and another shop was acquired at 70 Park Street, on the corner of The Bridge. In 1894 the firm became a private limited company under the name of Bliss, Ennals & Co., Ltd. A short while later Mr. Bliss retired, and the business became Ennals & Co., Ltd.

Ennals department store.

Several years ago the premises at the corner of Park Street and the Bridge was sold to Lloyds Banking Company, and Ennals took over the extensive premises at numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 5a, The Bridge. The head premises on the corner of The Bridge and Bradford Street has eleven fine show windows, and several departments including general furnishing, household, linen, fancy drapery, ladies’ and gentleman’s tailoring and outfitting, children's complete outfitting, and millinery. There are also general house furnishing, cabinet making, upholstering, funeral furnishing and undertaking, and removal contracting departments in the other stores.

For two years Mr. Ennals has occupied the position of president of the Walsall Chamber of Commerce.


Miss A. E. Brown. Ostrich Feather Dresser, and Fancy Draper, 216-217 Stafford Street.

 Miss Brown has been running the business, which was established in 1887, for six years. Her great speciality is ostrich feather dressing, cleaning, curling, and dyeing.

Mr. W. S. Johnson. General and Fancy Draper, Costumier, and Ladies' Outfitter, 37 Bridge Street.

The popular general and fancy drapery house was established eight years ago. It is particularly well appointed, and has two good show windows which are always tastefully dressed. Every description of general household linens, fancy drapery, and the newest and most fashionable goods and specialities are stocked, along with a special line of ladies' and children's outfitting goods, dresses, skirts, blouse materials, coats, capes, and furs etc.

Mr. D. E. Jones. General and Fancy Draper, 36 and 37 Stafford Street.

Mr. Jones’ general and fancy drapery warehouse has been in existence for eighteen years. There are two well appointed shops, stockrooms and showrooms, and two good show windows. All kinds of drapery are stocked for general furnishing, household items, and linen. Also fashionable dress, skirt and blouse materials, ladies', girls' and children's underclothing, hosiery and general outfitting goods. There is a splendid display of carpets, linoleums, floor cloths, rugs, mats, curtains, and blinds etc. A prompt and polite service is rendered to all customers by experienced assistants under the personal supervision of the proprietor.

Mrs. A. M. Martin. Draper and hosier, West Bromwich Street.

Mrs. Martin’s business is in a prominent position at the junction of Thorpe Road and West Bromwich Street. It has two attractive show windows displaying some of the wide ranging of stock which includes infants' millinery, ladies' and children's underwear, and gentlemen's shirts in all materials. Mrs. Martin specialises in made to measure overalls.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Charles Hall. Electrical, Mechanical and Motor Engineer, 80 Ablewell Street. Stores etc., 79 Lower Rushall Street.

Mr Hall established the business about twelve years ago at 58 Bridge Street, and moved to Ablewell Street around four years ago.

The shop has a large window which displays all kinds of electrical fittings, apparatus, and novelties. Next to the shop are offices and workshops. Mr. Hall is in a position to undertake and successfully carry out any installation of electric lighting, telephone, and complete plants of any size with gas, oil, or petrol driven motors. He also carries out repairs and alterations, and has a skilled staff. His workmen will travel any distance.

Mr. Hall is the inventor of Hall’s ‘Famous’ Tapping Machine, which is eminently suitable for hundreds of trades requiring small holes tapping in the quickest possible time. The automatic machine is without doubt the quickest yet invented. An illustrated price list will be sent on application.

Mr. Henry J. Webb. The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., 62 and 63 Bradford Street.

The rapid growth of electrical engineering in recent years, together with the lowering in the cost of current supply and the great strides in efficiency of the metal filament lamp, has brought electric lighting and power to the front, and it is now a very important thing in business needs of the present time.

The Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Company is an old established firm, but we believe the present title was adopted about eight years ago. The premises in Bradford Street have two good show windows, while above and at the rear are office, stockrooms and workshops. Every kind of accessory is stocked, electric light fittings, holders, shades, lamps, wires, switches, etc., while telephones, electric bells, electric novelties, hand lamps, torches, carbons for arc lamps, etc. are all represented in the goods on view. Installations of lighting or power are undertaken, along with complete lighting plants for country houses, and the installation of electric power in large or small factories. Ignition accumulators are supplied, repaired or recharged, while the firm will be found to be reliable experts on the lighting of motor cars by electricity.


Mr. George Naylor. Fishmonger and poulterer, 20 Caldmore Road.

Mr. Naylor has been at his present address about eighteen years, but has been in the business in Walsall all his life. His shop has a smart and particularly clean appearance and the stock of fish, poultry, and various table delicacies can always be thoroughly depended upon.

Fruit and Vegetables

Mr. A. Jennings. General Fruit Warehouseman, 5 and 6 Bradford Street.

The general fruit warehouse dates back half-a-century and has been in the same family during the whole of this period. Mr. Jennings maintains a stock of exceptional variety and extent, and whatever is in season may be found here. Large consignments of bananas are received weekly. Special agencies are held for Peter's, and Cailler's Swiss Milk Chocolates.

Mr. Thomas G. Wilkins. Thos. G. Wilkins (Walsall) Ltd., fruiterer, fish and game dealer, 44 Park Street.

The business has been established for about three quarters of a century. The premises at Park Street comprise a first class prominent shop, a large warehouse, and other accommodation. The departments of the business include the English and foreign fruit trade, of which a large and choice season stock is always held. The firm enjoys a reputation for quality and freshness, while as fishmongers, game, poultry, and rabbit dealers, it retains a large share of the best patronage of the town and surrounding districts. The system of delivery by motor van, ensures punctuality and promptitude.

Mr. G. Atkinson, the managing director, is a gentlemen held in high esteem in leading commercial circles of the borough.

Furniture makers/dealers

J. J. Adams. Art Cabinet Maker and House Furnisher, Wolverhampton Road, Pleck Road, and Caldmore Road.

Maker of furniture and cabinet goods of an artistic and superior character, reproductions of antique furniture, and general house furnisher. The business was founded twenty years ago, and has premises comprising of large workshops, stock and showrooms. Mr. Adams specialities include art cabinet work, drawing, dining and bedroom suites, wooden bedsteads, over mantels, sideboards and occasional furniture.

J. Fenton & Sons. Manufacturing House Furnishers, 17 Bradford Street, and 26 Park Street.

Fentons have two shops. The principal shop in Bradford Street has large and attractive showrooms on the ground and upper floors, with workshops and warehouses behind. The Park Street shop has a showroom with a factory at the rear. The firm, which has been in business for nearly fifty years, stocks all kinds of household furniture including dining, drawing and bedroom suites in all woods, and a variety of occasional furniture, tables, cheffonieres, overmantels, bedsteads in wood, iron and brass, beds, mattresses, curbs and fire-irons, carpets, rugs, and mats.

Mr. S. R. Marshall. Artistic house furnisher, 81 Lichfield Street.

The business was founded eight years ago by Mr. Marshall who is a cabinet maker, upholsterer and artistic house furnisher. At the front is an attractive showroom, with spacious workshops at the rear.

The showroom contains a good selection of artistic furniture in modern and period designs, suites, sideboards, occasional furniture, overmantels, and bedsteads, etc.

Mr. F. Moseley. The Walsall Furniture Warehouse, 8 High Street, and 10 and 65 George Street.

Mr. Moseley has been established in George Street for nine years, and in Stafford Street for several months. The Stafford Street premises includes a fine shop on the ground floor, and stock and showrooms on the three spacious floors above. The selection of goods includes every description of modern suites and general household furniture, wood and metal bedsteads in the newest designs, mattresses, beds and bedding, carpets, rugs, linos, blinds and all furnishing accessories. A speciality is made of oak bedroom suites, which for workmanship and durability cannot be surpassed. A particularly fine show is made of modern bassinettes, mangles, etc.

Mr. Moseley also deals in cycles and motorcycles, and is sole agent for the district for the James and New Imperial machines.

Mr. W. Page. Cabinet maker, bedding manufacturer, house furnisher, removal contractor, 6 High Street.

The business has a successful trading record of over thirty five years, and is based in a spacious premises, with a conspicuous frontage, and excellent showrooms and stockrooms. Mr. Page always stocks a varied and first class assortment of general household furniture, wood and metal bedsteads in great variety, mattresses, bedding, carpets, linos and floor coverings in all styles. He is also well known as a removal contractor by road or rail, and has the requisite vans of modrn construction, careful and experienced packers etc. to carry out all orders in the promptest and best style at the most moderate charges.

Mr. A. T. Scotson. Antique and modern furniture dealer, 12 Ablewell Street.

The business was established about twelve years ago and has made rapid progress. The Ablewell Street premises consist of a good shop with two show windows, stores and workshops. The buildings were formerly occupied for many years by Mr. J. Bates, cabinet maker. Mr. Scotson makes a speciality of antique furniture and repairs, and general antique goods. He has extensive connections in all parts of the world.

Mr. C. Williams. Cabinet maker and upholsterer, 60 West Bromwich Street.

The business was established about eighteen years ago, and is worthy of note because the proprietor is a practical man in his trade. Many of the goods he supplies are manufactured under his personal supervision. Only the best seasoned woods and reliable materials are used, and highly skilled labour employed for all furniture, whether bed, dining or drawing room suite, sideboard, cabinet, or even a common kitchen table. Mr. Williams is also known as an expert repairer of antique furniture. The premises consist of a good shop with workshops at the rear. Every class of work connected with the trade is carried out, repairs are executed, and re-upholstering undertaken.

Funeral Directors/Undertakers

Herbert Adcock, (late T. C. Adcock). Funeral Furnisher and General Undertaker, 25 Stafford Street.

Since the business began in 1856 the name of Adcock has been associated with undertaking and funeral furnishing in Walsall and the surrounding district. The business premises includes a two-windowed shop, stock rooms, workshops, and garaging for a number of funeral carriages, hearses, and mourning coaches. A large number of artificial wreaths are kept in stock, and natural flower wreaths and crosses are supplied to order.

Gas Fitters, Plumbers, Heating Engineers

W. O. and E. Flint. Gas Fitters, Plumbers, and Heating Engineers, 15 Walsall Arcade.

The business was founded by the father of the present proprietors in Lichfield Street in 1865, and afterwards carried on in Stafford Street, and in Adams Row. Before commencing in business the founder was with the old Gas Company of Birmingham, and later transferred to the Birmingham and Staffordshire Company. On his death, which took place about three years ago, the present premises in the Arcade were taken.

The firm stocks all kinds of plumbing parts, including iron, brass, and copper tubes, pumps, cisterns, baths, bib and stop cocks, and all the lead, brass, iron, copper, and gun metal goods required for lavatory, bath, and hot water fixings. The gas fitting branch has a good assortment of modern fittings such as burners, glass and all accessories of the inverted and upright type. All kinds of hot and cold water fixings are undertaken to baths, lavatories, boilers etc.

The firm’s skilled hands also carry out the fixing of bells, telephones, and general gas fittings.

George H. Gilbert. Gasfitter, etc., 15 High Street.

The present proprietor has been in this business for thirty one years. The premises has a double windowed frontage, and is devoted to gasfitting and every description of gasfitting supplies. A large variety of gasfittings including brackets and pendants are stocked as are gas fires and gas stoves of up-to-date design, and a great variety of oil lamps, shades, globes, mantles and incandescent burners. As a practical gasfitter and stove-fitter, Mr. Gilbert is in constant demand. He carries out all work in the most skilful, efficient, and reliable manner.

William Harding & Sons. Plumbers, Decorators, and Gasfitters, 36 and 53 Bridge Street.

The business, which was founded around thirty years ago is based in Bridge Street with an office, shops and yard at number 36, and a shop at number 53. The firm specialises in plumbing, decorating and gasfitting, and carries an extremely large selection of gasfittings of the latest design, and a complete range of accessories, burners, mantles, and globes, etc. Also stocked is everything in connection with sanitary arrangements, and sign writing.

Mr. W. Wooley. Plumber, heating and sanitary engineer, 50 Caldmore Road.

Mr. Wooley occupies suitable premises at Caldmore Road where he stocks a full range of brass, copper, lead, and iron goods to meet all demands on his services. He undertakes everything in connection with the most up-to-date systems of domestic water supply and heating, bath, lavatory, and general sanitary arrangements, gas stove fixing, and general property repairs.

Mr. Wooley employs a number of skilled hands, available for any distance. He is prepared to submit estimates free, and by giving all work in-hand his close personal supervision, is able to give the highest all-round satisfaction.

General Merchants

Thomas Franks & Sons. Iron, Steel, Coal, Coke, Breeze, and General Merchants, The Old Wharf, Wolverhampton Street.

The business was founded by the father of the present owner in 1840, on the opposite side of the road. The present premises have been occupied for thirty years. The founder sat on Walsall Town Council for six years. He died in 1892.

The firm is a reliable supplier of all kinds of iron, steel, coal, and coke etc. and has large warehouses and exceptional wharfage accommodation. Stocks are held of bars, sheets, plates, rods, pig iron, galvanised plain and corrugated sheets, steel and iron wire, single and double shear steel, wire nails, horseshoes, vices, and anvils. Fuel includes factory coal, range nuts, cobbles, and slack, suitable for use in factories, breweries, and hotels etc.

General Dealers 

Mr. J. H. Hall. Hall's General Stores, 8 and 10 West Bromwich Street, Caldmore.

The business has been established for ten years and has a spacious shop with two show windows, and storage accommodation for large reserve stocks. Prominent lines include games, toys, stationery, brushes, mats, leathers, maids, buckets, coal boxes, beef pans, baking jowls, tree pots, rugs, mats, and a host of housewives' requisites. Stocks also include wire netting, nails, hinges, screws, grocers' cap paper, paper bags, paper blinds, incandescent fittings, burners, mantles, and globes etc.

Glass Merchants (window glass etc.)

Mr. Harry Piggins. Glass, oil, and colour merchant, 14 Bradford Street.

Mr. Piggins’ business was founded in 1900 in a large premises with a shop and warehouses on the ground floor, and large showrooms and stockrooms above, in which a very large stock is carried. The glass department includes all sizes in the best English sheet, figured roll plate, polished, silvered, and embossed plate, etc., while a speciality is made of leaded light work of all kinds. Designs and estimates are submitted on application. A large stock is also kept of oils, paints and varnishes, dry colours, enamels, painters' brushes, sash tools etc.

A capital trade is done in sheet lead, lead pipe, sheet zinc, plumbers brass work, pumps, cisterns, cast iron baths, sanitary ware, rain water goods, and plumbers' and glaziers' tools. An ample stock of each is held to meet promptly all local requirements.

Glass and China Merchants

Ford & Co. Wholesale and Retail Glass and China Merchants, Worcester House, Bridge Street. The business, which has been trading for six years, has a large and attractive shop with two show windows, and showrooms and warehouses at the rear.

The immensely varied stock ranges from plain and inexpensive pieces to elaborate and artistically designed sets, made by manufacturers including Royal Worcester, Doulton, Coalport, Minton, and Wedgewood.

Teddy Gilbert. China and Earthenware Merchant, 17 High Street.

The business, established about ten years ago, is conducted in a well-appointed shop with two capital show windows. It has the best selected stock of china and earthenware in Walsall, which includes a selection of glass, china, earthenware, plain, cut and etched glasses for all purposes, ornaments, and miscellaneous articles.

Mr. Gilbert also makes a speciality of hiring requisites for private parties, bazaars, social and public functions, etc.

Mr. G. F. Smith. Central Glass and China Stores, 28 Walsall Arcade, and 40 Caldmore Road.

It is an old established concern, founded by the present proprietor at the Caldmore Road address thirty five years ago. Mr. Smith opened at the Arcade about fourteen years ago, and was not long in reaping the fruits of his enterprise, as his establishment here became one of the chief business features of the Arcade.

Mr. Smith keeps a large and exceptionally varied stock, and caters in a most admirable manner for those in search of the most dainty and artistic china and glassware, as well as those requiring the more serviceable and cheaper goods. The range in tea, dinner and toilet sets is exceptional, and the same can be said of the table glass.


Attkins and Son. Family Grocers, Provision Merchants and Italian Warehousemen, 5 Park Street, 1 Westbourne Street, and 50 The Parade, Sutton Coldfield.

The main shop at 5 Park Street was founded nearly fifty years ago, and taken-over by the senior partner in 1876. The large premises includes a modern shop with three large show windows and spacious stores and warehouses at the rear. The large number of items stocked includes groceries, provisions, Italian warehouse goods, best butter and cheese, home-cured hams and bacon, tea, and coffee, etc. Attkins are also agents for W. & A. Gilbey’s wines and spirits, Bass’s and Allsopp's ales, and Guinness's stout.

Berwick and Son. Family Grocers and Provision Merchants, 10 High Street, on the corner of Goodall Street.

The business, which supplies all kinds of family groceries and provisions was acquired by Berwick and Son, three years ago. The premises was originally known as Abbey's Granary, and still contains the old windlass and granary. The shop has two large display windows, and stocks all household requirements in groceries, provisions, Italian warehouse goods, etc. The firm is particularly known for prime quality ham, and skilfully blended tea.

Mr. Fred J. Overton. Wholesale and family grocer, 21 Caldmore Road.

The business is very old, and came under the control of Mr. Overton about twelve years ago. It is conducted in premises which include a good shop with capital show window, and adequate storage accommodation for the brisk trade done.

Mr. Overton makes a speciality of home-cured hams and bacon, and his stock of all kinds of groceries and provisions is certainly one of the best in the district. He keeps special lines in tea, blended to suit the local water, and practically every speciality of repute in tinned and bottled goods, and Italian and French warehouse goods. He also stocks the leading brands of Scotch and Irish whiskies, including Buchanan's "Black and White" and "Red Seal", John Walker, White Horse, Dewar's, Dunville's, and John Jameson's. Also Martells & Hennessy's Brandies, Hall's Wine, etc. and holds an agency for Messrs. Gilbey’s noted wines and spirits.


John Ayer. Shirt Maker, Hatter, Hosier, 10, 11, and 12 Digbeth.

The shop has three large windows, and three floors. Stocks include all the latest styles of silk and felt hats, caps, jerseys, shirts, hosiery, ties, scarves, handkerchiefs, collars, cuffs, gloves, and umbrellas etc. John Ayer also specialises in shirt making. The business was founded in 1823.

Messrs. H. P. Woodyatt & Co. Hatters, Hosiers and Tailors, 18 Bridge Street.

The business was founded about eighteen months ago in the well appointed shop, with stockrooms, fitting rooms, and workrooms. The firm specialises in first class modern tailoring, and holds a large stock of gentlemen's hats, and outfits. In the tailoring department they employ the best skilled cutters and workmen, so that every garment turned out shall be faultless in fit, workmanship and finish.

Haulage Contractors

Mr. Alfred Heath. Haulage Contractor, Furniture Remover and Storer, Marsh Street.

Mr. Heath’s premises consists of large and well ventilated, and heated warehouses for furniture storage, van sheds, stables, and excellent yard accommodation. He undertakes any description of steam or horse-drawn haulage, owns all kinds of vehicles for light or heavy work, and makes a special feature of household removals to any distance. He has several large modern vans, and a staff of thoroughly experienced packers.

With his steam traction facilities, Mr. Heath is able to quote the very best terms and to guarantee the most satisfactory results. Goods are stored at the most reasonable rates and under the best and safest conditions.


Mr. George Merriman. General and furnishing ironmonger, 30 and 31 High Street.

The business was founded around eighty years ago. Mr. Merriman took it over about fifteen years ago. The premises have three show windows, ample stockrooms, and workshop accommodation, well-fitted for the trade. The excellent stock includes household ironmongery, enamelled and galvanised goods, tinware, copper, brass and steel fenders, fire irons, brooms, brushes, and cutlery from leading manufacturers. Also stocked are electro-plated goods of all kinds, and tools of every description, whether high-class engineers', carpenters', or farm and garden tools.

H. J. Pinson. Wholesale and retail furnishing and builders' ironmonger, cutler, etc. Arcade Corner, Bradford Street.

The business was established about twelve years ago in a thoroughly representative position. The premises consist of a very commodious and capitally appointed shop, with four effectively dressed show windows, and the necessary stock rooms and warehouse accommodation for the heavier wares. The stock embraces every description of general and furnishing ironmongery, cutlery and tools of the best manufacture, hearth furniture in the latest designs, and the best and most complete variety of specialities in labour saving devices for the household. In builders' and general works' ironmongery, the stock is thoroughly ample to meet all local requirements.

Mr. F. B. Shuffrey. Shuffrey's Limited. General ironmongers, 3 Digbeth, and 42 Stafford Street.

The business was founded by Mr. Shuffrey over thirty years ago at "The Padlock", 257 Stafford Street. The Digbelh premises (formerly Mr. J. Baker's) were secured about fourteen years ago. The business moved from 257 to 245 Stafford Street and moved again to the present location in Stafford Street twelve years ago. Both establishments are of a spacious character, and contain stocks of an unusually comprehensive and varied assortment, including every description of furnishing, general, household, and builders' ironmongery, tools of every description for local trades, cutlery and electroplate in great variety, guns, ammunition, etc. and a host of miscellaneous articles and specialities, too numerous to detail.

Mr. Shuffrey is a member of the council of the Ironmongers' Federated Associations, Hon. Sec. of the Walsall Tradesmen's Association, Hon. Sec. of the Birchill's National Relief Fund, Chairman and Treasurer of the local Y.M.C.A., and a prominent member of St. Peter's Church.


Allen's Millinery and Fancy Repository, 3 High Street.

The well-established business supplies the latest styles of millinery and fancy goods for ladies, girls, and children, and the newest lines in feathers, flowers, and ornaments, etc. Also stocked is a wide range of purses, combs, hair ornaments, and hand bags, etc.

Misses G. and A. Flint. Maison Fin-de-Siecle, Milliners, Walsall Arcade.

The popular business is situated on the corner of the arcade. It has a large shop with two conspicuous windows, and work and stock rooms above. It was established twelve years ago, and holds a stock of shapes and trimmings from which customers may make a suitable choice. Ladies can always be certain of finding models of the latest London and Parisian styles.

Mrs. A. Jones. Milliner, 73 Bridge Street.

Mrs. Jones’ establishment has a prominent position in Bridge Street, and has two well dressed show windows, and spacious shop, stock, and show workrooms. Every description of high class and fashionable millinery for ladies and girls is stocked, including the very latest models. Other items include feathers, flowers, ribbons, veilings etc. All prices are based on a very moderate scale. The business has been established since 1892 and is regarded with confidence by all patrons.

Misses V. & D. Smith. Millinery specialists, Kingscourt, Bridge Street. Three doors below the Fire Station, and at 29 Lower High Street, Wednesbury.

Until recently the address was Wellington House, 87 and 89 Bridge Street. The present commodious premises have only recently been taken, and have been specially fitted up in a superior style. The window display is very noticeable, and it is claimed to be the largest single millinery window in the town. At this house may always be seen the very latest models in up-to-date London and Parisian fashions, while the selection of shapes for all ages, and the stock of trimmings, feathers, flowers, etc., is in every way ample to please the most particular patron. The proprietresses give personal supervision to all orders to ensure their being carried out in most highly satisfactory manner. A popular branch establishment is also conducted at 29 Lower High Street, Wednesbury.

Monumental Masons

Mr. T. Scotson Hill. Stone, Marble and Granite Monumental Mason, 65 Bradford Street.

The business was founded in 1870 and is now carried on by the two sons of the founder, Mr. F. A. Hill and Mr. C. H. Hill. The premises in Bradford Street consists of an office and showroom with a gateway at the side leading to the workyard and stores. Every description of work in stone, marble and granite is undertaken, especially monumental work.

Motor Body Builders and Garages

Mr. Wm. Adams. Carriage and Motor Body Builder, and General Wheelwright, Ward Street.

The family-run business was founded over half a century ago and has facilities for carrying out repair work to vehicles of all kinds, motor and coach body work, and the building of general vehicles, such as agricultural carts and lorries. Mr. Adams specialises in repairs to tradesmen's vehicles, and offers a first-class repair service.

Barton's Coach Works and Garage, Hollyhedge Lane.

The business dates back to 1878 and specialises in coach building and motor body making. There is a large factory, a machine shop, showrooms, and a garage under the supervision of a fully qualified mechanical engineer.

The firm builds all descriptions of two and four wheeled horse vehicles, tradesmen's carts, and floats, etc. which are known for their light running, durability and superior finish. The showrooms always contain a good selection of the finished products, and models of the Delta light car, Studebaker cars, Belsize cars, Austin cars, and Austin, Alldays & Onions, and Lacre Commercial vehicles. The garage stocks all kinds of accessories and tyres.

Barton's Coach Works.

Hawley, Mills & Co. Motor Body and Coach Builders, Charles Street and Frederick Street.

Hawley, Mills & Co., lately incorporating C. Hawley & Son, have extensive equipped works in Charles Street and Frederick Street. The business is one of the oldest of its type in the midlands, founded in 1789. Coach building alone was originally carried out until the advent of the motor car when motor bodies were added to the product range.

The firm’s buildings cover a considerable area of ground, comprising one and two storied workshops where motor bodies are made to any design. They also undertake repairs, and high class motor painting, and make every description of two and four-wheel vehicles, tradesmen's carts, and floats etc.

The Walsall Garage. Proprietor Mr. F. Hough, opposite Her Majesty’s Theatre, Wolverhampton Street.

The garage was founded by Mr. Hough about four years ago, and is exceedingly spacious, and commodious. It has a wide entrance at the side of the showroom and stockrooms, and well equipped workshops for general repairs. Mr. Hough is a wholesale and retail dealer of motorcars, motorcycles, cycle cars, and all accessories including Dunlop and Michelin tyres, and lamps etc. He keeps taxi cabs, landaulettes, and touring cars for hire, supplying the best experienced drivers, and is an agent for the A.A. and M.D., and a certified official repairer for the R.A.C.

Mr. W. A. Miller. Manufacturer of "Traveller" cycles and motors, Vicarage Street.

Mr. Miller has been running the business for twenty years. His premises includes a spacious shop with two capital show windows, stores, well equipped workshops and a garage at the rear. He produces ladies and gents cycles of his own make, and is a district agent for the Raleigh and Sunbeam cycles. His stock includes a full range of cycle and motor accessories of the most reliable and latest kind. He builds machines to special specification, and his own make of cycle, "The Traveller", is widely known and appreciated. He specialises in motorcar and cycle repairs, and is always ready with advice to prospective purchasers of machines.

Musical Instruments

Mr. Albert J. Holden. Music Warehouse, 17 Stafford Street.

Mr. Holden’s shop includes a display of pianos and organs made by all the leading makers. All things musical may be obtained at keenly competitive prices, and on cash or extended payment. Repairs of all kinds are promptly executed on the premises, and the agency is held for the celebrated "Estey" American Organs.

Tuning and repairs are carried out by yearly contract at very moderate charges. Mr. Holden’s son Mr. A. J. Holden, junior is the composer of several well known musical numbers played by Mons. Spielman's Orchestra, the bands of the Coldstream Guards, and the Royal Artillery, etc. He gives lessons on the pianoforte, harmony, composition, and counterpoint.


Mr. W. T. Comer, D.B.O.A., F.S.M.C., and F.I.O. Optologist and Optidan, 4 to 6 Walsall Arcade.

Mr. Comer opened his business in two adjoining shops in the arcade seventeen years ago, and has become well known for his skilful, conscientious sight testing, and careful fitting of spectacles and glasses to suit every defect. Before coming to Walsall he had been an optician in Wednesbury for five years. His shop has properly fitted sight-testing rooms, with the most modern appliances.

He also supplies optical, scientific, and photographic apparatus, and stocks optical lanterns, slides, papers, chemicals, and plates of the best known brands.

For the last sixteen years he has been Hon. Sec. of the Walsall Photographic Society, and a member of the Council of the British Optical Association, and a member of the Institute of Ophthalmic Opticians. He is optician to the Walsall and Hammerwich Hospitals, the Pelsall Miners Association, Cannock Chase Miners Association, the Walsall Guardians, and several large associations of the town. He is also vice-president of the Midland Federation of Photographic Associations, vice-president of the Midland Optical Society and vice-president of the Walsall Tradesmen's Association.

Mr. W. T. Comer.

Mr. A. Morgan. Optician and eyesight specialist, 72 Bradford Street.

Mr. Morgan makes eyesight testing and spectacle fitting a speciality. The importance of having the eyesight skilfully tested, and the most suitable glasses provided in all cases of impaired or failing vision, should not need emphasis in these days of wide reading. Each case is given personal attention to ensure the best and most satisfactory result.

Mr. Morgan has rooms specially arranged and scientifically equipped for the sole purpose of testing the sight, and the exact fitting of spectacle and eye glass frames. Any person can have their sight tested and advice given free of charge by Mr. Morgan.

Painters and Decorators

Mr. C. T. James. Walsall Industrial Co., painters, decorators and garage proprietors, Lichfield Street.

Mr. James has a long experience of every branch of the business. Large or small contracts for any kind of painting, decorating, paperhanging, etc. are undertaken in private houses, churches, chapels, or factories. All are promptly and carefully executed, and every facility is at hand, and skilful staff employed under personal supervision to carry out all orders. The business has been recently transferred to larger premises in Lichfield Street from 4 Upper Forster Street, where it has been carried on for some years. The new premises, formerly in the occupation of Messrs. Ginder & Son, will be extended with the addition of a large motor garage where cars can be stored, and arrangements made for private lock up garages, for any period. Motor spirits and spare parts and accessories will also be obtainable, while repairs and every branch of general smithing and ironworking is to be carried on.


Mr. S. T. Westwood and Mr. G. W. Westwood. Westwood's, dealers in perambulators, mail carts, folding "Bethreena" steel carts, washers and wringers, toys, games, etc. 25 Walsall Arcade, and 4 Bradford Street.

The business, which was founded some fifty years ago in Bridge Street, moved to the present premises about fourteen years ago. The Bradford Street shop is known as Babyland, where every kind of perambulator, mail cart, cot, children's bicycle, or motor car is always on show. A good trade is done in washers and wringers, of which a large selection is stocked, along with trunks, portmanteaux and bags.

The premises in the Arcade, known as "Toyland" consists of a large shop with a good display window, where every kind of toy or game is well represented, as are the old-fashioned toys, such as dolls, trains, tea sets, building bricks, dolls carriages etc. Leaden soldiers of all regiments and of British make are stocked in great variety, as are the very latest novelties in mechanical and clockwork toys. The firm are agents for "Meccano" the popular mechanical building pastime. A full range of these goods and extra parts are always in stock.


R. Holyland. Proprietor Mr. W. Porritt, Pawnbroker, Jeweller and Clothier, 269 Stafford Street.

One of oldest and best-known pawnbroking and jewellery establishments in Walsall. It is situated at the top of Park Street, directly facing Her Majesty's Theatre. The present proprietor, Mr. Porritt, succeeded Mr. Holyland some considerable time ago. The three storey shop has large display windows containing a variety of jewellery. Mr. Porritt claims to have the largest stock of wedding rings in the district. His stock includes new and second hand jewellery for ladies and gentlemen, gold and silver watches, clocks, bronzes, plate, and cutlery etc. The clothing branch of the business holds a large stock of superior garments for juveniles and adults.



Mr. W. Bullock. Photographer, 71 Bridge Street.

Mr. Bullock has been in business for twelve years, six in Birmingham with Mr. Harold Baker, and six in Walsall.

His specialities include portraiture, landscape, architectural work, and commercial photography.

He also copies old or faded photographs, and provides a developing, printing and enlarging service for amateurs.

Mr. W. Bullock.

Picture Framing

Mr. G. D. Lamb.

Mr. G. D. Lamb & Son. Carvers, gilders, mount cutters, picture frame manufacturers, and dealers in all kinds of artists' materials, fancy goods, etc., 9 Bradford Street.

The business was founded around twenty eight years ago and includes an excellent shop, stockrooms, and workrooms.

In the shop are displays of a most varied collection of pictures and prints in all styles, and excellent samples of modern and artistic picture framing, photo frames, and every type of artists' materials.

In the carving, gilding and picture frame making departments, all orders are executed with exactitude and in the most skilful manner.

The stock of mouldings and mountings is of the most varied and choice character.

Products by Messrs. Winsor & Newton, and Messrs. Reeves & Sons are always in stock.

Mr. J. C. Southall. Walsall and District Picture Framing Depot, 13 Stafford Street.

The business has been established over twenty years. A very comprehensive stock of picture mouldings is carried, and a good display is made of tastefully framed pictures, priced very reasonably. There is a branch of the business at the Market Place, Willenhall.

Mr. Southall has installed a most up-to-date electric plant, which enables him to economically carry out the framing of pictures of all kinds in a high-class manner. There is a wholesale department where estimates are given without the least obligation.

Shoe Shops

Charles Hughes. Footwear Specialist, 11 Walsall Arcade.

Mr. Hughes has been established in the arcade since 1854. He has a large shop with an attractive show window, and fitting rooms, stock rooms, and work rooms.

Mr. G. D. Lamb's shop in Bradford Street.

His stock includes all kinds of boots and shoes for ladies, gentlemen, youths, girls and children, and has one of the choicest and best displays in the town. His speciality is boots and shoes made to measure, using the best hand-sewn work. Repairs are carried out by the best experienced workmen, only the best English leather being used.

The shop always has a wide selection of "Shi-ney" mocassins, a high class boot for gentlemen in various styles, and the well known Scholl "Foot-eazer".

Mr. John Butler. High class family boot maker, Original and sole maker of the "B" boot, Bradford Place, The Bridge.

The business was founded in 1825, formerly in High Street. Mr. Butler supplies the highest grade boots and shoes, and is the originator and sole maker of the "B" boot, which has obtained celebrity as a production of the highest style and durability. The "B" school boot for boys and girls cannot be surpassed for sterling value. Ladies and gentlemen requiring the highest class hand sewn footwear, in any style, can place their orders with perfect confidence. Mr. Butler personally superintends the fitting and making of all boots, and customers can always rely upon the most perfect and comfortable fit. Mr. Butler maintains a capital stock of boots and shoes for ladies, gentlemen, youths, girls and children. His selection is notable for quality, style, and moderate prices.

Sports and Leather Goods 

Mr. W. Davies. Athletic Outfitter and Leather Goods Dealer, 22 and 23 Walsall Arcade.

Mr. Davies has been running his business in the arcade for around twelve years. His shops have two large show windows, nearly facing the main avenue. They are well fitted and stocked with an up-to-date display of all kinds of athletic goods for cricket, football, running, and all other outdoor sports. Also stocked are items for use in indoor games and the gymnasium, and bags, portmanteaux and trunks of every description. Other items on sale include fancy leather goods such as ladies bags, belts, purses, stationery cases, and writing pads.

Tea, Wine, and Provision Merchants

Mr. F. E. Martin. Tea, Wine and Provision Merchant, 80 Stafford Street.

The business was established in 1845, and was purchased by Mr. Martin about fifteen years ago. The premises consist of a spacious and attractive shop with a stockroom and warehouse. The stock includes an extensive and select stock of plain and fancy groceries, provisions, Italian warehouse goods, and the hundred and one household and larder requisites in daily demand. A special feature is made of fine blended teas to suit the water of the district, and the large stock of Gilbey's wines and spirits.

Mr. Duncan Watt. Wine, spirit, ale, and stout merchant, 13 Bridge Street, and a shop in Goodall Street.

Mr. Watt has been in business for thirty years at the Bridge Street premises, which includes a shop, a sample room, an office, and a cellar. A second shop, the main stores, and the bottling department is in Goodall Street. Mr. Watt always maintains an exceptionally large and well selected stock of the choicest wines, spirits and liqueurs, also the finest vintage champagnes, ports, sherries, clarets, burgundies, etc.

He makes a speciality of his finest old Scotch whisky known as Glenlivet Blend, twelve years old, which is highly recommended as the perfection of blending. All the wines and spirits supplied are matured by age alone, and can therefore be depended upon for high and reliable quality and superior flavour. Mr. Watt also bottles (or supplies in casks) Bass’s ales, Worthington's ales, Guinness's stout. Wrexham Lager, and Devonshire cider. He has excellent facilities in the way of vehicles to ensure the prompt delivery of orders in Walsall and the surrounding towns.


Mr. T. Whitfield. Wholesale and retail tobacconist and general merchant, 16 High Street, and a branch shop in Bridge Street.

Mr. Whitfield holds a prominent position in the tobacco and cigar trade of Walsall. He has long been associated with the tobacco business. His father commenced business in the town nearly fifty years ago.

Mr. Whitfield, junior, started his business twenty years ago. He is in possession of very large and commodious premises which have two excellent show windows in which can always be seen a display of all brands of tobacco, cigarettes, Havana and English cigars, briar, meerscham and other pipes, cigar and cigarette cases, pouches and other smokers requisites.

He has also a well fitted and stocked branch shop in Bridge Street, at which orders may be given and customers supplied.

A special brand of popular priced cigars is the E.C. Witello, a cigar of exceptional value.

Mr. T. Whitfield.

Mr. Whitfield also carries on a very extensive and comprehensive business as a general merchant supplying hotels, clubs, publicans, and shopkeepers with everything they want in tobacco, cigars etc., as well as any of the hundreds of odd articles necessary to their business, such as soap, polish, matches, polishing cloths, brushes, brooms, buckets, shovels, tinware, cap and butter paper, paper bags, stationery, string, etc., while all kinds of haberdashery, such as cottons, threads, and pins of all kinds, can be supplied.

He is a well known member of the Walsall Tradesmen's Association and has just been elected Chairman for the third year in succession. For eight years he was Chairman of the Walsall District Tobacconists Association, and is now Vice Chairman of that body. He put in an enormous amount of work in connection with the proposed shopping festival for Walsall, and was no doubt disappointed when the scheme fell through on account of the war.

Underwear and Corsets

Mr. A. H. Luckcock. Specialist in underwear, corsets, hosiery and wools, 33 High Street.

The business, known as "Luckcock's" was founded around sixty years ago by the proprietor’s grandmother, on the opposite side of High Street. Mr. Luckcock took over the business from his mother about seven months ago. He specialises in ladies' corsets of all kinds, hosiery, wools, baby linen, and ladies' and children's underwear, whether cambric, merino, or thick woollen.

Watch and Clock Repairers

Mr. Frank Dilger. Watch and Clock Repairer, 59 Vicarage Street, Caldmore.

Mr. Dilger, whose business was founded over twenty years ago, is an expert watch and clock repairer, and a dealer in gold and silver watches, and jewellery. Mr. Dilger’s family have been in the watch and clock making industry in South Staffordshire for nearly seventy years. His father was apprenticed to the trade at Wolverhampton nearly seventy years ago, and ultimately established himself at Tipton, where Mr. Dilger was born.

Mr. W. E. Fellows. Watchmaker, Jeweller, and Goldsmith, Bradford Street, and Caldmore Road.

Mr. Fellows founded his business in Caldmore Road in 1894, and opened his Bradford Street shop a few years later. His shops feature a splendid selection of gold and silver watches, clocks, timepieces, silver and electro-plate, wedding, engagement, and dress rings, gem rings, pendants, slave bangles, bracelets, serviette rings, brooches, cigar and cigarette cases, match boxes, card cases and birthday and presentation goods. A special feature is made of repairs to watches, clocks, silver and electro-plated items.

Sheppard Bros. Jewellers and watchmakers, Digbeth.

The business, which was founded in the year 1848 is based in a most attractive shop with a splendidly dressed show window. The stock includes all kinds of handsome and reliable clocks and timepieces, bronzes, a superior selection of gold and silver watches for ladies' and gentlemen's wear, the choicest selection of wedding, engagement, keeper and dress rings, brooches, cameos, bangles, and a host of miscellaneous goods. Sheppard Bros are contractors to leading railway companies, and to H.M. Board of Works.



Atkins Bros. Family butchers, ham and bacon curers, lard refiners, etc., The Bloxwich Sausage Factory, 167 High Street.

The business was established nearly fifty years ago. The proprietor is now Mr. J. W. Atkins who does a large and valuable family trade as a purveyor of high class English meat (all killed on the premises). In the pork trade he possesses exceptional purchasing facilities and cures all his own hams and bacon in large quantities. He also undertakes lard refining, and produces sausages, pork pies and cooked meats.

Boot and Shoe Shops

C. Craddock. Boot and shoe specialist, 176 High Street.

Mr. Craddock’s boot and shoe warehouse has been established for nearly twenty five years. The premises are well suited to the class of trade done, having workrooms at the rear, and an excellent show window at the front. The stock of boots and shoes is an admirable one, whether the requirements are for children's school boots, workmen's boots, dress boots or light and dainty footwear for ladies. Mr. Craddock is able to meet all tastes, and to guarantee his goods to combine elegance and best finish with durability. He makes a speciality of repairs, and can compete on price with any similar establishment in the district.

Mr. J. Wilcox. High class boot and shoe maker, 179 High Street.

Mr. Wilcox has conducted a sound business here since succeeding Mr. Roobottom, who conducted this business for many years. The shop will be easily recognised, as the best use is made of the two show windows to attract the public, and the display made is indicative of the comprehensive range of the stock. Mr. Wilcox aims to supply the most reliable footwear, whether for ladies, gentlemen, youths, girls or children. He undertakes repairs of every description, guaranteeing neatness and satisfaction in every respect.


Mr. J. Badham. Pastry cook and confectioner, High Street (corner of Church Street).

Mr. Badham established his business about sixteen years ago. The premises consist of a capital shop, smart and well-fitted, and possessing two good show windows, with excellent baking facilities at the rear. He produces all kinds of fancy bread, rolls, batch-cakes, buns, seed, currant, sultana and fancy cakes, and a great variety of special pastry and table delicacies. A speciality is the production of bride, christening, and birthday cakes.

Cycle Dealers

Mr. A. Hunt. Park Cycle Works, 84 Park Road.

Cycle making and repairing is an important branch of the business admirably represented in Bloxwich by Mr. A. Hunt who has been established here about five years. He has gained a reputation for the soundest and most reliable work, and has commodious and convenient premises as shop and workrooms.

Mr. Hunt keeps a selection of machines for ladies and gentlemen, and every description of motor and cycle accessories, and a capital selection of gramophones and records. His speciality in the cycle trade is the "Hunter" cycle, built with B.S.A. or any other standard fittings. Repairs of all kinds are given skilful and prompt attention.

Mr. W. H. Bradbury. Bradbury Cycle Depot, High Street.

Mr. Bradbury has been established here about ten years, and has always kept well abreast of the times. He is in a position to supply cycles and motor cycles to special specifications, and holds a complete range of accessories, also petrol, carbide, etc. Repairs of all kinds are undertaken. There is a sports department, and a stock of phonographs and records, which is of a comprehensive and interesting character.


Mrs. J. E. Borton. Milliner and fancy draper, 604 Bloxwich Road, Leamore.

Mrs. Borton admirably serves the ladies resident in the Leamore and Bloxwich districts with her large stock of ready made hats (for all ages), shapes, trimmings, feathers, flowers, ribbons, ladies' and children's outfitting goods, and her celebrated "St. Margaret" blouses.

W. L. Lea. General and fancy draper, Warwick House, High Street.

The establishment has been a very popular source of supply for all descriptions of general and fancy drapery since its founding about twenty years ago. There are two capital show windows, which are always most effectively dressed, while the interiors of the shop and show and stockrooms are very commodious. The stock is thoroughly first-class, comprehensive, and up-to-date in all the latest materials and specialities, whether in wearing apparel for ladies or children, or in general furnishing and household goods.

Grocers and General Provisioners

W. R. Finney & Co. Wholesale and family grocers and provision merchants, corn dealers etc., Park Stores, 187 High Street.

The business dates its founding back over thirty five years. The premises comprise a modernly appointed shop with two capital show windows, while at the rear there are warehouses and stores for reserve stocks of groceries and provisions, and also for hay, corn, fodder, etc. The stock of groceries and provisions, Italian warehouse goods etc. is large and comprehensive, selected with sound judgment to meet the needs of the district.

Mr. J. B. Styles. Family grocer, provision and corn merchant, 196 High Street.

The business was founded over sixty years ago, and formerly known as Lazenby's Stores. Mr. Styles assumed control about twenty one years back, but since his decease, seven years ago, it has been under the management of his son Mr. W. B. Styles. The premises includes a very spacious shop with large warehouses at the rear.

The shop has two fine show windows, and carries a large stock of plain and fine groceries, Italian warehouse goods, all the best known specialities in tinned and bottled goods, and the finest quality provisions procurable, including prime home-fed hams and bacon, and specially selected butter, and cheese etc.

Particular attention is paid to tea blending and coffee roasting.

Mr. W. Sturgess. Grocery and Provision Stores, High Street.

For fifty years this establishment has been a grocery and provision stores, and for the last twenty years or more has been under the sole proprietorship and personal management of Mr. Sturgess. Proprietary brands of best grocery goods are stocked. A speciality is made of high grade teas and freshly roasted coffee.

The premises possess two modern marbled display windows which have recently been placed to the proprietor's own design, and are always most tastefully dressed with seasonable goods, making an excellent and most attractive frontage. Inside, from floor to ceiling may be seen a splendid assortment of grocery and provision goods. Mr. Sturgess is Honarary Secretary of the Bloxwich Tradesmen's Association, which position he has held since 1898.


Mr. William P. Carr. General and furnishing ironmonger, builders' ironmongery and colliery furnishing stores, 242 High Street, and Victoria Street.

The business was founded many years ago, and was taken over by the present proprietor about fifteen years ago. The premises occupy a conspicuous position at the junction of High Street and Victoria Street, and are of an extensive character, comprising a spacious shop with three large show windows, and having two entrances, while adjoining same in Victoria Street are commodious three storey warehouses for reserve stocks, the archway under same leading to stabling etc.

William P. Carr's stores.

All the usual lines in furnishing and builders' ironmongery are to be had at this establishment in great variety, amongst which we might mention Sheffield cutlery and plate, tools for all trades, wrought and cast holloware, brushware, mats, woodware, wringers, ranges, stoves, lawn mowers, garden rollers, wire-netting, wood trellis, and horticultural requisites of every description.

Also stocked are roofing felts and sheets, barb wire, agricultural implement fittings, guns and ammunition etc.

This being a coal mining district, Mr. Carr has laid himself out to cater specially for this branch of the business in a most complete manner, and holds heavy stocks of items including coal boring machines, picks, and wedges, etc.


Mr. F. E. Bannister, M.P.S. Pharmacist, optician, and aerated water manufacturer, 169 High Street.

The pharmacy was founded some twenty years ago, and occupies a very commodious and large well appointed shop with a plate glass window. The stock is large and comprehensive, and consists of every description of drugs and chemicals in pure and fresh condition. It includes the best known patent medicines and leading proprietary articles, sickroom and nursery requisites in great variety, soaps, perfumes, optical goods, spectacles, and eyeglasses etc.

Mr. Bannister is well known as a skilful optician, and any case of impaired or failing sight is correctly diagnosed and treated. The manufacture of high class table waters is an important branch of Mr. Bannister's business, his chief productions being soda, potash, and lithia waters, lemonade, and sparkling dry ginger ale, supplied in small and extra large siphons. They are prepared under his personal supervision from the purest filtered water and best ingredients.


Mr. James Sargeant. High class tailor and costumier, 162 High Street.

Mr. Sargeant commenced in business about thirteen years ago at 175 High, Street, and moved to his present address seven years ago. He has capital fitting, cutting and work rooms, and possesses every facility for the prompt execution of all orders. He is experienced in all branches of ladies' and gentlemen’s tailoring, and in making breeches.

Watch and Clock Makers

Mr. John F. Kelly. Watch and clock maker, jeweller and optician, 181 High Street.

Mr. Kelly succeeded to the jewellery business of Mr. Glover just over twelve months ago. Twelve years previously he was with the old and well known firm of Messrs. Sheppard Bros., of Walsall, where he gained much of his experience in the trade.

The premises are commodious with one good show window, and an attractive display. The stock includes gold and silver watches for ladies and gentlemen, clocks, timepieces, and every description of rings and other jewellery. Mr. Kelly is a thoroughly experienced watch and clock maker and repairer, and all orders in this department, as well as in general jewellery repairs, can be confidently entrusted to him.


Mr. G. Harrington. Baker and confectioner, Talbot Bakery, High Street.

The business was established by the father of the present proprietor thirty four years ago and has developed a trade and connection of very considerable extent. Mr. Harrington has gained a leading reputation for the purity and general excellence of his bread, cakes and confectionery. He produces all kinds of plain white and wholemeal bread, and makes specialities of Veda and Hovis bread, cakes of all kinds, scones, buns, and general confectionery. A particular high reputation has been gained for pork pies. The premises includes a first class appointed shop at the front, and a spacious modernly equipped bakery, flour stores, etc. at the rear.

Mr. Harrington has instituted an admirable and prompt system of daily delivery by horse and motor vans, and consequently his family trade is rapidly increasing. He is the sole maker of the well-known Invictus self-raising flour, and is serving his second year as Chairman of the Pelsall Parish Council.

Walsall Wood


Mr. J. J. Smith. Wholesale and retail baker, confectioner, pastry cook, and tea dealer, High Street.

Mr. Smith's business, founded around thirty years ago, occupies a prominent position. His bread and confectionery are justly celebrated for the purity of the ingredients and high quality. He stocks special blends of tea which to suit the water of the district. A speciality is made of home made pork pies, and also of catering for tea parties, school treats, and similar functions, and wedding cakes which are made at most moderate charges. Mr. Smith's bakery to the rear of the shop is modernly fitted up and thoroughly hygienic.


Mr. T. A. Felton. Pork butcher, High Street.

Mr. Felton has been established at Walsall Wood about twenty years, during which time he has been rewarded for his enterprise by a good share of the public patronage of the district. He cures his own hams and bacon in large quantities, and specialises in lard refining, sausages and pork pies. Orders are delivered throughout the district.


Mr. J. H. Whitehead. Dispensing chemist and pharmacist.

The pharmacy owned by Mr. Whitehead attracts a very substantial share of patronage. Its trading record extends over a quarter of a century. The shop is spacious and fitted up in the best style, with two show windows serving to make an attractive exterior display. The stock of drugs, chemicals, leading patent medicines and proprietary articles, toilet, sick room and nursery requisites is of the very best selection and the prices are exceedingly moderate. The dispensing branch is under the personal supervision of Mr. Whitehead and all prescriptions and private recipes are skilfully and accurately dispensed with only the purest and freshest drugs. Mr. Whitehead undertakes National Insurance Dispensing, and specialises in the production of Whitehead's Pulmonic Cordial, an invaluable remedy for the immediate relief and cure of coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma and sore throats. It is absolutely safe and efficacious for children and adults alike.


Mr. J. E. Headley. Central Grocery and Corn Stores.

For thirty years the Central Grocery and Corn Stores at Walsall Wood has attracted a large share of the patronage of the district. The proprietor, Mr. Headley has been in possession during the last eighteen years. The premises consists of a commodious shop with two good show windows, and spacious corn stores and warehouses at the rear. Mr. Headley always holds an exceptionally comprehensive stock of general groceries and provisions, horse corn, general fodder, flower and vegetable seeds, dog and poultry foods etc.


A. J. Cornford, Ltd. General and fancy drapers and milliners, High Street.

A. J. Cornford, Ltd. has been established over nineteen years. The firm are general drapers, milliners, and also undertake ladies' tailoring and gent's outfitting to order at most moderate charges. A speciality is made of mourning orders, which are executed with the utmost despatch. The two exceedingly fine windows are always tastefully dressed with a choice assortment of seasonable goods.



Mr. William Poole. Baker and confectioner, High Street.

An old established business founded in 1880. Mr. Poole specialises in the production of plain white, brown, and wholemeal bread, cakes, pork pies and general confectionery. He has a well appointed shop with an excellent bakery at the rear, which is operated on hygienic principles to ensure a high standard of quality. Mr. Poole serves a very considerable number of families daily, and his business is steadily increasing.


Mr. Alfred Poxon. Dispensing chemist, High Street.

The shop is fully stocked with all the usual drugs and chemicals to be found at a first class chemists, and all the best known patent medicines and proprietary articles are stocked. Mr. Poxon keeps a splendid selection of perfumery and toilet goods, nursery and sickroom requisites, and the usual miscellaneous and fancy articles looked for at similar shops, all of which are offered at most reasonable prices.

The dispensing department is an important feature of the business, and is under the proprietor's personal management. There is also a dental surgery attached to the business, under the personal supervision of the proprietor who has an excellent reputation as a Dental operator. A special feature of this department is the extraction of teeth by the painless process and the remodelling of badly fitting teeth by other makers.


Bradbury's Central Millinery and Drapery Stores, High Street.

The old established business is located in a first class double fronted shop, with stockrooms, showrooms and workrooms. The drapery department stocks general furnishing, household, and fancy drapery, which is varied and fashionable. Ladies' and children's outfitting goods and hosiery are branches particularly well represented. In the millinery line the show of hats etc. includes the very latest fashions.

Mr. Hubert R. Dening. Draper, tailor and clothier, High Street.

Established about thirty years ago, this well known business has always been popular with the general community. The premises are exceptionally commodious and have a large frontage, with four good show windows.

Mr. Dening holds a splendid selection of general and fancy drapery, ladies and children's outfitting goods, etc. The clothing department is complete with fashionably cut suits for gentlemen, youths and juveniles, and a speciality is made of tailor-made suits to measure, which are guaranteed to fit perfectly.

Mr. Victor Haines. Draper and Gents' Outfitter, etc., Manchester House, High Street.

The well appointed and commodious premises have three excellent show windows, and contain a good stock is of heavy drapery, such as calicoes, sheets, sheeting, flannels, flannelettes, and the newest lines of fancy drapery including ladies' and children's underclothing, hosiery, corsets, aprons and pinafores.

The other departments of this business stock shirts of all kinds, and shirt materials for both men and boys, boys' suits, collars, cuffs, and other outfitting goods.



Mr. Henry Shepherd. The Brownhills Garage.

The fine new garage opened about a year ago and employs a staff of skilled workmen for repairing and overhauling, and has first class cars for hire. There is a splendid stock of tyres and all accessories of leading makes. The premises are devoted to stock and showrooms with a garage and workshops at the rear.

Before commencing in business, Mr. Shepherd was for twenty years manager of the Brownhills Gas Works and is recognised as a skilful engineer by training. He has long taken a keen interest in motors and motoring, and anyone entrusting repairs to him can depend on the very best results.


Mr. S. Noon. Family grocer, tea dealer and provision merchant, High Street.

The concern was established in the year 1888. The premises occupied are well adapted to a busy trade, comprising a well appointed shop with convenient stock rooms at the rear. It has two good show windows, and therefore the exterior display is attractive and noteworthy. The stocks held include all the leading lines in groceries, tinned and Italian warehouse goods, and provisions etc. A speciality is made of finest blended teas and coffees, and also dried fruits, which are now greatly increasing in popularity.

House Furnishers

G. Clarke & Co. House furnishers, cycle and motor agents and general warehousemen. Cycle and Motor Garage.

This is one of the most notable and useful business enterprises in Brownhills. Established about twenty years ago, Messrs. Clarke and Co. have steadily widened their trade connections. Their premises are exceptionally large and commodious, and admirably adapted in every way. As house furnishers they always hold a stock of suites, general furniture, bedding, bedsteads, carpets, linos, wringing machines, and many household requisites. As motor and cycle agents they receive a large measure of patronage, and have workshops for all descriptions of cycle and motor repairs, and own a number of first class motor cars for hire, for touring and commercial purposes. Their stock of tyres and general accessories is large and ample to meet all requirements.

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