Past and present pubs in Pleck and the surrounding area

Past pubs


Present Pubs

Darlaston Road The Rose and Crown   Queen Street The Queen Street Tavern
Long Street The Irish Harp   Regent Street The Great Britain
Long Street The Fountain   Rolling Mill Street The Bricklayers Arms
Moat Road The Belle Vue   Rolling Mill Street The Clockmakers Arms
Oxford Street The Royal Oak   Rolling Mill Street The Forge Hammer
Pleck Lane The Engine   Rolling Mill Street The New Inn
Pleck Road The Bradford Arms   Rolling Mill Street The Slaters Arms
Pleck Road The Forge and Fettle   Wallows Lane The King George V
Pleck Road The Newport Arms  

Wellington Street

The Four Horseshoes
Pleck Road The Parkfield Tavern   Western Street

The Why Not

Queen Street The Prince of Wales      

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