Wednesbury Trades

Early Closing - Thursday. Markets - Friday and Saturday.

Aluminium Manufacturers
Bridge Foundry Co., Ltd., Bridge Street
Frankel, J. (Aluminium), Ltd., Victoria Works, Alma Street

Scott & Clark, Regent Chambers

Axletree and Coach Spring Manufacturers
Oldbury, I., Reliance Works, Oxford Street
Richards, E, & Sons, Ltd., Portway Works

Greenhough, R., Brunswick Bakery, Brunswick Park Road
Purslow, T., Ltd., 42 Bridge Street

Lloyds Bank, Ltd., Holyhead Road
Midland Bank, Ltd., Market Place

Bolt and Nut Manufacturers
Barlow, H. J., &. Co., Ltd., Mount Works, Bridge Street
Beebee, A., Wood Street, Falling's Heath
Hampton & Beebee, Ltd., Franchise Street, King’s Hill
Robinson, J. & Co., 98 Walsall Road, King's Hill
The Steel Nut and Joseph Hampton, Ltd., Franchise Street, King's Hill

Booksellers and Stationers
Price, J, 48 Holyhead Road

Boot and Shoe retailers and Repairers
Goode, H. William & Son, 10 Lower Dudley Street

Building Contractors
Gething, T., Camp Hill Lane
Perry, J.. Great Western Street
Smith, S. & Co., (Bidford), Ltd., Smith Road
Summerhill & Jellyman, Camp Street
Teece, A., King's Hill

Adey, Jack, Ltd., 46 Lower High Street
British and Argentine Meat Co., 72 Union Street
Dipple & Son, 45 High Street
Goldby, 14 Union Street
Griffiths. J., 80 High Street, Moxley
Hollingsworths, 9 Union Street
Jasper, W., 35 Upper High Street
Kirk, J., 44 Church Street, Moxley
Lawrence, J., 135 Darlaston Road, King's Hill
Marsh & Baxter, Ltd., 82 Holyhead Road

Cafés and Restaurants
Victoria Café (Mrs M. E. Waiters), Victoria Street; luncheons, teas, and refreshments at all times

Shine, P., Holyhead Road

Crown Metal (Wednesbury), Ltd., Tramway Works Darlaston Road, King's Hill

Chemists (Pharmaceutical)
Boots, Ltd., 14 Market Place
Jackson & Sons, Holyhead Road
Wilkinson G., 34 High Street

Cinemas and Theatres
Hippodrome, High Street
Imperial Picture Palace, Ltd., High Street
Picture House, Walsall Street

Morrall. G., 164 Holyhead Road
Moseley, E., Walsall Street

Credit Tailors and Drapers
Hughes, L. (Supplies), Ltd., 70a Lower High Street

Cycle Dealers and Repairers
Batson's, 59 Dudley Street
Davies, P. H., &. Co., 19-20 Union Street; agents for Raleigh, Philips, Mopeds, toys, etc.

Bradley. J., 109 Walsall Road, King's Hill
Frost, A., 75 Walsall Street

Brown &. Brown, 16 Union Street: also wools
Minett. E., 83 Walsall Street

Drop Forged Steel Spanners, Hammers etc. Manufacturers
Stanley, J., & Co., Ltd., King's Hill. Established 1867

Electrical Engineers
Goostry (Electric), Ltd., 50 Lower High Street
Richards, J. C. B., Ltd., Gaumont Buildings
Sanders Wm., & Co. (Wednesbury) Ltd., Falcon Electrical Works

B. V. Engineering, Ltd., 35a Dudley Street
Fortley Repetition (Proprietor, P. Hamilton), Excelsior Works, Edward Street

Birks, W., & Sons, Ltd. (W. E. Richards), 47 Lower High Street
Parkes, J., 18 Spring Head
Sefton, F., 45 Trouse Lane
Stanley E., 25 Union Street
Yeomans, A. G., & Co., Market Fruit Stores

Birks, W., & Sons, Ltd. (W. E. Rlchards), 47 Lower High Street
Harris. 61 Union Street
Hotchkiss, W. T., 13 Walsall Street
Ingram & Forks, 10 Walsall Road, King's Hill
Noon J. 49 Trouse Lane
O'Connell, M., 172 Holyhead Road
Ward's, 4 Union Street
Yeomans, A. G., & Co., Market Fruit Stores

Funeral Directors
Webb. S., & Son, Ltd.. 17 Upper High Street

Furniture Dealers
Pritchard, A., corner of Upper High Street and High Bullen

Game and Poultry Dealers
Birks, W., & Sons, Ltd. (W. E. Richards), 47 Lower High Street

General Dealers
Butler, Mrs E., 18 Dudley Street
Page, Mrs, 42 Cobden Street, King's Hill

Lavender, T. W., 31 Lower High Street

Baldock, M., 15 Union Street
Jeffries, Miss A., Walsall Street; ladies' hairdresser
Kathleen, 3 Trouse Lane; ladies' hairdresser

Handrail and Stanchions Manufacturers
Portway Forgings (Wednesbury), Ltd., Portway Works, New Street

Anchor Hotel, Holyhead Road
Talbot, Market Place
White Horse, Bridge Street

House Furnishers
Hughes, Leonard (Supplies), Ltd., Corner of Perry street and Holyhead Road

Platt, Samuel, Ltd., King's Hill Foundry

Timmins & Co., 30 Lower High Street
Union Hardware Co., Ltd., 70 Union Street; also hardware merchants
Ware's, Ltd., 34 Lower High Street

Graham, C. Walsh, Ltd., Potters Lane; also timber importers

Leather Covered Buckle Manufacturers
The Wednesbury Leather Buckle Co., 38 Wharfedale Street

Motor Engineers
Plimley, Willlam, Bridge Street

Clifford, D., Darlaston Road, King's Hill
Stackhouse, H., 40a Trouse Lane

Newspaper Publishers
Midland Advertiser & Wednesbury Borough News & Darlaston Chronicle, 26 Lower High Street

Opticians (Ophthalmic)
Robbins, J. H., 26 Union Street; and at 45B King Street, Darlaston

Pawson, Arthur, A.I.B.P., A.R.P,S., Studio, 55 Lower High Street

Bowcott & Sons, Market Place
Hall & English, Ltd., 52 High Street
Southern, T., & Sons, Lower High Street

Public Houses
Dartmouth Arms, Dudley Street
Elephant and Castle, 41 Dudley Street
Great Western, 1 Great Western Street
King's Hill Tavern, Mill Street, King's Hill
Lea Brook Tavern, Lea Brook
London & North Western, Stafford Street
Noah's Ark, New Street
Oddfel1ows' Arms, Darlaston Road, King's Hill
Old Royal Oak, Meeting Street
Royal Exchange Inn, Lea Brook
The Talbot, 37 Darlaston Road, King's Hill
Three Tuns, 58 Union Street
The Union, 64 Union Street

Radio and Television
Wood, J., 50 Upper High Street; practical radio engineer

County Technical College, Walsall Street
Wednesbury Boys' High School, St. Paul's Road

Scrap Iron Merchants
Brooks. H., 12 Ladbury Lane
Jackson, G. R., Ltd., Dudley Street

Brown, Ernest, & Co., 52 Walsall Street; commissioners for oaths
Smith, Sydney W., 47 Bridge Street
Tench, R. A. & L. J. (L. J. Tench, B.Sc.), Spring Head; and at Darlaston
Thursfield, Messitcr. & Shirlaw, 53 Lower High Street

Stampers and Piercers
Moreton, B. & D., Darlaston Road
Stanley, J., & Co., Ltd., King's Hill
Wednesbury Mfg. Co., 1 Holden Road

Switchgear Manufacturers
Sanders, Wm., & Co. (Wednesbury), Ltd., Falcon Electrical Works

Tailors and Clothiers
Griffiths, F., 29 Union Street
Houston, Bayliss, & Co., Ridding Lane
Hughes, Leonard (Supplies), Ltd., 70a Lower High Street
Leadbetter, F., 9 Upper High Street

Timber Importers
Graham, C. Walsh Ltd., Potters lane; also joiners

Timber Merchants
Turner, E. W., & Co., Ltd., Camphill Sawmills

Smith, G. H., 16 Walsall Street
Wakeham, A. H., 21 Trouse Lane; wholesale and retail tobacconist

Tube Fitting Manufacturers
Steward, R. F., Ltd., Holden Road Works

Tube Manufacturers
Alma & Cranmore Tube Co., Ltd., King Street
Knowles, J. (Wednesbury), Ltd., Walsall Street Works
McDougall, J., Ltd., Hope Patent Tube Works, Mesty Croft

Washer Manufacturers
Charles (Wednesbury), Ltd., Bridge Works

Watchmakers and Jewellers
Marian's, 49 Union Street; agents for Avia and Smith watches; also watch repairers

Welding Specialist
Addison Welding Co., Camp Street

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