Photographs of the Hospital

A photograph from the early 1900s of staff in the old Central Union Workhouse around which the hospital was built. The first hospital on the site was the workhouse infirmary which opened in 1896.

Clayton Ward in 1930.

Another of the old wards.

The old main entrance, possibly in the 1940s.

A ladies' ward in 1949.

A view of the main entrance from the 1950s.

Cubicles in a ladies' ward.

Cubicles in a men's ward.
Sister on duty in Clayton Ward.

A geriatric ward in St. John's Block.

A group of physiotherapists.
More physiotherapists.

2nd from the right, Anne Saint Ledger.

The maternity extension and the old pathology laboratory.
Domestic Supervisors.

Building the geriatric wards.

Building the outpatients department.

A view of the old hospital with the Pathology Laboratory, and the Nurses' Home in the background.

The entrance to the Maternity Department.

On the left is
Mr. Dolphin, consultant. He is receiving a donation.

The Building Department. 7th on the right is Gordon Grimwood.

Domestic Staff. 3rd on the left is Julie Watton-Butler. In the centre is the Bishop of Wolverhampton.

Path. Lab. staff. 5th on the right, front row, is the pathologist, Dr. Dewsbury.

The Nurses' Home.

A group of porters outside the Outpatients Department.

Catering Staff.

2nd from the left, the Bishop of Wolverhampton, 5th from the left, Hospital Chaplain, Edward Lewis.

The photographs were kindly supplied by Tony Highfield.

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