The following photographs were taken by Richard Ashmore, and kindly sent by John & Christine Ashmore.

High Street, as seen from Church Hill on a none-market day.

In the distance is Birchills Power Station, and at the far end of the street is the Overstrand, with building work underway on the adjacent shops.

The ASDA store was yet to be built.

St. Matthew's Church and the Lich Gate. The church is Grade II* Listed.

The Lich Gate, as seen from the church.

In the background is the Church hall and
St. Matthew's Close Flats.

Another view of the lich gate, with the old cobbles in the foreground, and a background that has completely changed. Today the view is hidden by the many mature trees on the hill.
A final view of the lich gate, and the lovely flower beds in the church grounds.
A view of Church Hill Memorial Garden, which was designed by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe. The garden is a memorial to the people who died in the two World Wars. It opened in 1952 and is Grade II Listed.

It is laid-out in the form of a grid with narrow lawns along the sides.

There is a memorial chapel and a circular pool with a fountain. The paths were re-laid with red paving blocks in the mid 1990s.

Outside the south western corner of the garden is a two storey gardener's house.

The raised circular slate slab in the south-west corner of the garden, inscribed with the dates of the two World Wars, and the date when work began on the garden, 1st May, 1951.

St. Matthew's Close Flats, which like the memorial garden were designed by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe. They were built in the mid 1950s.

A view of Paddock flats from Church Hill.

The view from Church Hill looking across the top of High Street towards the Town Hall.

Looking from Church Hill, over George Street towards Birchills Power Station.

A view of St. Matthew's Church from a car park that was just off Ablewell Street.

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